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Stunning Rooftop Restaurants in Bangalore You Must Pay A Visit

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - March 2, 2021 6 min read

Of all the things I absolutely love about Bangalore, the weather would certainly take the cake for being the most enchanting. Pleasant through all 12 months of the year and replete with frequent spells of rain, Bangalore's weather is truly a thing worth relishing. And what better way to savour this wonderful weather along with Bangalore's signature spectacular skies, than spending a few hours on the terrace of a high-rise?


Now, if we added awesome food, lovely views and a charming ambience into the mix, the resulting imagery becomes utterly soul-soothing. It's a form of therapy you can easily access, especially when we're about to tell you exactly where to go looking. With that thought in mind, we present you with this guide. Scroll through our list of the best rooftop restaurants in Bangalore, and pick your slice of heaven amidst the fast pace of the city. 


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Tree Tops Bar and Kitchen is one of those rare finds in the city that excel in every aspect, be it food, drinks, hospitality or ambience. A  noteworthy mention whenever the best rooftop restaurants in Bangalore are listed, this soul-soothing dining hub is replete with stunning white interiors that make you feel like you are in Santorini. The outdoor seating area is nothing short of beautiful, and the mellow lighting coupled with the generous use of candles together create the perfect cosy vibes. Not to mention the gorgeous lush green views your eyes are greeted with!


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Small yet stunning and refreshing in every measure, TBC Sky Lounge in HSR is akin to stumbling upon a green paradise in the middle of the city's chaos. Replete with a greenhouse-like sitting area and beautiful plants in every corner, TBC Sky Lounge is one of the best casual restaurants in Bangalore for a bite coupled with a bird-eye view of the city. The food here is absolutely delish, accentuated further by the speedy service ensured by all the staff members. 


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Indisputably one of the most romantic restaurants in Bangalore city, Om Made Cafe is the perfect destination for candle-lit dinners with a view. The food at this place is simply out of the world, and the taste of all their dishes will make you relish every single bite. But the best part is the rooftop area, the beauty of which comes alive in Bangalore's delightful weather. All you need is a generous glass of their aromatic mulled wine, and you're all set to enjoy one of the most scenic rooftop restaurants in Bangalore. 


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One of the most sought-after fine-dining places in Bangalore, High Ultra Lounge is perfect for when you find yourself in an indulgent mood. Along with decadent dishes skillfully prepared by some of the best chefs in the country, High Ultra Lounge is also highly revered for its remarkable interiors, elegant decor and exceptional views. It's a fantastic restaurant for couples in Bangalore, complete with an ultra-romantic ambience and laudable service. Especially if you're a fan of Pan Asian food, you're in for a drool-worthy treat when you visit High Ultra Lounge in Malleshwaram. 


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Chavadi is one of the best rooftop restaurants in Bangalore, one where you can escape into a different world while relishing meals packed with taste and lip-smacking flavour. Located on a sweeping rooftop that offers you the best views of the city, this dining venue has a peaceful ambience with every corner submerged in plenty of natural light. A prominent date venue in Bangalore known for its dreamy, whimsical decor, Chavadi is both pocket-friendly and soul-soothing in equal measure. 


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If you're on the hunt for the best sundowner in Bangalore, Alt is a name worth keeping in mind. While the food here can lean towards a steeper price point, the experience of sitting and dining while gazing at the gorgeous Bangalore sky is simply invaluable. Our favourite bit about this restaurant is the Skydeck area where your eyes are greeted with some of the most magnificent views you'll find in all of Bangalore. It's a place you should head to with your gang of friends during a late afternoon, to watch the sunset over some mimosas and be swept up by the utterly charming rooftop ambience. 


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As the name rightfully suggests, The 13th Floor is a high-rise restaurant in Bangalore where one can enjoy sweeping sights of the city along with a delightful ambience. This crowd-favouring dining spot has been around for a couple of decades, and continues to be just as loved now as it was when it first opened its doors. The beautiful balcony and rooftop areas coupled with the charming vibe of the place, make it perfect for candle-light dinners. But personally speaking, I found this place to be a fabulous spot for catching up with my girls over cocktails. 


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Say what you will about Whitefield, there's no denying that it houses some of the best restaurants and bars in Bangalore. One such gem tucked away in the area, is Windmills Craftworks. I mean, if you're in Bangalore and not making the most of its umpteen breweries and unending supply of fantastic craft beer, are you really in Bangalore? Along with mouthwatering mugs of beer and plenty of flavours to tinker around with, Windmills is also known for its classy, sophisticated ambience, engaging live performances, and massive glass windows overlooking the city. 


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You know what's practically synonymous with swanky in Bangalore? Skyye in Lavelle Road. Lavish interiors, a literally LIT round-shaped bar and a classy crowd are the three things that await your presence here. This restaurant slash club is known for furnishing THE most spectacular views of the city, along with a celebratory ambience that just makes you instantly want to party. It goes without saying, our favourite spot is the massive open-air lounge area on the rooftop complete with under-lit flooring and mindblowing bird-eye views of the entire city. 


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Nestled amid the cosy lanes of Koramangala 7th Block, is Fenny's, one of the best restaurants in South Bangalore. You can witness the popularity of this place yourself when you see the huge crowds that flock to this spot on a daily basis. And once you've stepped inside and taken a look around, you'll begin to understand where that stems from. Fenny's is truly mesmerising, with rustic wooden tables, vibrant flowering plants and gold accent lights. The rooftop area is simply out of the world, with quirky canopies draped in sheer white fabric, as one of your choices in seating arrangement. You get to look out as the city rushes through the day, and gawk at the twinkling lights of the city at night. 

Made it all the way to the end, huh? Do yourself one better, and make a reservation at one of these spots. You'll get to witness the magic we speak so highly of! 

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