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Loved Gully Boy Fashion? 7 Streetwear Brands In India You Need To Know About!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Feb. 20, 2020 3 min read

When it comes to unconventional fashion challenging existing norms, India isn’t an easy market to crack. But after decades of being blatantly dismissed by most traditional custodians of style in India as loud, unpresentable or just not sanskaari enough, streetwear is finally beginning to emerge and even flourish in the world of Indian fashion.


But, first things first. What exactly is streetwear? 


Notoriously difficult to define in exact terms, most online definitions of streetwear describe it as a contemporary casual style of fashion, sported by members of various urban youth subcultures. 


Think, Californian surf and skate culture + eighties hip hop fashion + punk athleisure. 


Don’t get it? Think, comfortable, easy-going pieces like t-shirts, hoodies, joggers, baseball caps and sneakers.


Still, don’t get it? Think the general fashion aesthetic of Gully Boy. Yep, that should do the trick. 


If the idea of donning uber-cool streetwear gets your fashion struck heart racing, here’s a round-up of the top streetwear brands in India, that you need to check out NOW. 



Largely centred around Indian streetwear and culture, Delhiwear promotes inclusivity and affordability in street fashion. Their collections mostly offer simple and practical silhouettes in ethnic fused streetwear that are rooted in the unifying feeling of community. 


Image Courtesy - Inder & Ish 


More about Delhiwear 




Capsul is India’s first multi-brand streetwear platform, offering cherry-picked products that last long, look great and feel better. The idea of this brand is to sell street fashion products that act less as clothes and more as engaging conversation starters. 


Image Courtesy - Street Style Spotlight 


More about Capsul



This unique streetwear brand in India is selling one Indian space story at a time, with each fashion apparel. With the objective of paying tribute to India’s rich space tech progress through the years, Spacebiskit furnishes cool, gender-neutral streetwear that defies prevailing fashion norms. 


Image Courtesy - Space Biskit 


More about Spacebiskit 



Urban Monkey 

Recently donned by Ranveer Singh in Gully Boy, Urban Monkey is a socially conscious Indian streetwear brand that aims to cultivate the underground street culture of India. This all-vegetarian label furnishes quirky snapbacks, caps and headwear of superior quality that fit well within the confines of a reasonable budget. 


Image Courtesy - Urban Monkey 


More about Urban Monkey


Strey Shop

Indian in its essence, Strey Shop designs are inspired by the city streets and the smaller, less observable details around us. Perfect for those with a penchant for heavy graphics, Strey Shop produces apparels that are bold, complex and rebellious. Their collections are edgy and unconventional, with an Ed Hardy-esque aesthetic. 


Image Courtesy - LBB


More about Strey Shop


Shia Rai 

Shia Rai falls in the creme de la creme category of Haute streetwear brands in India, with its classic, vintage aesthetic. Named after the designer herself, this brand focuses on selling quality-driven streetwear apparel that provides the youth with a medium to express themselves, and loudly at that! 


Image Courtesy - HGStreet Homegrown


More about Shia Rai 



Rivir Shoes

Talking about streetwear brands in India, we can’t leave one offering absolutely rad sneakers, can we? Rivir Shoes encourages you to wear some quirky arty on your feet, with its reasonably-priced, custom-created graphic sneakers that come in various enviable prints! 


Image Courtesy - Twitter 


More about Rivir Shoes


So, what’s the hold up here? Learn more about the coolest streetwear brands in India, and get adding to your cart! 

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