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5 Weight-Loss-Friendly Products From Organic Shastra You Need In Your Diet

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - April 22, 2020 3 min read

Successfully reaching your fitness goals requires persistent effort, along with a strictly monitored diet. But convincing yourself to somehow gather an hourly burst of effort every day, might not be as difficult as sticking to your carefully planned diet. After all, self-restraint often tends to be a bit more challenging than self-motivation. 


Luckily for all of us lazy fitness enthusiasts, there are a number of products in the category of healthy food that in addition to bringing a host of benefits for your immunity, organs and skin, also work like wonder to aid in weight loss. So basically, by doing something as basic as swapping your staples with healthier and organic alternatives, you can shed a few kilos without moving many muscles. 



And when a discussion about organic food that's weight loss friendly crops up, Organic Shastra is bound to be mentioned. So on that note, here are 5 of the best weight-loss friendly foods you can get home-delivered from Organic Shastra. 


1. Organic Shastra Kala Chana 

Super low in fat, and rich in beneficial dietary fibre, black chickpeas are even more effective in driving healthy weight loss than the normal weight-loss-friendly chickpeas. By swapping your staple pulse with Organic Shastra's Kala Chana, you can effectively cut back on a number of calories, that too without reducing your meal portions at all! 


Image Courtesy - The Kitchin 


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2. Organic Shastra Fennel Seeds

Or as referred to in every Indian household, Saunf is extremely beneficial not just as a way to wrap up dinner, but also for boosting weight loss. Fennel seeds work to increase the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body, along with making your immune system more robust. Tea made with fennel seeds can also work as a powerful antioxidant drink. 


Image Courtesy - Anthony The Spice Maker 


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3. Organic Shastra Beaten White Rice

Or simply put, Poha, offers a plethora of health benefits that often go unacknowledged. From being tightly packed with nutrients and minerals, to being low on gluten, Organic Shastra Poha is one of the most weight loss friendly foods you can get your hands on. Organic Shastra's beaten rice helps you lose weight by stabilising your metabolism and serving as probiotic aiding indigestion. 


Image Courtesy - Exporters India


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4. Organic Shastra Fenugreek

Brimming with plenty of minerals, nutrients and antioxidants, Organic Shastra's Fenugreek is your new weight loss companion. Some studies indicate that fenugreek consists of an appetite suppression component that keeps your cravings in check, along with the ability to boost metabolism and promote healthy fat burning. Your mum is also likely to recommend Methi water as an easy weight-loss hack!


Image Courtesy - India TV


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5. Organic Shastra Ajwain

Even if Ajwain won't burn undesired fat on behalf of you, it will indirectly aid you in your weight loss endeavours by significantly improving digestion and thereby lowering fat disposition in the body. A glass of Ajwain water is often recommended as one of the quickest weight loss hacks, which further substantiates how Organic Shastra's Ajwain could be the groundbreaking weight loss friendly you need. 


Image Courtesy - Times Of India


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Your goal weight and healthy eating aspirations are now one Organic Shastra weight-loss friendly food away. 


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