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We Picked Out The 8 Best Tacos In Bangalore City!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Sept. 15, 2020 5 min read

In my humble opinion, an authentic delicious taco can be a remedy for pretty much every kind of bad day. Fight with your mom? Let's cheer you up with some tacos. Impending breakup? Taco time! Whether it's in the crunch of the nibbly tortilla exterior, or the burst of flavours when you get a taste of the fillings, or even the oozing cheese and salsa mixture, you're bound to find a silver lining in some part of a terrific taco! 


Luckily for all Bangaloreans, the city is bustling with plenty of options under the category of practically every kind of craving ever. And if it's some fiery, flavoursome Mexican food that your heart and tastebuds desire, the city will serve up some of the finest from the cuisine. To help you zero in on your favourite spot in town, we've listed 7 places offering the best tacos! 



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Most Taco-ed About

Mushroom Grilled Tacos 


Chinita has been our reliable go-to spot for Mexican food in Bangalore city for so long, it's hard to not gush over it! And one taste of any of the vast variety of offerings on their menu later, you won't be able to help yourself either. All the dishes are packed with both taste and authenticity in equal measure, and their delicious tacos inevitably end up on our plates every time we decide to pay this place a visit. There's a lot of variety in the taco flavours and fillings up for grabs, but our favourite of the lot has got to be their crispy grilled tacos packed with a decadent mushroom-heavy stuffing! 



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Most Taco-ed About

Chipotle Chicken Tacos 


Speaking of the best restaurants in Bangalore offering authentic Mexican preparations, we can't skip out on recommending Sanchez in UB City, wholeheartedly. This place is adored by both residents and visitors for bringing the best of Tex Mex onto your tables, and their tacos more than live up to this stellar reputation. You can take your pick of fillings from their taco collection, but for non-vegetarians, the chipotle chicken tacos are absolutely un-missable. We'd also highly recommend the tacos stuffed with sauteed vegetables! 


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Most Taco-ed About

Pulled Tawa Mutton Tacos 


You know, I've always been a huge fan of fusion dishes, especially when it involves the two Ts of Tacos and Tawa! And Biergarten in Koramangala is all the evidence you need to share my fondness! The pulled tawa mutton tacos on their menu are worth getting up from your bed and paying this place a visit, even if you don't plan on chugging any of their reputed brewed beer. Take our word for it, this taco dish will soon become one of your all-time favourites in town.  



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Most Taco-ed About

Paneer Tak-A-Tak Taco


Farzi Cafe has always been a crowd-favourite, owing to its unique preparations and the modern Indian touch they come with. And we're glad to tell you that the tacos you get here, are no different! Unparalleled in quality, taste and preparation, the Paneer-stuffed tacos at Farzi Cafe are quick to turn sceptics to fans, and that's inclusive of people like me who'd ordinarily refuse any recipe that contains cottage cheese! 




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Most Taco-ed About

Spicy Vegetarian Taco 


This small, cosy eatery located in Kalyan Nagar, has quickly built up a base of loyal customers, and we recently found out why. Especially during month ends when your account balance is running alarmingly low, BYLI is a place that will take care of your fussiest cravings, that too on a budget! Their menu spans several cuisines including Italian, Continental and Mediterranean, but our go-to choice from their Mexican offerings is the spicy vegetarian tacos. Crunchy, fiery and full of flavours, this is certainly one of the best tacos in Bangalore city! 



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Most Taco-ed About

Chicken Submarine Tacos With Roasted Tomato & Sour Cream


Looking for a quiet place to gorge on a delectable dinner with your loved ones at? The Yellow Submarine should definitely be on your radar. Known for its laid-back ambience, enticing beverage concoctions and scrumptious dishes, all in equal measure, there's a lot to love about this popular restaurant. However, we think we're a tad partial to their submarine taco flavours, and that this partiality is well-justified! The taco menu here is also a total treat for non-veg lovers, with options of chicken, lamb, pork and seafood to pick from! 


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Most Taco-ed About

Fish Tacos


Aside from heading to Socials Koramangala for a good time on a Friday night and a pint to grab with your friends, there's a lot of scrumptious dishes up for grabs here that are worth your while. Honestly, I've lost count of the number of times I've found myself at Socials, whether in Bangalore or otherwise, but each time their menu strikes me as just as fascinating. Your choices are unbelievably vast, but if you're particularly on the hunt for the best tacos in town, we'd highly recommend getting a taste of their yummy fish tacos! 



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Most Taco-ed About

Top Shelf Veggie Tacos 


On days you feel like treating your tastebuds but aren't in a mood to experiment, Chili's is one of those trusted places you can always make a beeline for. As any loyal fan would be quick to tell you, their menu spans across a variety of cuisines and is packed with one lip-smacking preparation after another, whether it's a starter to munch on or an elaborate main course dish. And in the matter of tacos, Chili's does not disappoint in the slightest. They have both veggie-stuffed and non-veg loaded tacos, but even a seasoned chicken lover me ditches the non-veg in favour of their top-shelf veggie tacos filled with mixed cheese, cottage cheese, and an assortment of spicy condiments! 

You know what these restaurants in Bangalore are? The tac-o of the town! 

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