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Level Up Your Excitement With The Best TV Shows On Amazon Prime

By Yamini Taneja

Updated - May 9, 202410 min read

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Are you bored of all those dumb, dramatized and meaningless TV shows? And scrolling for something different, adventurous, exciting and unpredictable. Then blindly trust Amazon Prime! Because this platform offers all the TV shows with the twisted and amazing story-line. It is a platform that serves the interest of every viewer whether you are a fan of Rom-Com, Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fic or Comedy. Everything is there under one roof. But, in the crowd of so many good TV shows how will you figure out which one is the best? No Worries! We have done all the major groundworks and bringing to you a curated guide to the 15 Best TV Shows on Amazon Prime.

1. Mirzapur

Let's start the list of best TV Shows on Amazon Prime with Mirzapur which is the story of 2 brothers in the search of gaining power and getting consumed by the power. This famous thriller crime story has many famous stars as their cast including Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, and Vikrant Massey. If you are into shows which shows the real Indian political and mafia system then this is a must watch for you. Make some popcorn and binge-watch this and watch this rivalry and crime show on Amazon

IMDB Rating: 8.8/10
Genre:  Action, Crime, Thriller 


2. Legacies

After the success of Vampire Diaries and Originals, Legacies is the next big hit. Legacies is the continuation of Originals in which the very famous Hope Mikaelson gets enrolled in the Salvator Boarding School. Her life changes completely when she falls in love with a local boy. By now, Julie has proven that she's not good at finishing stories on a strong note and she's notorious for giving us half-baked endings. Afte Originals watch the Legacies which is already on the list of best TV Shows on Amazon

IMDB Rating: 7.3/10
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy 


3. Homecoming

Who isn't in love with Julia Roberts? After being part of many super hit Hollywood movies, this is the first regular show of Julia Roberts. She is playing the role of a caseworker in Homecoming. This is basically a solitary where the soldiers are helped to transition back to their civilian life. Homecoming (best TV show on Amazon Prime) is layered, intentional, and suspenseful in the sense that it will play with your perceptions and own anticipation of what should or could happen at any moment. best-tv-shows-amazon-prime-homecoming-image

IMDB Rating: 7.7/10
Genre: Drama, Thriller 


4. Jack Ryan

Unlike the regular Tele shows, Jake Ryan is one of the best Tv shows on Amazon Prime right now. Jack Ryan is a show that doesn't refrain from showing the human sides and the moral positions of the countries, characters, and people in question. The story of this Amazon original thriller is about the new face of CIA, Jack Ryan venturing into dangerous missions and uncovering various terrorists planning and patterns. best-tv-shows-amazon-prime-jack-ryan-image

IMDB Rating: 8.3/10
Genre:  Action, Drama, Thriller 


5. Lore

If you are a horror fan then Lore is cherry on the cake for you. This best TV show on Amazon Prime was first launched as the podcasts and got a lot of popularity on the critical aspect in 2015. With each episode, this Amazon series tells a new story and each story is fascinating on its own part. With Aaron Mahnke's out of the world narration, you'll instantly fall in love with this show.  It's like a documentary of a dark side of our society which we have forgotten or heard it as a

IMDB Rating: 6.8/10
Genre: Documentary, Horror 


6. I Love Dick

The series is inspired from a 1997 novel. The story of a married couple who falls for the same male professor. Sounds unusual? Because it is way more different than any other series. It will be interesting to watch that the ball will drop in whose court? And what strategies the husband and wife will do to make the professor fall from
IMDB Ratings: 5.9/10
Genre: Comedy

7. Mozart In The Jungle

Who can contain himself watching a series which was nominated twice for Best Comedy by the Golden Globes! One of the best TV Shows on Amazon Prime created by Roman Coppola, Jason Schwartzman, and Paul Weitz. The series revolves around a wonderful cast named as Malcolm McDowell, Bernadette Peters, Saffron Burrows. Love, Money, Ambition, and Music is all shown in half an hour of comedic drama. The series is all about finding yourself and finding love while exploring New York City. An interesting and confused statement imparted in this series which will tempt you to watch it again and

IMDB Rating: 8.2/10
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Music

8. Goliath

Goliath is all about the story of a lawyer who is struggling by a case against a big tech firm. This case is also emotionally connected with the lawyer as it would come as a redemption or revenge on the firm which once expelled him. This show turned out to be old-fashioned, well-made, well scripted basically consist of every fruit that a unique storyline should have. On top of it the strong cast having Olivia Thirlby, Kevin Weisman (Alias), Dwight Yoakam, and Harold Perrineau is a bang on.
IMDB Ratings:8.2/10
Genre: Drama

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9. Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Petek covers all the plots of suspense and thriller. It is the story of a con man who is just released from prison and adopted the identity of his cellmate Peter Murphy. He is actually hiding from the underworld god Vince Lonigan but the more he was trying to escape from the dangerous world, the more he is entering into those walls. Sneak Peak is counted amongst the clever writings in Amazon Prime. That's why it is listed in the list of best TV Shows on Amazon Prime.
IMDB Ratings: 8.3/10
Genre: Crime, Drama

10. The Americans

Well, The Americans is the historical movie covering a political issue of the Cold War. The two Russian agents pretend to American couple complete with a family. But what do you think there are chances of spies turning to a real couple or they will be just busy doing their investigation? If you want to know more? then you need to watch this best Amazon Prime show. Hurry up and binge watch the series in a week.
IMDB Ratings: 8.4/10
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

11. The Night Manager

One of the best amazon prime show that is awarded the high-profile award shows during both 2016 and 2017. This simply reflects that how badly you should watch the series. The story revolves around the hotel manager whose military past once again knocks on the door to investigate the chemical weapons dealer. The adventurous up down journey will excite you to unfold other episodes of The Night Manager.
IMDB Ratings: 8.2/10
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

12. Poldark

After fighting in the American Revolution, the main lead Ross Poldark comes back to his home to live back his real life and see her lover, who is now married to his cousin. So, what more changes he will see and how he rebuilds his life will be worth watching. Poldark is the series inspired by the 20th-century novel. That’s why you can see a difference in the action, romance, thriller as every emotion is shown with wonderful description. So don’t even miss the single episode as the series is worth it efforts otherwise it doesn't makeup in the list of best Tv shows on Amazon Prime.
IMDB Ratings: 8.4/10
Genre: Drama, History, Romance

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13. Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The story deals with a charming housewife who is leading her career in stand-up comedy after her husband leaves her unexpectedly. The series resulted in setting a comedy standard in Amazon Prime. Not only that Golden Globe welcomes the series as best comedy and musical series for its debut season. So, be the member of Amazon Prime to watch the remarkable series which will pamper you with a great laugh fun and real-time of your life.

IMDB Ratings: 8.7/10
Genre: Comedy, Drama

14. Comicstaan

Ten budding stand-up comedians shortlisted through a nationwide hunt compete to become India's next big comic sensation. They are mentored and judged for their performances by Tanmay, Biswa, Kanan, Kenny, Sapan, Kaneez, and Naveen. Hosted by Abish and Sumukhi, watch Comicstaan to find out who gets crowned as the future competition to some of these big names in stand-up comicstaan-image
IMDB Ratings: 6.7/10
Genre: Comedy

15. Doctor Who

The adventurous story which flies around “The Doctor” who travels through time in Ship, British police box. The mission is to prevent history from being changed. Here, the lead has a power of transforming his appearance, so we get to experience every new lead character with the new season. Doctor Who is one of the oldest series and due to the support of public love it is still in action. Now you all know why it is listed in the list of best Tv shows on Amazon

IMDB Ratings: 8.7/10
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family

We have listed every amazing series that can distract your mind from reality and take you to the fantasy world. The list mentions the comedy, romance, suspense, thriller, sci-fiction almost every type of series. You can say Amazon Prime is now serving you with all kind of emotion. Watch the mindful series which is packed in the box of Amazon Prime. Get a subscription and watch the top and best TV shows on Amazon Prime and level up the standard of entertainment in your life.


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Q. Subscription is needed in Amazon Prime?
A. Yes, a subscription is needed in Amazon Prime.

Q. Amazon Prime only serves the tv series?
A. No, Amazon Prime serves entertainment in every kind of format whether it is tv series, web series, movies and in both Hindi and English. They make sure every type of interest is taken in their consideration.