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Health and Taste Go Hand In Hand At These Best Salad Places In Gurgaon

By Arushi Bhalla

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 4 min read

Eat Healthily! Stay Healthy! In the world where we all are obsessed with junk food, these delish salads are here for your rescue. We have curated a list of snack/dessert options for when you need a quick pick-me-up, post-workout snack or just something delicious (but still healthy) to dig in. 


This eatery is totally dedicated to Asian culture, right from the food to the decor. The food is prepared and served in a traditional Japanese style. The place is very spacious with cozy decor and a peaceful ambiance. This is one of the places to eat the best salads in Gurgaon. The plus point is its professional staff which provides very prompt service. You have to try out their salads in Gurgaon!


In this world of mounting worries and calories, respite and health can be somehow restored via a trip to this place. Bringing taste, health, and luxury at your feet, the place offers an unending range of low-calorie options to munch on while simultaneously providing the much-needed flavor required to spice up life. As a low-carb, low-fat alternative to traditional cuisines, the place offers dishes like Hara Bhara Kebab, Falafel Pita, Roasted Chicken Breast Salad, etc. Stay healthy with these salads in Gurgaon!



This cozy little cafe is an American style cafe and bake shop. The place has free WIFI and books which makes you want to stay here longer. Their Pumpkin, Corn And Pesto on Focaccia bread, Lemon Ricotta Pancake with Sauteed Apple and Coconut Crusted French Toast are highly recommended. This is one of the salad restaurants in Gurgaon!



A wide variety of authentic Italian dishes is served at this casual dining restaurants. Not only this, the menu at of this salad restaurant is quite extensive and offers handcrafted dishes that will surely leave you with a delicious dining experience. You will be bestowed with a glass of wine from a fully-stocked bar. The ambiance is grand and elegant making The Pasta Bowl Company a perfect place to dine with family and friends. You should surely visit this for healthy salads in Gurgaon!


As the name reflects, this place will force you to binge on their delicious salads. A bakery-cum-cafe with a small seating area, it is known for giving a touch of magical flavor to classic desserts, transforming them into something extraordinary. The wooden rustic interiors with the soft touch of flowers and colorful teapots, give it a European feel. You should surely give a visit to these salad restaurants in Gurgaon!


Di Ghent Café is a chain of quick-serve restaurant which provides healthy and delicious salads that will surely keep you longing for more. If you want to taste something different when it comes to European Coffee Belgian, visit Di Ghent Café. This place is not only famous for European dishes but also their mouth-watering salads.


You know what is most fascinating about this place is that you get to make your own salad on their menu. One of the best places to stop by for a quick healthy bite, they provide a great eating out experience without compromising with health. Every dish is absolutely fresh and has its own uniqueness. Don't miss out on this best salad restaurant for fresh and delectable salads!



They are widely famous for their delicious healthy meal options. They are known for providing the best delivery service in the neighborhood. The packaging of food is tightly done in a clean container, with both quality and quantity being quite satisfying. The menu is very large and full with variety and the plus point is its reasonable pricing. You have to try out these salad restaurants in Gurgaon.



GoGourmet is a quick service restaurant that serves Health Food items for people who are not keen on junk food and are strict about their diet. The outlet serves amazing items in Health Food at budget-friendly prices and becomes your ideal meeting point with a circle of friends. You have to visit this best salad place in Gurgaon! The pleasant ambiance lightens your mood in no time. GoGourmet also provides a breakfast section paired up with a takeaway facility. 



Providing the right amount of nutrition without compromising with the taste, this place, as you would guess by the name, serves healthy food and a wide range of salads.  Salad Chef has a variety of fresh salads and sandwiches. It is a popular food chain offering best shakes, fresh juices and smoothies to the health freaks. Yogurt without any preservatives is a hit at the outlet. You have to visit for the best salad places in Gurgaon!


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