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Beat The Heat With These Delicious Thandai Recipes!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - March 24, 2021 4 min read

If only dealing with India's scorching tropical summers was as easy as slapping on some sunscreen and wearing light cotton clothes. But the truth is, as soon as the month of April begins to unfurl, the steadily inclining temperatures start bordering on bothersome. Every time you step outside, it feels akin to crawling inside a hot oven. Big oversized sunglasses, scarves as hats and face wraps, dabbing a tissue constantly on your face, are some strategies that tend to help. But when the hot weather reaches its extreme, the need to cool down from within arises. 


How do we do that? By sipping on overflowing glasses of refreshing chilled beverages, of course. Especially now that we're all set to welcome the festival of Holi, we at magicpin wanted to take a moment to talk about one such summer-saviour drink. Thandai! This classic Indian cold drink made with dry fruits, spices and milk, is every bit as mouthwatering, as it is reviving in the sweltering heat. So, for all festive intents and purposes, and also otherwise, here are 5 delicious Thandai recipes, you won't be able to resist guzzling down! 


1. Strawberry Thandai 

Fresh sweet strawberries, plenty of dry fruits and sugary milk blend together to create this magic in a glass. Strawberry Thandai is one of the most refreshing twists we've seen on the classic drink so far, with the fruit adding heaps of both flavour and aroma to the chilled beverage. We discovered this Thandai variation when we stumbled upon this Youtube recipe video tutorial Shudh Desi Kitchen. By following the clear instructions and detailed information, you'll whip up a glass of this frothy Thandai in your own kitchen, in no time! 


Image Courtesy - Nestasia




2. Mango Thandai 

A lot of us Indian folks wait eagerly for summer to roll around every year, just so we can feast on the nectary mangoes coming our way. So imagine how utterly heavenly the product of combining our favourite fruit and thirst-quenching drink would be! Adding rich Mango pulp to a traditional Thandai magnifies the luxurious taste of the drink tenfold and adds wonderful texture. We'd highly recommend you watch this Youtube video recipe tutorial by Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana for a low-down on recreating this innovative concoction. 


Image Courtesy - Food Trails 




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3. Kesariya Thandai Syrup

As classic as classic can get, this one is a delicious avatar of the traditional Thandai recipe. Made with plentiful nuts, seeds and whole spices, this delightful coolant will double up as a natural energiser. You'll find a hoard of recipes for this one Thandai type, but our favourite of the lot so far has been this Youtube recipe video tutorial by My Lockdown Rasoi. Along with giving you all the information you need to make your own batch, the video also launches into the myriad benefits of drinking Thandai, along with ingredient substitute ideas! 


Image Courtesy - Honey, What's Cooking




4. Rose Thandai

We all know how fun it is to play with colours on Holi, but how about adding new hues to your glass of Thandai? Stir in the enchanting floral flavour of fresh Rose in this appetising Gulab Thandai drink. Sweet with subtle hints of spice, the Thandai comes alive with the incredible aroma and texture of rose petals. We learnt how to make some by diligently following this Youtube recipe video tutorial by Unbox Pleasure, and we'd recommend you do the exact same! 


Image Courtesy - Shweta In The Kitchen




5. Paan Thandai 

Would you be interested in an eccentric blend of flavours that somehow work together wonderfully? Then this is the Thandai recipe you need to put a pin on STAT. With the bold and ambrosial flavour of fresh Betel leaves or Paan, this Paan Thandai goes beyond being a regular cooling drink, and soothes the soul during summers! This Youtube recipe video tutorial by Chef Harpal Singh seamlessly takes you through the process of whipping together some rejuvenating Paan Thandai from the comfort of your home! 


Image Courtesy - TOI



We hope you're all set to cool down and chill out with these summery Thandai flavours! 

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