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10 Best Shots You Can Order for a "Sotally Tober" Party

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Oct. 21, 2021 4 min read

Give it your best shot. Both in life and liquor. You see, adulting is hard and some days can get worse than others. Not to put a damper on your current lifestyle but I think it's okay to let loose once in a while. And the best way to go about it is by surrounding yourself with people you love and... shots. 


Tequila and vodka can do the trick too, but wait till you try Alice in wonderlands or hot damns. They will knock your socks off, take away the edges and leave you with happy memories and a delicious aftertaste. 


Keep scrolling for a list of 10 amazing shots you can order to get the party started. 


1. Hot Damn

Hot damn is the perfect drink to raise the roof. It's a sweet blend of the official party liquors and orange juice that tastes and smells yum. And yes, it will keep the stinky alcohol breath at bay. 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Ingredients: Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, Orange Juice



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2. Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Have your cake and drink it too! Pineapple upside down cake is a tropical favourite and the most recommended shot blend when you have no idea what to drink. It's a dessert-inspired shot that is a modern classic and super delicious. Spoilers alert, there's a buttery vanilla upgrade you will love, that comes from cake-flavoured vodka.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Ingredients: Stolichnaya, Jim Beam, Peach Schnapps, Pineapple juice, 1 splash Maraschino Cherry Juice


3. B - 52

Your party just got three times better. Originated in the 1970s', B - 52 is a layered shot that can be recognised by the three distinct layers of coffee liqueur, Irish cream and a Grand Marnier. This shot cocktail is a great party starter and an excellent ice-breaker. 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Ingredients: Irish Cream, Kahlua, Grand Marnier



4. Alice In Wonderland

It's your chance to visit Alice In Wonderland. The trick is to try this layered Mexican-inspired shot one after the other until you're down that rabbit hole.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Ingredients: Grand Marnier, Tequila, Tia Maria



5. Jolly Rancher

Jolly Rancher is one of the most beautiful layered dessert shots that exist. If you're not a big fan of hard liquor, this sweet and strong fruity-flavoured shot is right up your alley. 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Ingredients: Amaretto, Melon Liqueur, Grenadine, Sprite



6. Mind Eraser

Post-shots events are hard to remember, but not this one. Mind Eraser shot is a popular drink that's fairly easy to make and taste like million bucks. Traditionally made from Kahula and vodka, some variations also use rum, molasses, bitters, and lemon for better flavour. You can also swap club soda with coconut water and garnish with nutmeg, for extra sweetness.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Ingredients: Vodka, Kahlua, 7-up



7. Motor Oil

Adding fuel to the party since we can remember, motor oil shots are the most recommended liquor shot for bachelor parties. A warning though, these shot drinks are as classic as they are crazy. 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Ingredients: Jagermeister, Goldschlager, Malibu Rum, Peppermint Schnapps


8. Afterburner

There is a rumour that the thick liqueur AfterShock, a product by the Jim Bean brand will crystallize in your stomach and release more alcohol the next morning. This, of course, is a myth. However, afterburner shot drink isn't. It's a hot-shot that will be perfect for spice lovers you know. 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Ingredients: Cool Citrus AfterShock Liqueur, Bacardi Rum 151



9. Irish Car Bomb

Irish Car Bomb is a cocktail similar to a boilermaker, made by dropping a shot of Irish cream and whiskey into a glass of stout. The 'Irish' in the name refers to the drink's Irish ingredients and the term 'car bomb' combines a reference to its 'bomb shot'.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Ingredients: Guinness, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Irish Whiskey


10. Kamikaze

Kamikaze is named after the Japanese fighters who would die to complete their mission and was designed to cut the chase. That's exactly what this shot will do for you. 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Ingredients: Vodka, Triple Sec, Limes



Get the party started with the best shot drinks in town. 



Q. What alcohol is used for shots?

A. There are certain types of alcohol that have always been used as alcohol shots. These alcohol shots include Absinthe, Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Gin and many others.


Q. What is the strongest shot of alcohol?

A. Spirytus Rektyfikowany (96% Alcohol), Everclear (95% Alcohol), Bruichladdich X4+1 Quadrupled (92% Alcohol)



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