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Look Like A Romantic Dream With These Valentine's Day Outfits!

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - May 9, 202413 min read

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It's the second month of the year. For the next 2 weeks, we will think about nothing but love. You see, Valentine's day is just around the corner and I speak for everyone when I say... love is already in the air. All the flower shops are brimming with red roses and as of now, everywhere you set foot in is bursting with red & white heart-shaped balloons. By the looks of it, I think the entire world is ready to celebrate V-Day with their special someone. However, if you've landed on this page, it's safe to assume that you are not.


If you ask me, I'd take it as a given that you haven't yet quite figured out your perfect Valentine's Day outfit. Well, there's no need for you to panic, as you've come to the right place. To help you epitomise the feeling of love through an out-standing Valentine's Day outfit, we picked out the best ones from our in-house fashion influencers.



This list entails some of the most amazing Valentine's Day outfit ideas of the season. So, what's the hold-up? Let's jump right in, shall we? 


1. Solid Red Flared Dress

For everyone who fears snide comments and judgement over slipping into an all-red arrangement, this is your chance to finally shun those voices and own the colour red like a diva! It's the colour of love and to wear a solid red flared dress on Valentine's Day will be an unforgettable experience for you as well as your boo. So, if you wish to dive into the magic of red, take notes. A knee-length flare dress works for every date/party scenario. Pick the ballerinas or heels that match the colour of your dress. I'd avoid as bold contrast as this handbag. You have your man to carry your stuff, so you can lose the bag. Finally, for a deep neck, pick out long gold chain earrings while if the neck is closer to what Shweta is wearing... smaller gold pieces in the ears and a sleek bracelet will complete the look. 



2. A-Line Polka Dot Skirt + White Tank Top

Now even though Valentine's Day outfit ideas are usually consumed by the colour red or white, there's no iron-clad rule. You can go for something entirely out of the box and still look pretty on V-Day, just like our magician, Ipsita did. An A-line skirt with frills at the bottom is a fresh take on the good ol' peppy look that skirts offer. However, I don't mind the polka dot print but you can pick your favourite and it would still solve the purpose. I even dig the colour she is wearing and if I were you, I'd go for any spring shade that would look good with a white top. Finally, white heels aren't optional. But wearing jewellery such as pretty drop earrings or silver hoops is. 


3. Fur Jacket + Brown Turtleneck + Trousers

Guys, this might be one of the most sophisticated winter slash Valentine's Day look for you. An off-white fur jacket over a brown turtleneck a classy contrast you don't want to miss out on and those monk straps are the stuff of divine. Now, I find Sunny's ensemble perfect for the first Valentine's Day date. However, if you'd like, we can turn it down to casual. Just simply get rid of these formal pants and switch to blue denim jeans and white sneakers, and you're sorted.



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4. Pink Casual Blazer + Boot-Cut Skinny Jeans

This look is one of my favourite Valentine's Day outfit ideas. And for so many reasons. The boot-cut skinny jeans alone is a fabulous and classy choice of bottom wear I wasn't aware of. But thanks to Miloni's impeccable collection now I do. Furthermore, a casual pink blazer is more than enough to enhance the entire ensemble but you girls feel free to pick the colour suits you the best. Lastly, I'd avoid flats or shoes when slipping into this amalgamation of classy & cool. Heels with a front bow or flower-like our magicians' would be my first choice but you can follow your heart there.



5. Multicolour Split Side Pencil Sequin Skirt

Apparel with sequin is mostly considered to be a party outfit. But Simran's multicolour split side pencil skirt with sequin surely looks like a dreamy piece perfect for Valentine's Day outfit. This is the day when nobody tells you to dial it down because that's the power of love. Wear this multicolour sequin skirt with a white crop top, chunky silver hoops, strappy heels and an off-white long overcoat if needed, and you'll shine bright like a diamond. Use this sort of outfit for a fancy candlelight dinner date on V-Day and enjoy the compliments!


6. Red Silk Shirt + Black Tapered Pants

Ladies, if you're working on Valentine's day and planning to get wooed by your beau after, this outfit will serve the purpose just right. It's a subtle yet perfect desk to date outfit that asks for nothing but a bow knot when getting ready for the romantic evening. A shirt such as this is an excellent formal outfit and these pants are meant to be rocked in the office premises. But desperate times calls for desperate measures. And creatively altering your desk look to date look is a deed that will save you the trouble to travelling back and forth and still be appreciated by the fashionistas in the vicinity. However, don't forget to ditch your flats. A heel will be the best choice of footwear for this ensemble.


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7. Red Turtleneck Full-Sleeves T-Shirt

A gentleman never runs away from bold colours such as red... and neither should you. For the perfect Valentine's day outfit 2021, try getting into a solid red turtleneck to celebrate with your girl. Trust me, its an effort she'll appreciate. Now, you can go into directions from here. If you're meeting her for a brunch date or a casual evening dinner... pair the tee with blue rugged denim jeans and white sneakers. But if your plan is to make her fall in love with you all over again alongside a romantic candlelight dinner and a fancy spread, I say... switch to black formal pants, black Chelsea boots and a black/brown long overcoat. 


8. Black Midi-Skirt + Laced Cut Sleeves Black Blouse

For all rebellious ones, an all-black Valentine's Day outfit by Simrun will get you the compliments your heart desires. Just don into a cute combination of a midi-skirt and a laced blouse of the same shade to create a colour block, even cuter kitten or spool heels, silver beaded hoops or drop earrings and you'll be good to go. 


9. One-Shoulder Crop Top + Denim Shorts

The one-shoulder trend is an age-old trend that remains untarnished even today. And a red/maroon crop top of a similar style is without a doubt a great Valentine's day outfit idea. Now, I quite dig what Sunaina is wearing with the top but as far as this look is concerned, there's a scope to make it your own. For instance, if your V-Day plans include a brunch date you can pair this crop top with mom jeans, stilettos and hoop earrings. But if your boo surprises you with a fancy dinner, just slip into a black leather skirt or even black palazzo pants and make it better with a messy bun and beaded hoop earrings. Happy Valentine's Day!


10. White Frill Blouse + Black Gypsy Short Skirt

Frills might not work in general but in the fashion world, it still adds class and chic to your basic outfit. This white high-neck top with beautiful frills when paired with a black gipsy skirt which also has frills results into a tasteful ensemble that make you like the stuff of dream. Now, I leave the choice of colours on you guys but do keep in mind that nothing might be able to complete this look than knee-length leather boots. 


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11. White Shirt + Bottle-Green Chinos

This look is as classic as any. For the men who shy away from the colour red, this white shirt with bottle-green chinos is the perfect way to impress your valentine. You can opt for blue denim jeans and white sneakers for a casual date or try Chelsea boots and a black leather jacket with the same pants or blue jeans for a fancy spread. And if you still wish to take it further, a black trench coat with a beige muffler will do the trick


12. White Blouse + Red High-Waisted Pants

Since red & white is the official V-Day combination, saying no to this Valentine's day outfit idea would be daft. Moreover, there's a lot of scope of embellishing this look with accessories such as earrings, bracelet, watch and a sling bag. And lastly, the best footwear would be stilettos, mule heels or what Khushi is wearing (Block heels). It's also the perfect outfit for an unplanned V-day dinner. 


13. Brown Over-Sized Sweater + Satin Pink A-Line Skirt + Black Fedora

If you're in love with your boo and with over-sized sweaters, I think this Valentine's day outfit will suit you the best. It has a cool, funky, chic vibe that I personally like. And the Fedora on the top just makes it an outstanding way to dress for V-Day. Now, I personally wouldn't change a thing in this ensemble but you girls feel free to choose the colours that look best on you. A word of advice though, don't go near any kind of flat footwear or sneakers. The entire grace of this look depends on those high heels. Own it like a fashionista. 


14. Printed Red Co-ord Set With Blouse & Asymmetrical Skirt

Looking for an easy-going yet trendy Valentine's Day outfit ideas? Here's one. This printed co-ord set by Pratiksha is an uncomplicated and effortless ensemble perfect for any V-Day event. Be it brunch, evening out in the city, staycation, party with friends or a super romantic candlelight dinner. All you need to do is pick the right footwear. Now, this one will be perfect for an evening out in the city or party with friends but you might want to slip into kitten heels and silver hoops (the bigger ones) for the dinner and I'll allow you to comfortably wear white sneakers for the brunch. Make sure you carry a white sling bag to complete the last look. 


15. One-Shoulder Pink Gown

Pastel colours are more beautiful than soothing. This pink gown with one-shoulder sleeve trend is an elegant Valentine's Day outfit that is not only comfortable but very pretty. Straight out of a fairytale, your prince charming will never know what hit him when you walk out the door for your romantic date. Just keep in mind, pink stilettoes or pumps are the best footwear for this look. And a minimal silver drop or dangle earrings will suit the outfit the most. Likewise, I'd also suggest you let your hair do the talking. 


16. Over-Sized Sweatshirt + Denim Shorts + Mid-Calf Leather Boots

I can relate to Bidisha's Valentine's day look entirely. It's a super easy and cool way to celebrate the day of love without going through the pain of carrying yourself into those heavy setups. A loose sweatshirt (the colour is optional), blue denim shorts and the most vital part... mid-calf leather boots with heels. Now, the boots would only amp up your style quotient, so don't forget those. Rest you can keep the jewellery to the minimum and a thick winged liner with a tied ponytail will complete the look. This outfit will look the best if you're ditching the V-Day entirely with your girlfriends or having a laid-back date at home. 


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17. Red Bodycon Dress With Denim Jacket

Bodycon dresses never go out of style. Be it a casual brunch date with bae, singleton party with friends or a super romantic getaway with your significant other, this dress will make you look fantastic anywhere you go. This blue denim jacket is just how Anamika wished to roll, however, it's optional. Complete the look with red pumps, kitten heels or stilettos and rock the night.


18. Olive Green Casual Blazer With Check Shirt

A plain casual blazer with a printed shirt and that too check underneath is a slightly twisted combination that usually needs high contrast. But I genuinely adore what Vishal is wearing. An olive green casual blazer will serve the purpose of dressing you up for a fancy candlelight dinner and the check shirt will make it more lively and edgy. Don't spill sneakers on the look. Make it classy with monk straps or oxfords. 


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19. Single Slit Red Maxi Dress

This the last of my red discoveries. An entirety of love and alluring in the same outfit. I'd like to think that this one of the best Valentine's Day outfit on the list. Cut-out heels or high-heeled gladiators will look amazing with this outfit and if I were you, I'd go easy on the makeup and jewellery since the maxi dress in itself is enough. Wear this on your first Valentine's Day dinner date and woo him like you did when he laid eyes on your for the first time. 


20. Bell Sleeved White Top + Denim Jeans

Bell sleeves are forever pretty. A white blouse with those and blue denim jeans is an effortless Valentine's Day outfit idea. It's a winning combination of classy, beautiful and chic. Swank it up a bit by adding a statement necklace, a watch or a bracelet and white pumps. I'd even add a white sling bag like Fatema did to complete the look.


And with that, we reach the finishing point of this guide to the best Valentine's Day 2021 outfits! Remember people, these Valentine's Day outfits will make everybody around you take a double-take, especially when you accessorise with your best smile!