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Have A Taste Of The Drool Worthy Best Street Food In Lucknow

By Arushi Bhalla

Updated - May 9, 20245 min read

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Experimenting with street food is like pampering your taste buds. The magical taste in street foods leaves no stone unturned to mesmerizes our palate with the flavor that gives rise to the word call cravings. That’s why we prepared a curated list of the best street food in Lucknow for all the foodies. We are sure after reading this your craving will reach the peak.


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Lucknow treats breakfast as no less than a Nawabi treat and you are craving for a good breakfast in Lucknow, just head to Rati Lal’s for their drool-worthy Khasta Kachori. Not just the Kachori but chole is equally delicious and is perfect for the ones who love chillies. The chickpea subzi is no less than kachori and chole and for the ones who love chillies there is a red chilli aloo available as well.


Avg Cost - ₹200 for two

Call: +915122600902

Timing: 6:00 am - 10:00 pm

Address: B-12, Sania Market, Rattilal Chauraha, Shivaji Marg, Aminabad, Lucknow(Get Directions)

Highlights: Breakfast PlaceSeating AvailableTakeaway Available

Cuisines: MithaiDessertsFast Food

Must haves: Jalebi Vadakhasta Kachori Sunday Brunch Aloo Ki Subzi

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In this scorching heat, the prakash kulfi will feel like a cold breeze. Enjoy, the awesomeness of this cold dessert, laced with dry fruit and topped with just the right amount of Falooda. Lucknow's food will never disappoint those with a sweet tooth. One of the most famous dessert places of all time is Prakash Kulfi, who only serves one dish on his menu, which is Kulfi Falooda.


Avg Cost - ₹150 for two

Call: +919628500005

Timing: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Address: 12 13, Fruit Lane, Aminabad, Lucknow(Get Directions)

Highlights: Seating AvailableTakeaway Available

Cuisines: Desserts

Must haves: Kulfi Faluda

Photo Courtesy: Zomato


How can you miss out A visit to Lucknow is incomplete without a visit to Sharma Ji's small eatery. The Bun-Makkhan at Sharma Ji's stall is to die for. You can also go for their stuffed samosas which goes perfectly with a hot cup of tea. The eatery is very popular among the locals for a quick breakfast. 


Avg Cost - ₹100 for two

Call: +919936254534

Timing: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Address: 34, Novelty Cinemas, TN Road, Lalbagh, Lucknow(Get Directions)

Highlights: Breakfast PlaceTakeaway Available

Cuisines: Street FoodTea

Must haves: Chai Bun Maskas Samosa Bun Masala Tea


Avg Cost - ₹900 for two

Call: +918960706111

Timing: 8:00 am - 11:00 pm

Address: 2, Vibhuti Khand, Railway Station Road, Gomti Nagar, Vibhuti Khand, Lucknow(Get Directions)

Highlights: Breakfast PlaceScreens Live MatchesSeating AvailableTakeaway Available

Cuisines: North IndianSouth IndianChineseFast Food

Must haves: Jalebi Malai Kofta Panneer Butter Masala Chole

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This place serves amazing Indian assorted desserts. It also serves a dish which explains the most ironic oxymoron- ‘Veg Egg!’Yes and pay attention vegetarians, it is completely vegetarian- no egg involved. This is that unique dish that you will hardly come across anywhere.


Avg Cost - ₹300 for two

Call: +919453398778

Timing: 7:30 am - 11:59 pm

Address: Akbari Gate, Chowk, Lucknow(Get Directions)

Highlights: Breakfast PlaceSeating AvailableTakeaway Available

Cuisines: Awadhi

Must haves: Gosht Ki Nihari Beef Nihari Kulcha Nihari Mutton Nahari

Photo Courtesy: Mouth Shut

Love to eat at authentic dhabas? This is a tiny dhaba-like eatery located in the same lane as Tunday Kababi. As you enter the place, you will witness a group of cooks grilling kebabs over charcoal and making sheermal. You should definitely try their Nihari with Sheermal or kulcha and a plate of flavourful Pasanda Seekeh Kebabs which are their signature kebabs. These kebabs will melt in your mouth like candy floss. Raheem Hotel is truly one of the best places for kebabs in Lucknow.


Avg Cost - ₹100 for two

Timing: 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Address: Lalbagh Chowk, Lalbagh, Lucknow(Get Directions)

Cuisines: Street Food

Must haves: Aloo Tikki

Photo Courtesy: Talking Street


This place is the ultimate chat haven. Loyal customers swear by their dahi batashe and aloo tikki. For a city obsessed with meat, this place is a pleasant diversion. Their quick service is the reason why people keep coming.


Avg Cost - ₹400 for two

Call: +918601171194

Timing: 8:30 am - 10:00 pm

Address: Apna Bazaar, Sadar Bazaar, Lucknow(Get Directions)

Highlights: Breakfast PlaceTakeaway Available

Cuisines: MithaiStreet Food

Must haves: Lassi Balushahi Kaju Barfi Malai Paan

Photo Courtesy: Talking Street


Like we said before, Lucknow is a paradise for those with a sweet tooth. Chhappan Bhog serves a wide range of attractively decorated sweets available in different shapes, flavours and prices. All their sweets are made with pure milk and milk products. They are well known in the city for their quality and taste.


Avg Cost - ₹200 for two

Call: +918933958587

Timing: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm

Address: 34 Triloknath Road Near Novelty Cinema, Sushanpura, Lalbagh, Lucknow(Get Directions)

Highlights: Breakfast PlaceTakeaway Available

Cuisines: Light Bites

Photo Courtesy: Youth ki awaz


A hot cup of tea in breakfast can soothe the entire day! Head to Sharma ki chai to treat yourself with the best tea in Lucknow with Bun-Muska. The homemade white butter spread on the Bun with raisins will certainly get you drool to have another one. Add their delicious Samosa to make your breakfast a proper treat! This is considered to be one of the few best street food in Lucknow!


Avg Cost - ₹200 for two

Call: +919935307380

Timing: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Address: 42 Trilok Nath Road Lalbagh Lucknow, Lalbagh, Lucknow(Get Directions)

Highlights: Breakfast PlaceTakeaway Available

Cuisines: North Indian

Must haves: Sooji Halwa Paneer Bhatura Chhole Kulche Chole Bhature

Photo Courtesy: Red Saffron


Chole bhature is the go-to street food for every person visiting Lucknow! Experience the authentic delicacy of Punjab with Sardar Ji ke Mashhoor Cholle Bhature. Add their Aloo and Paneer Kulcha to your platter and have a full packed brunch. We all need something luscious dessert after delish chole bhature. Don’t forget to end it with their Sooji ka Halwa made in pure desi ghee.


Photo Courtesy: Scoopwoop


The list of best street food in Lucknow is incomplete without mentioning the tundey kebab. People come for far and beyond just to experience the taste of mouth-watering tundey kebab. The all-time favorite tundey ke kabab is perfect street food for nonvegetarians. It is situated in the oldest market of the city, chowk . The soft galavati kababs and shaami kabab sold here will surely make your heart sink!


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A: Cassia, Moti Mahal, Aryans, Royal Cafe, Mr. Brown are some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Lucknow. 


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