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10 Pretty Rooftop Restaurants In Gurgaon For Starry Nights- August, 2023

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - July 22, 2023 6 min read

If you frequently find yourself in the concrete jungle of Gurgaon, you're probably well-versed with its giant inventory of places worth exploring. For every mood between cloud nine and a serious case of the blues, Gurgaon has you covered with a quirky spot befitting your mental state. Although to be honest, we've chosen this space to talk about a very specific category. But before we get to that, picture this. 


All is well and life is swell. You've had a fruitful day at work, and now its time for you to relish that. You're staring fixedly at your wristwatch as the second hand inches pitifully towards a perfect 12. Any minute's 7 PM! You grab your bag and lunge for the door. The minute you step out you're swept up in a hug by the pleasant spring weather, and you have a clear picture of where you want to be. A gorgeous rooftop restaurant, panoramic views of the busy city and a variety of delicious dishes spread out on the table. 


Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Feel free to choose who you take along, but that's not an experience one should miss out on. Here, this should help convince you.


Just scroll through our guide to the most enchanting rooftop restaurants in Gurgaon- August, 2023


Image Courtesy - magicpin

An immensely happening place with an expansive rooftop area in Sector 29 Gurgaon, Adda by Striker is one of our go-to choices for a night out in town. The ambience and vibe of this place are simply unparalleled, with awesome music pouring in from the speakers as you groove and gaze at the same time. It tends to get a tad busy during the weekends, but if a buzzing crowd and party mood is what you're seeking, we'd urge you to visit Striker without so much as a shadow of a doubt! 


Image Courtesy - magicpin

If you haven't visited Vibe in Gurgaon yet, trust us when we say you're missing out. Especially if you and your partner are always up for an impromptu candlelight dinner, what better place to do it than on this whimsical rooftop restaurant offering sweeping views of the city? It's located on the terrace of the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, and along with some picturesque imagery, you get to enjoy a swimming pool right beside your seating area. This is what we call a win-win! 


Image Courtesy - magicpin

A wonderful rustic area to sit and enjoy your meal at, and a great ambience that makes you want to shake a leg, are the two things you'll be greeted with when you step into Sutra Gastropub. One of the best rooftop restaurants in Cyber Hub, Sutra is a classy lunch spot during the week, and a raving party place during weekends. Sutra also offers a wide range of awesome preparations, along with a variety of choices when it comes to choosing your liquid courage of the night. 


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Image Courtesy - magicpin

If you count yourself as a beer lover and haven't yet explored the best breweries in Gurgaon, we have just one question....what else have you been up to?! Brewocrat is a note-worthy mention on most such lists, with its fantastic range of freshly brewed drinking options, along with an ambience to die for. But our favourite feature has got to be the rooftop seating area, replete with plush comfortable seating and breathtaking views of the city in motion. 


Image Courtesy - magicpin

As the name aptly suggests, this Skybar in Gurgaon is popularly adored for its sprawling and spectacular terrace. If you have a penchant for romantic mellow lighting, soul-soothing live music, and the glittering streets of Gurgaon, this place spins out the best combination of all three. One of the first things you'll notice when you waltz in here is how beautiful the Gurgaon sky looks from Striker's giant ceiling to floor glass pane windows!


Image Courtesy - magicpin

Not a fan of overly crowded places and the usual weekend scenes of Gurgaon? We'd suggest paying RYU Bar in Sector 15 a visit. Adorned with serene warm lights, rustic wooden furniture and an occasional pop of pink in the form of blossom trees, RYU is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places for dinner in Gurgaon. What further accentuates its appeal, is the peaceful view of Gurgaon from the terrace coupled with the mouthwatering Asian dishes they serve. 


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Image Courtesy - AMPM Bar & Cafe on Facebook

When you are on the hunt for gorgeous rooftop restaurants in Gurgaon, the name AM PM is bound to come up. The outside terrace seating area of this place is as dreamy as it gets, perfect for gazing at the city over a glass of wine and a decadent bowl of pasta. They also dish up a wide variety of food along with offering an expansive menu of liquor choices and hookahs. As wonderful a place for a cosy dinner date, as it is for a low key night out with your bestfriends, put a pin on AM PM as one of the most serene picks from the best rooftop restaurants in Gurgaon. 


Image Courtesy - magicpin

Whenever you find yourself in the mood for dining, wine-ing and weekend whining over work, Raise The Bar in Gurgaon is an amazing option for you to consider. Located atop the expansive terrace of Clarens Hotel, this rooftop restaurant is highly revered for its easy-going ambience and Insta-worthy decor. Especially if you're eager for a romantic night out but without emptying your wallet, Raise The Bar's budget-friendly menu would appeal to you for sure. 



Image Courtesy - magicpin

A vibrant young place with divine flavours of brewed beer, Nowhere is one of our top picks for a casual evening session with our work friends. The outdoor ambience fits the overall vibe of this place wonderfully, and the dreamy decor takes the romance in the air up several notches. You can enjoy some wonderful live music performances here over a frothy mug and a platter of crispy chicken wings. Also from one beer lover to another, don't forget to try their one-of-a-kind Smoky Lager! 



Image Courtesy - magicpin

As any long-standing resident or visitor of Gurgaon would let you know, when you find yourself perplexed over your choices in G-Town, Sector 29 is where you head to. One such gem tucked away in this crowd-favourite lane of bars and pubs, is Decode Air Bar. Equipped with beautiful interiors you'll want to snap pictures of and an immensely peaceful terrace area, Decode is one of the best rooftop bars in Gurgaon. A special shoutout for the food presentation, it will certainly entice the foodie in you. 


Are you still mulling over it? Take this as your sign to pick up the phone, and make those reservations! 


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