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Here Are 13 Things You'll Love If You're A Stationery Hoarder

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Sept. 3, 2020 7 min read

On the scale of 1 to "way too many times" how often have you randomly abandoned your shopping plans because there was this cutesy stationery store on the way and you could not stop yourself from entering and hoarding on stuff that you don't actually need, need? Yeah, me too.


With me, it happens way too frequently and not just in the malls or markets but also, while casually hovering over Instagram, Facebook, etc. Yes, I am that reckless especially when I am at a sniffing distance from pretty stationery items. There have been instances where I am penniless but somehow managed to score a journal or a rather quirky pen out of the lint in my pocket. No, not literally but that's the thing with stationery, you could always buy something very precious at a lot less. Cheaper than buying expensive clothes and so much more valuable. No offence!



With that being said... all you stationery lunatics I have something... okay 13 things for you, that would spruce up your desk or wherever you place all those prized possessions. 


1. Always Table Clock From IMI Studios

IMI Studios

Click Here To Buy


Hey Potterheads, can you lookup for a sec? Yeah, here's what is missing from your desk at home; a Deathly Hallows Table Clock that too at such slashed prices. And for those who aren't into Harry Potter that much, they have a few other impressive designs in the same category that you might want to check out right about... now. 


2. Bobble Head Desk Calendar From Chumbak

Desk Calendar

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Chumbak is one such rabbit hole brimming with quirky, off-beat stationery and lifestyle items, from where I don't usually return without plucking out one item, however expensive they might be. So, out of all things pretty, I have this singular desk calendar that every stationery lover should have. The entire piece is made out of the cotton pulp and designed in a way that it would amp up your workspace without putting in too much work. Pun intended!


3. Limited Edition F.R.I.E.N.D.S Handbook From Coveritup


Click Here To Buy


Ross and Rachel might have been on a break but us, fans have followed this Rachel-green, sorry... evergreen TV series break-free. A thousand and a half repeats later, Coveritup introduces this limited edition FRIENDS handbook with 3D cover and I am more excited than ever. Sidebar; I've already ordered mine. So, about this stationery item... the handbook is a complete universe of the popular American sitcom. From a picture of Monika's living room to character sketches, quirky pages and a suggested guide to favourite episodes from the show, the handbook has it all. 


4. Notebook Biscuit/Chocolate From The June Shop

Click Here To Buy


Eccentric but so damn adorable. A notebook that legit has the appearance of a biscuit or in the second case, a chocolate bar is something every stationery lover would want to buy. Now, this notebook isn't just unique but durable and pretty reasonable. Just FYI. The June Shop is also stacked with more cool and colourful items like planners, greeting cards, pens, pinboards, etc. So, don't wait, start hoarding.


5. Harry Potter Wax Seal Stamp Kit From Crafiesta

Seal wax

Click Here To Buy


Another quirky, old school item for Harry Potter fans which originally does not fall in the category of essential stationery items but I think you'd need it, in case there's a letter you want to send out to Hogwarts. Okay just kidding, like that's going to happen. But I presume there's a space in your drawer meant for something like this and I think it's a worthy collection. Think about it.


6. Weekly Planner From Fitoor Company

Weekly planner

Click Here To Buy


Among all the quirky stationery things they have in store, I quite liked what they did with their Weekly Planner. A cool yet tasteful outer cover encloses a pretty decent planner design that I think is something we all should have. This not only is a valued expenditure on your part but also a smart move, considering the WFH life we're currently being subjected to. 


7. Traveller's Notebook From Hipsters


Click Here To Buy


A well-suited travel companion, a fellow adventurer to your unplanned journeys and a partner in need when voyaging through office hours, that's how compatible these Traveller's notebooks from Hipsters are. You can fit all your earthly possessions; from cards to cash, mobile phone, memos, receipts, etc... in it. Minimal design, premium leather cover, durable, tough and easy to carry, these are some of the best features of this rugged stationery item. They come in two sizes, regular or pocket. You can either buy both or choose one. 


8. Sticky Notes Set Flami From Good Stuff Co.

Good Stuff Co.

Click Here To Buy


This is that one item every stationery hoarder has in their bag. But what's so different about this one? Well, for starters, this entire set is a hard-bound booklet, which is super easy to carry and secondly, there are all kinds of sticky notes in it which are too adorable to ignore. The quality is quite good and they're not too shabby for the price they come in either. A real deal. 


9. Travel Journal + Sketchbook From Lilorosh


Click Here To Buy


When you can barely accommodate your socks in the bag full of clothes and travel essentials; carrying a sketchbook or a journal seems extra. But no more. All the way from the little studio of an artistic power couple; Rosh and Lilia; a dream combo of a travel journal and mini sketchbook is a godsend stationery asset every artist, illustrator, writer needs. This combo is the solution and that too a pretty one. Furthermore, you can either buy both or just one and they are available in 4 different cover designs. I like "Tranquility", you can pick your favourite and order.


10. Pin Board + White Board + Metal Board Combination From I Value Every Idea (IVEI)

IVEI Board Combination

Click Here To Buy


Ever heard of bespoke? This Board Combination is the definition of be-freaking-loud. I accidentally stumbled upon this stationery item and since then I can't stop thinking about it. I mean, picture it. A whiteboard that is also a pinboard that is also a metal board with cutesy magnets that also has a mini-calender on the top. Isn't this a match made in heaven? I think so too. Now the price of this particular product is a little high than we usually tend to spend on such stationery but trust me, it's going to be justifiable.   


11. Camera Bookmarks From Ohmy Pen

Ohmy Pen

Click Here To Buy


When you can buy good quality, silicon, quirky bookmarks for as cheap as 100 bucks, life becomes a bit more bearable. Well, at least for a stationery lover. In other deets; Ohmy Pen is a small business running on Instagram but their products are quite unique and interesting. Now I picked these bookmarks because I like to read a lot but you feel free to explore through their vivid collection of pens, photo clips, lights and other pretty stationery items to find what you like more.


12. Tranquil Waters Utility Holder From Chumbak

Tranquil Waters Holder

Click Here To Buy


A utility holder is also dubbed as the most useful stationery item on this list and I think you'll agree. The size is quite decent and it has two compartments which make it even more valuable. I quite like this minimal floral design but if you wish to place something quirky on your desk, they have more. Enjoy!


13. Rose Gold Pen From Crafiesta

Click Here To Buy 


Now I understand how this pen could be a bit extra for the people who aren't a part of "I-love-stationery-more-than-human-club" but for me, this blue rollerball luxury pen is a must-have item of the lot. The finesse, the class and quality that comes with this luxurious pen is unmatched especially when the writing is smooth and handling is easy. 


Of all the worldly pleasures, the joy that comes with stationery items is indescribable. All you can do is thank god for creating such pretty things that you could call your own. 

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