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Jumpstart Your Day With The Heady Aroma & Invigorating Flavour Of These Best Tea Brands In India

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - Sept. 28, 2022 4 min read

A heady aroma, an invigorating palate, and flavor that lingers for a while, tea is truly the beverage that gets India going! While India had already been growing tea, the Chinese varieties were brought by the British and the popularity of tea as a daily beverage and the commercialization of it can be attributed to them. By the 20th century, tea had become a recreational ritual that defined our mornings, evenings and social gatherings. Today, we are one of the largest producers of tea. But tea itself as a category has exploded, and now includes not just produce from carefully nurtured tea gardens, but varieties as diverse as white and oolong. It now also encompasses tisanes which are caffeine-free herbal brews that serve up the goodness of spices, roots, flowers, and herbs. Here is our list of some of the best tea brands in India that provide the most amazing chart-topping cups of heart-warming goodness. So, sip away!


1. No. 3 Clive Road

A vintage brand that carries the aroma of an old world charm, No. 3 Clive Road serves pure tea passion in a range of exquisitely handcrafted blends. For a cup quite like no other, pick their Jodhpur Blend, an inspired Earl Grey that marries Assam tea with Bergamot oil, dried orange, fennel and the brilliant blue of cornflower petals. Savor it brewed lightly with a touch of honey.


Buy Here: No. 3 Clive Road


2. Sancha

The brand credited with starting the first tea boutique in India way back in 1981, this iconic tea master stocks more than a 100 tea blends across variants and even a wide range of infusers and other tea paraphernalia to indulge the brew lover in you. Pick their magically mellow white teas infused with flowers for a relaxing sip.


Buy Here: Sancha Tea Boutique


3. The Tea Trove

A heritage family-run brand that has been around for a hundred years. This brand has an incredibly large collection of teas, with something for everyone. Pick the Sweet Ginger that contrasts the depth of ginger with the cooling of spearmint and makes for a refreshing cup which can be enjoyed both hot and iced.


Buy Here: The Tea Trove


4. Anandini Himalaya Teas

Fresh from the valley of Kangra, Anandini serves up inspiring blends that are put together with precision, care, and great expertise. The cream of the crop is their Pinewood Smoked Tea: A strong black tea infused with the smoke of pinewood. This one starts off on an intense note but has an unexpectedly sweet aftertaste and is perfect with cheese or chocolate.


Buy Here: Anandini Himalaya Teas 


5. Tea Trunk

Tea sommelier and founder, Snigdha Manchanda went to learn all about tea at a tea school in Sri Lanka, where she spent her days drinking about 100 cups of tea a day and profiling about 2,000 varieties under Japanese tea master, Nao Kumekawa. She brings her love for tea and her stories in these beautifully packed tins that are just the perfect collectibles or gifts for people who love tea.


Buy Here: Tea Trunk



6. Exalté

The green tea specialists, Exalté serves up soothing cups of your favorite beverage infused with delicate flowers, exotic spices, and calming herbs. Try their Kashmir Valley Green Tea for a robust brew or the refreshing and gently sweet Apple Cinnamon Green Tea.


Buy Here: Exalté


7. Goodwyn

Delightful single origin teas that are hand-picked and come from a sprawling plantation in Assam. Their spicy Masala Chai is an invigorating and great pick-me-up. Try the Chilli Chai and the Kashmiri Kahwa for robust and fulfilling cups.


Buy Here: Goodwyn Tea


8. Gardner Street

With an eye on both taste and health, the forte of this brand is the focus on wellness that is delivered through the perfect symphony of whole leaf green tea and therapeutic herbs, flowers and spices like fennel, star anise and hibiscus. Pick the glow variant which serves up green tea with hibiscus and marigold for happy skin days!


Buy Here: Gardner Street







9. Organica

100% certified organic, this brand produces everything from honey to spices, but their selection of teas are a total treat. Choose from their energizing Masala Tea and Refreshing Cardamom blends for mugs full of sheer bliss.


Buy Here: Organica


10. Jugmug Thela

Simple, all-natural blends is the USP of this brand that painstakingly sources the best ingredients to create balanced brews. Our pick from their selection is the Three Flower Tea: A luscious red, full-bodied floral infusion that has the tart from Sudanese hibiscus petals and pomegranate flowers from Maharashtra, and a sweet aroma from roses from Pushkar.


Buy Here: JugMug Thela


Our list represents some of the most loved and most cherished tea brands in India that connoisseurs of the brew should enjoy, and savor a sip for every mood and every occasion.



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