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7 Best Whisky in India Priced At Less Than 1500- March, 2024

By Suhani Gupta

Updated - May 9, 20245 min read

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India is not only the largest producer of some of the world’s best whisky, but it also consumes a large chunk of whisky in a very subtle way. We have some great whisky connoisseurs who need some pages down on a daily basis. But a premium whisky needs a large amount of money, which can take a toll on your budget. But you don’t have to worry, and the reason is, I'm breaking the myth that you have to pay a huge amount to relish the fruity, smokey, spice-flavoured premium whisky!


Here we come up with 7 budget-friendly, best whisky in India Under 1500. 


1. Imperial Blue Superior Grain Whisky


Whisky connoisseurs around the world treasure this perfect whisk of loftier Indian grain spirits and exotic Scotch malts for its mellifluous, smooth fruity palate. Because of its unforgettable, elusive flavour and character, Imperial Blue is the third highest-selling whisky in the world. Who will deny experiencing the savoury tang of this superior quality whisky on a budget under 1.5k in India?


  • 750ml Price: Rs 500 - Rs 700


Image Courtesy: Whiskybase




2. 8 PM (Eight PM)


It's eight o'clock in the evening; lekin party abhi banki hai (the party is about to begin); yes, you read that correctly; get ready to engulf the arena of unrivalled experiences with a carefree streak in the true essence of golden hues, infused with the fuse of ambrosial cinnamon with grain and citrus fruit with honey! This exceptional award-winning whisky in India under 1K is the best to celebrate the essence of free-spirited camaraderie among college friends. Radico Khaitan owned this highest-selling Indian whisky holds the LIMCA book of records for selling one million bottles in their maiden year.


  • 750ml Price: Rs 350 - Rs 500


Image Courtesy: Delhi Capital




3. Royal Stag Deluxe


Their famed tagline, "Make it Large” really suits its status in the luxurious world of whisky around the globe. This leafy, smoky, mellow malted, the perfect fusion of Indian Gains and Scotch malt will throw you into an unrivalled world of delectable whisky without pressuring your budget, yeah you can have all thrills of the best Indian whisky price less than 1.5k.

Add the tangy flavour of Royal Stag Deluxe to your evening ‘dance a day-long worry out’ session only for 730 INR.


  • 750ml Price: Rs 550 - Rs 750


Image Courtesy: Bungki




4. Blenders Pride


This brown-coloured, mellowed, and smoky-flavoured Indian whisky is popular among those who have never tasted any spirit before, thanks to Bollywood movies and commercial ads! A scrumptious amalgam of the finest Scotch Malt and flavoured Indian grain spirit owned by Pernod Richard is the best Indian whisky under 1k to indulge in the time of celebration or just to enjoy your own company at a very high note!


  • 750ml Price: Rs 800 - Rs 1000


Image Courtesy: Pernod Ricard




5. Rockford Reserve


Soak your soul in an Oaky-Fruity Palate of charcoal-filtered grain spirits from India and the funtastic fusion of awesome Scottish malts. This Indian whisky under 1500 breaks the myth that a premium scotch fuse has to be very expensive. Rockford Reserve will add a subtle, sweet twist to your occasional celebration without burdening your pocket.


  • 750ml Price: Rs 1000 - Rs 1200


Image Courtesy: Brews & Spirit




6. 100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky


A fruity affair with sweetly tangy honey, vanilla, smokey spice and delectable dry fruits makes 100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky India’s most loved and largest-selling whisky around the globe. And the best thing is you can engulf this premium beverage with your party buddies in the most economical way because you can have this one, the best whisky in India, for less than 1.5k. 


  • 750ml Price: Rs 1500 


Image Courtesy: Bains Liquor




7. McDowell’s Platinum


Wanna have an expensive jamboree in economical expenses with your colleagues? Wallow in McDowell’s Platinum and let your senses get lost in its smooth, dreamy, refined taste. This is one of the best whisky recommendations, under 1500 INR. Let the rich, smooth character of this highest-selling Indian Whisky at budget-friendly prices, entice your jubilant consciousness most exotically.


  • 750ml Price: Rs 600 - Rs 800 


Image Courtesy: Shortpedia




These are some premium-quality Indian whiskies under 1500 Rupees to treasure your moments with your Funny-Funtastick friends or loved ones. Go, and grab it to rejoice your moments of the festive gala, but don’t forget to let me know in the comments which one is your treasured taste when it comes to whisky under 1500.