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Munch On Delicious Nibbles At These 15 Best Vegan Restaurants In Pune

By Architi Batra

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 9 min read

Veganism may be a new concept but it is definitely the fastest growing peace movements in the world. Not only is Veganism about protecting your environment but is also about adopting a healthy lifestyle that suits your selective choice of eating. This evolution of Vegetarian diet has hit the world with a wave and Pune is not left behind. 

Thus if you are on a vegan diet and living in Pune, going out to eat shouldn't be a big problem. Gone are the days when you have to fill your stomachs before going out because of the lack of vegan options in the city. These 15 Vegan Restaurants in Pune will provide you with a selective and natural healthy dining experience!


A fine dining Italian restaurant, cafe, and a bar, Dario offers all. And on the top of it all, this they have recently added a good number of vegan dishes in their menu. The food is as authentic and delectable as it gets. The talented chef, Dario Dezio is from Sicily, Italy. The ambiance of the restaurant is fitting with enormous arches, huge windows, and outdoor seating as well. Except for the wood-fired pizza section of the menu, you have many vegan options. The Pasta, Risotto, Salads and especially the Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake are a must try!


The Urbounce Cafe is a vegan restaurant in Pune perfect to gain bragging rights over someone who calls out Vegan food to be boring and bland. The food is clean, low-calorie, wholesome and very filling. The dishes on the menu are innovative and stand out from far away. You should try the five-element oriental bowl with brown rice, wheat noodles, veggies and roasted nut with a coconut milk-based gravy served with noodles or the Ratatouille if you have french taste buds. The orange-broccoli-onion salad with the Cucumber-Herb Juice or the watermelon-ginger juice is a heavenly combination!



This cafe in Koregaon Park promotes veganism and has a very interesting take on the food. The best part of the cafe is that the staff is very courteous and will eagerly help you choose vegan dishes and may even customize a non-vegan dish to vegan as per your preference. The vegan dishes on the menu like Tempeh (soybean cake) steak, a brown rice salad with olives and tofu, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, soya milk smoothies, hummus and, tofu aplenty will keep satisfied. For your desi palate, they also have spicy soya biryani and soya kheema!


Outdoor benches, shaded by outdoor palm topped gazeebos, a stylish bar venue with the view of the entire city defines the ambiance of this cafe-cum-dessert bar in Pune. This cafe in Pune has also added a few vegan options in their menu to attract the vegan crowd of the city as well. The gluten-free quinoa salad with crisp baby spinach leaves, shallots, radish chips, walnuts, pomegranate seeds to lend a citrusy crunch, and a trickle of sweet honey is a substantial bowl of deliciousness that will leave you wanting more! 


One of Pune's oldest and loved cafe is Marz-O-Rin. The cafe is built inside a 100-year-old heritage British era building. The vintage ambiance and finger-licking delicious and healthy vegan food are sure good enough to make your day. They have put a bunch of vegan snacks on the menu like Multigrain tofu roll, Vegan Pasta, and Sandwiches with special vegan mayonnaise. For the sweet tooths, they have macaroons and muffins that can be enjoyed with soy, rose or mango milk. Every vegan item on the menu is marked. 



Pune's first fully vegan restaurant is The Real Green Cafe is the most exciting place for Vegans to be at. The founder, Aishwarya Vishwanath's aim is to change the perspective of vegan food. The ambiance of the place is snug and cozy and has a green tint all over for the place. All their milk-based products like smoothies and milkshakes are made with soy, almond or cashew milk. The restaurant has an excellent spread of vegan Frankies, In-house bread with cashew-based cheese, Yogurts, Pizzas, Momos, Cheesy Spinach and Mushroom Sandwiches. Craving an excellent ice-cream sundae or chocolate-laden desserts, you can have it all at this vegan restaurant in Pune! 


The cafe Kompassion in Pune only serves vegan food. And the best part? It's all Indian. So no you don't have to resort to the yogurts and salads all the time. Enjoy traditional dishes that have been so amazingly veganized like the Shahi Paneer roll, “Meaty” biryani, Kebabs, Bhurji roll, Kheema pav! The owner of the cafe, Pradeep Taneja started the cafe with the aim of serving guilt-free, pocket-friendly, healthy and 100% cholesterol free food to the masses. 


Committed to healthy eating and vegan food is Sorted Delicatessen in Pune. All the dishes are a 100% grain and gluten-free which makes it Pune's first grain-free restaurant! The food is delicious and twisted in its own way. The Vegan Tomato Basil Soup is definitely their most popular item. Apart from that, you should definitely try the Coconut Flour Pancakes, served with hot and fresh banana, berry compote, and maple syrup topping! 


A spa and a cafe combined into one? Can there be anything more refreshing and alive in this world? The Sante-Spa-Cuisine in Pune provides you the heavenly experience of natural neem wood cutlery and copper glasses which serves food cooked with organic vegetables grown in their backyard garden. They cook food 100% free of refined oil, sugars or preservatives. 'A healthy body is the best fashion statement' is the motto of its owner Sonal Barmecha. The menu is elaborate but does not specify vegan options separately so it's better to check with the server beforehand. You must try their Thai Curried Vegetables, Soy Tofu And Mushroom Stir Fry and desserts like Watermelon Caprioska Granita, Robust Red Sorbet, Popsicle, Dark chocolate slab, Dark Buckwheat Slab, and a dessert Smoothie bowl!


Granny's Bowl was the star attraction of the Pune Vegan Fest 2017 and for all the right reasons! The cafe serves a huge variety of different and delicious vegan dishes that are healthy as well. The huge menu has so many vegan options like waffles, burgers, vegan cheese, vegan meatball stew, gnocchi, raw desserts, tiramisu and much more! It is also a popular takeaway joint amongst the students and officegoers. 



A beautiful lifestyle cafe in Koregaon Park is the place for you to satisfy all of your vegan cravings. The cafe has a vast and delicious vegan spread that is bound to make you happy. Nestled between green trees, the ambiance of the cafe is very soothing. You should definitely try the smoothies here; especially the Peanut Butter variant which has peanut butter, bananas, honey, cinnamon, and coconut milk! Their 100% vegan Mini Raw Taco Salad served with cashew sour cream are a stealer. You can enjoy vegan and organic coffees, milkshakes and smoothies made with almond, cashew or coconut milk!


A dessert bar and cafe in Koregaon Park is the perfect place for you if you are a vegan and have a very sweet tooth. Serving the richest and sweetest delicacies, the place is vegan, gluten-free, keto or fat-free! This excellent idea was of Anuradha Sawhney, ex-PETA head and author to one of India’s first vegan cookbook’s “The Vegan Kitchen: Bollywood Style!” They have vegan whole grain cakes, ice creams, butter, cheese, cookies, healthy bread, tarts, and quiches. Chocolate cheesecake and organic juice – cranberry bread are a must try when you visit! They also cater to small parties and gatherings. 


Specializing in Southeast Asian cuisines, Malaka is a restaurant in Koregaon Park that serves delectable like Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean and Asian food. The vibe of the place is very classy and the outdoor setting of the restaurant is even more beautiful. Amazing fragrances hit you as soon as you enter the place. You have many vegan options to choose from such as Vegan Sushi, Burmese Curry Noodles cooked in Coconut milk. The restaurant is courteous enough to acknowledge all of your vegan needs. 


A beautiful cafe and studio located amidst refreshing greenery, the Chafa Cafe And Studio is the vegan restaurant in Pune to satisfy all of your green cravings! Another cafe in Koregaon Park, it promotes healthy eating. The menu is vast and you must try the Mediterranean Sandwich that has hummus, tahini, roasted eggplant, and tomato in them! Another amazing dish is the Kale Bhel Salad for all the spicy chaat lovers. Enjoy your meal with an Orange Orangutan which is made of mango, orange, and almond milk and enjoy the rest of your day!


The Zen cafe in Koregaon Park is one such vegan restaurant in Pune that lifts up to its name and provides you zen with the comfort of delicious food. The soothing background music will lift up your spirits and calm you down after a long hectic day at work. The vegan options in their menu include Espresso, Zen Tea, Bayleaf and Cinnamon Infused Assam Tea, Sushi made of avocado and cucumber, Green wraps, and Spinach tortillas amongst many other!


This was the guide for all of you committed vegans in Pune city. We hope the next time you go out, it isn't a huge task to find your perfect vegan restaurant in Pune!




Q.1. What is grain-free food?
A. Going grain-free means going a step beyond a gluten-free diet to eliminate all grains, including wheat products, rice, corn, and oats. Meanwhile, foods like quinoa, amaranth, and buckwheat, which are actually considered seeds, can still be included in small amounts.


Q.2. What is a gluten-free diet?
A. A gluten-free diet is a diet that strictly excludes gluten, which is a mixture of proteins found in wheat, as well as barley, rye, and oats.


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