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10 Best Series on Amazon Mini TV: You Must Watch

By Aniket

Updated - July 10, 20246 min read

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Are you looking for some binge-worthy entertainment without breaking the bank? Look no further than Amazon Mini TV! This free streaming platform offers a treasure trove of web series across various genres, from romance to drama to comedy. Whether you're a fan of heartwarming stories, thrilling adventures, or captivating mysteries, Amazon Mini TV has something for everyone. In this blog, we'll explore the 10 best series on Amazon Mini TV that you can watch for free, along with a friendly introduction to each series and key pointers to entice you further.


here is a list of 10 best series on Amazon mini Tv


1. Ishq Express

Welcome aboard the Ishq Express, where love blossoms amidst train journeys and unexpected connections. Get ready for a heartwarming tale of two strangers finding love in the most unexpected places. This romantic series combines heartfelt moments, charming characters, and a captivating storyline that will keep you glued to your screen.


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  • Heartwarming romance
  • Unexpected connections
  • Engaging storyline



2. Crushed

Join Aadhya and Samvidhan on a rollercoaster ride of friendship, laughter, and heartfelt moments. Get ready to be crushed by the charm of this delightful series. With its strong character dynamics, relatable situations, and a perfect blend of humor and emotions, Crushed promises to be a binge-worthy experience.


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  • Strong friendship theme
  • Humorous situations
  • Emotional depth



3. Please Find Attached

Enter the world of Sanya and Shaurya as they navigate the twists and turns of love and cohabitation. Buckle up for a romantic journey filled with laughter, tears, and a lot of love. Please Find Attached offers a unique blend of romance and workplace dynamics, making it a refreshing watch for those craving a mix of love and life challenges.



  • Romantic workplace setting
  • Blend of laughter and emotions
  • Relatable love story



4. Half CA

Get ready to laugh, learn, and relate with the hilarious adventures of two aspiring CAs. Join them on their quest for success and friendship in the world of numbers and dreams. Half CA brings humor, drama, and relatable experiences of young professionals striving for their goals, making it a must-watch for anyone chasing their dreams.


Image Courtesy: IMDB


  • Comedy-drama mix
  • Relatable professional challenges
  • Friendship and aspirations



5. Slum Golf

Tee off with Pawan Kumar as he takes on life's challenges with a golf club in hand and determination in his heart. Get inspired by this underdog story of triumph and perseverance. Slum Golf not only showcases the journey of a determined individual but also sheds light on societal issues, making it a compelling and motivational series.



  • Inspirational underdog story
  • Social commentary
  • Triumph against odds


6. Adulting

Welcome to the world of Nikhat and Ray, where adulthood brings laughter, lessons, and unforgettable moments. Get ready to adult like a boss with this charming series. Adulting offers a humorous yet insightful look at the trials and tribulations of growing up, making it a relatable and enjoyable watch for young adults.


  • Coming-of-age humor
  • Life lessons
  • Relatable experiences


7. Yeh Meri Family

Step into the time machine and relive the summer of '98 with Harshu Gupta and his endearing family. Get ready for a nostalgia trip filled with love, laughter, and timeless memories. Yeh Meri Family captures the essence of childhood and family bonds with its nostalgic setting, heartwarming moments, and relatable family dynamics.



  • Nostalgic '90s setting
  • Heartfelt family moments
  • Relatable family dynamics



8. Permanent Roommates

Move in with Tanya and Mikesh as they navigate the complexities of love, relationships, and premarital adventures. Get ready for a comedic and heartfelt journey of commitment and companionship. Permanent Roommates offers a refreshing take on modern relationships with its witty dialogue, realistic portrayals, and endearing characters.



  • Modern relationship dynamics
  • Humorous situations
  • Emotional depth


9. TVF Pitchers

Dive into the entrepreneurial world with Naveen, Jitendra, Yogi, and Mandal as they chase their dreams and tackle life's challenges. Get ready for a dose of inspiration and laughter in this startup saga. TVF Pitchers stands out with its insightful portrayal of startup culture, relatable characters, and a narrative that balances ambition with human emotions.


Image Courtesy: IMDB


  • Insightful startup culture depiction
  • Balanced narrative
  • Memorable characters


10. Highway Love

Hit the road with Dhun Dhun and Inaya as they embark on a journey of love, friendship, and self-discovery. Get ready for a scenic adventure filled with romance and beautiful destinations. Highway Love promises captivating chemistry, picturesque locations, and a feel-good storyline that will leave you wanting more.




  • Scenic road trip adventure
  • Captivating chemistry
  • Feel-good romance




Q1: Are these series completely free to watch on Amazon Mini TV?

Ans: Yes, all the series mentioned in the list are available for free streaming on Amazon Mini TV, as it is a free platform funded by advertisements.


Q2: Can I watch these series on any device?

Ans: Yes, you can enjoy these series on any device that supports the Amazon Mini TV app, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.


Q3: Are subtitles available for these series?

Ans: Yes, subtitles in multiple languages are available for most series on Amazon Mini TV, ensuring a better viewing experience for all viewers.


Q4: Can I download episodes to watch offline?

Ans: Unfortunately, the option to download episodes for offline viewing is not currently available on Amazon Mini TV. However, you can enjoy streaming them online at any time.


Q5: Is there a limit to how many series I can watch for free?

Ans: No, there is no limit to how many series you can watch for free on Amazon Mini TV. You can binge-watch to your heart's content without worrying about subscription fees.