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12 Best Athletic Shoes & Sneakers to Amp Up Your Workout Game

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - April 18, 2022 4 min read

Making time to exercise on busy days is a win. So is choosing the right gear for workouts. Proper sports footwear supports movement, and reduces stress on your ankles, heels and toes, thereby preventing injuries. 


It's time to trade your casual sneakers for the best sports shoes from some of the best brands in India. 


Training shoes for Crossfit workouts


1. LQDCELL Method Women's Training Shoes from Puma

If you’re heading to the “box” (Crossfit-speak for the gym), you’ll want to have the right shoe for your workout. These training shoes from Puma will work out (pun intended) just fine.


Image Courtesy: Puma


With a ProFoam midsole for the lightest stride and superior design, the kicks are perfect for any agile athlete on the move.


2. Disperse XT 2 Men Training Shoes

State-of-the-art design, popping colours, lightweight, and sturdy; now that's a sports footwear you can depend on. Take our advice and let these training shoes from Puma be your next Crossfit buddy.


Image Courtesy: Puma



Sports footwear for running


3. Nike Revolution 6 FlyEase Next Nature Women's Running Shoes

Long runs require shoes that can offer soft cushioning with plenty of bounce. Thank god for these sports shoes for women, because the bevelled heel and rubber outsole help you with just that.


Image Courtesy: Nike


The additional strap and wraparound zip at the back make the getting on and off part super easy. A must-have in your workout footwear collection. 


4. Nike Revolution 6 Next Nature Men's Road Running Shoes

For a smooth, more comfortable run, depend on these men's running shoes from Nike. The pair will simply hug your feet for just enough support and cushion. The breathable design is 20% recycled material, and they're flexible, trendy, and worth every penny. 


Image Courtesy: Nike



Training shoes for trail running


5. Wildcraft Trail Running Shoes for Men

Sturdy, slip-resistant and excellent ground traction: these are the training shoes you'd need on uneven surfaces! Available in swanky shades, this sports footwear is made from breathable mesh with non-sewn upper and PU coverage. That means comfort and support to the max. 


Image Courtesy: Wildcraft



Sports shoes for power walking


6. SPARX Power Walking Shoes for Women

With hundreds of good reviews, these comfortable and breathable shoes are made for power walking. The knit material keeps the shoes clean, while the soft sole keeps your feet happy.


Image Courtesy: Relaxo


7. SPARX Walking Shoes for Men

Long power walks can be exhausting for your feet, calves and thighs. For maximum support, spend on sports shoes that are lightweight, comfortable and flexible. Yes, just like these. 


Image Courtesy: Relaxo


Sports shoes for workouts


8. Nike Defy All Day Men's Training Shoes

Whether you’re lifting heavy weights or just relying on your body weight, cross-training workouts require a stable, steady shoe. That’s why it is a good idea to go with these durable and good-looking training shoes from Nike. 


Image Courtesy: Nike


9. Nike City Rep TR Women's Training Shoe

One of the best training shoes for girls, these kicks are perfect for strengthening and conditioning workouts. They're durable, have excellent lateral stability, and provide the ideal platform for allowing your feet to fire up (in a good way) and function naturally.


Image Courtesy: Nike



Sports footwear for indoor cycling


10. Power Navy Sneaker for Women by Bata

Ladies, crush your next indoor cycling class with this pair of power sneakers from Bata. Designed for light workouts and riders, the cushion sole helps boost your power output, while the mesh leaves room for breathing.


Image Courtesy: Bata



Sports shoes for dance cardio


11. Platinum Shimmer Women's Training Shoes

Moving your body to Beyonce’s latest tracks is definitely a fun way to break a sweat. But with all the jumping and plyometric moves in dance cardio classes, you need a shoe best suited for shock absorption.




Enter: Soft-foam, durable, comfortable and affordable women's training shoes by Puma. 


12. Disperse XT 2 Outdoor Camo Men's Training Shoes

As required in dance workouts, the right shoe is super important for lateral movements and constant footwork. 


Image Courtesy: Puma


Featuring: long lines, a breathable upper, comfortable cushioning, forefoot flex grooves for a smoother heel-to-toe transition, zoned rubber outsole for durability and traction, bold PUMA branding and cool camo graphics. 



Be it training shoes or sports footwear; your workouts are sorted with the best brands in India. 

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