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From Rooftop Restaurants To Modern-day Brooklyn Diners, Here's Where To Eat In DELHI Right Now

By Anubha Das

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 12 min read

We, as Delhiites probably know exactly where to go when we are craving really good and lip-smacking food. And we can agree to the fact that there is a hub of places in Delhi to get your dose of Chinese, Mughlai, Modern Indian and for that matter any cuisine. If you haven’t visited these best restaurants in Delhi and haven’t tried the food there, then your life is meaningless. When you live for food, you don’t miss out on the best restaurants in Delhi.


Table Of Content

1. Best Romantic Restaurants in Delhi

2. Best North Indian Restaurants In Delhi

3. Best Rooftop Restaurants In Delhi

4. Best Live Music Restaurants In Delhi

5. Best Restaurants In South Delhi



Best Romantic Restaurants In Delhi


One of the most pleasing and top romantic restaurants in Delhi - Indian Accent is built entirely of glass. They have an elegant interior with a classic ambiance and a rich seating. You will absolutely love the decor here, for its so mesmerizing and radiant. The hospitable staff provides a quick service and makes sure that you don't leave disappointed. Couples have always chosen this restaurant to make every date they go to very special. It's one of the most romantic places in Delhi NCR to dine at.



Nothing can beat the surreal ambiance and interior of Jamun, you'll be pleased by their commitment to the food they cater too. In a sea of new places, Jamun has definitely stood out with its original concept and exquisite meals. You'll surely have a pitcher perfect moment here and it's definitely one of those restaurants where you would want to bring your loved one for a dinner. 




The names Lavaash brings to mind the Mediterranean region, the blue and white hues of this restaurant reinforcing the same. The food is Armenian with Bengali influences. The What's Special there includes – The Egg Devil, the Pumpkin Manti, Chicken Kalagyosh, the dark chocolate mousse. The interiors of this place are very charming and their outdoor seating is one of the prettiest. The food is out of this world and the portions are more than enough for two. It's definitely one of the most romantic restaurants in Delhi suitable for an unforgettable date.



A breathtakingly beautiful open-air restaurant, this place is a must-visit for everyone. The ambiance is kept close to nature and the tents in the garden make this restaurant unique. Perfect ambiance with greenery in surroundings. It has both sheltered as well as tables in the open. It also has carts decorated with seating. Perfect lighting with decent interiors. The ambiance here is really very soothing. Served European, Lebanese and Mediterranean Cuisines, it also houses a full bar with a range of cocktails and mocktails available. Must try on their menu are Homemade Fig Ice Cream and Fresh Rosemary & Thyme Quinoa



One of Delhi’s most romantic setups, their ambiance is fabulous and the pleasing music is a cherry on the cake. The seating is surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful flowers. The food tastes scrumptious and is an eye-candy in itself. Since it is a fine dining restaurant, the prices are on the higher side but the time you spend here totally makes up for it. The Paprika Thyme Chicken and the drink hot wired are highly recommended! Some of the best and the most romantic candlelight dinners in Delhi have happened here. Fio can also host really great first dates for you to form a great impression. Fio Country Kitchen is a must go place for the people who not only love to eat good food but want to eat amazing food with the amazing ambiance.



Popular for their lip-smacking Chinese fare, this is the place to go if you wish to slurp up some authentic Asian fare without coughing up a lot of dough. With sufficient variety on the menu and pocket-friendly prices, this joint is great for people with all kinds of preferences. Plus, the prompt services allows a quick fix for hunger pangs. Recommended: Chilli Garlic Noodles, Schezwan Prawns, Khao Suey. I am sure you wouldn’t have a better romantic candlelight dinner than this. It's one of those best restaurants in Delhi which can't miss out on when looking for options to take your bae out.



Best North Indian Restaurants In Delhi



Dhaba - Estd 1986 Delhi is a lavish dhaba with delightful Punjabi ambiance perfectly defining a village dressed in an elite tuxedo having comfortable seating. In addition to offering robust Punjabi food in a heart highway dhaba setting, the owners have actually placed a fully decked up, colorful truck inside, giving the place a unique charm. One of the best North Indian restaurants in Delhi, this place has become a hot spot in no time and once you are there, you’ll be spoilt for choices.



Garam Dharam is amongst the best North Indian restaurants in Delhi and is inspired by veteran Bollywood actor Dharmendra. The ambiance is quirky and the decor is colorful having old school bikes, the truck, wooden interiors, lantern and kettles, graffiti on walls, 'Horn OK' slogan, the dreamgirl banner, his pictures, all have been combined together to make this 'Dhaba Te Theka' called Garam Dharam. One could even hear Dharmendra’s songs in the background which added a touch of romance and reminds of the good old days.



A legendary fine dining restaurant, Bukhara is known for receiving the 'Times Food Award 2015' for Culinary Heritage and has won the 'Restaurant Magazine Award' for the Best 50 hotels in the world 7 times. If you are a fan of North Indian cuisine, you can't miss its 'Dal Bukhara' which is one of its signature dishes and this outlet also a live kitchen. Established in 1977, cutlery is not provided here and one has to eat using their hands.



One of the highest rated North Indian restaurants in Delhi, Band Baaja Baarat is known for their extensive spread of buffets. As the name says, the decor and ambiance of this place are inspired by the 'Big Fat Delhi Weddings' having beautiful flower decorations, colorful curtains and bright, elegant furniture. The hospitality here is at the top and just cannot miss this place if you are a hardcore fan of North Indian food.



Pind Balluchi is a famous chain of outlets which has a strong presence as a brand that does not compromise on quality or taste. They offer not only delicious preparations from the kitchen but also a beautiful village-style ambiance charged by traditional Punjabi enthusiasm and hospitality. The interiors are done taking inspiration from Punjabi style and have colorful furniture. Even the minor details have a desi touch to it. 



Veda is known for its North Indian spreads and luxurious setting. The decor is mesmerizing having dim candlelights, mirrors and comfy seating and leaves you spellbound. On one side you can see tall crystal glasses shining in the light. The interiors are breathtaking and all the credit goes to the man behind it, Rohit Bal. With his imagination so rich, it makes your heart and senses travel to another world.



Best Rooftop Restaurants In Delhi



It is a luxurious fine dining restaurant extremely famous for its delightful cocktails. There is an amazing rooftop area with some stunning views. They also have a nice seating in an open courtyard which is done up pretty well with warm golden lights, which adds the elegant and charming factor to the ambiance. 



The names Lavaash brings to mind the Mediterranean region, the blue and white hues of this restaurant reinforcing the same. The food is Armenian with Bengali influences. The must haves there includes – The Egg Devil, the Pumpkin Manti, Chicken Kalagyosh, the dark chocolate mousse. The interiors of this place are very charming and their outdoor seating is one of the prettiest. The food is out of this world and the portions are more than enough for two.



Whatever may the occasion be, we Indians need no excuses to hold on to our favorite liquor. So this is one such place that lets you enjoy your favorite drinks along with various items to munch along. The menu has a wide range of choices available to enjoy your drinks with. The best ones served here are Spaghetti in Alfredo, Kadhai Paneer, Lamb Chicken Tikka, Paneer and Hummus and to end your meal do try their Gulkand Nitro Ice-cream.



The terrace offers a stellar view of the Jama Masjid, the Gurudwara Sis Ganj, Lal Mandir and of course, the Red Fort. You can lay back and enjoy watching children flying colorful kites or indulging in games of kabootarbaazi. It will transport you to a different plane where the bustle of the city seems far from reality while satiating your palette and taking you to food paradise.  It promises to satiate your palette with Chandni Chowk delicacies and the rich Mughlai cuisine.



Be it the UPSC exams or traditional delicacies, Bihar is always ahead of the curve and The Potbelly Rooftop Cafe is no exception with delicious authentic Bihari Cuisine. It is a great place to hang around with a book in the early evening and is a must-visit for all food experts. The Thalis are the most authentic in the menu. This eatery also is a great way to expand one’s knowledge and experience in Bihari cuisine from Litti Chokha to several other amazing dishes like Tehri and Sarso Machhli.



It's a laid-back nightspot with a compact international menu and lineup of regular music performances. The ambience is mesmerizing, and the crowd is wonderful. It offers delicious Modern Indian and Continental delicacies. The staff and service are top-notch as well, which always makes it welcoming. The party area provides a great option for a memorable evening plan. 



Best Live Music Restaurants In Delhi


With beautiful interiors and a breezy outdoor seating arrangement, this place makes you drool over it. The ambiance here is very lively with live music and cricket screening. You've got to visit this restaurant if Sufi music and Punjabi songs are on your hit list.



With spacious premises divided into a loungea sunlit indoor areaan open terraceand a charming rooftop cafe, this joint is the destination of choice for a variety of needs, ranging from booze-fuelled parties to quiet romantic brunches. The menu offers well-curated choices from Chinese, Continental, and Italian cuisines, amongst others, and also includes an extensive liquor catalog and refreshing Hookah varieties. It's one of the trending restaurants when it comes to attending an amazing live music night.



The favorite destination for touristshard-working professionals, and cosmopolitan residents looking to have a fantastic time. From hand-crafted drinks to savory dishes, flavor always takes center stage at Hard Rock Cafe. It also features an ever-changing collection of music memorabilia from all over the world. Choose from their selection of menu items including handmade entrees infused with local flavorsclassic startersburgers, and saladsWhatever menu item you choose is sure to be legendary.



Located in Hauz Khas Village, a step inside AntiSOCIAL will not only impress you with its live music events, but also the ambiancefood and a range of cocktails. Moreover, the place is known to host a couple of events regularly like book readingsfilm screenings and more.



Known for its unique ambiance and a hell lot of space, this café in Connaught Place has won the hearts of several Delhiites and tourists alike for its amazing live performances of both Bollywood and English numbers as well as for its long list of food and drink options.



With a mesmerizing ambiance fuelled by beautiful wooden furniturehanging light bulbsquirky graffitian amazing outdoor seatingand live musical performances, this cafe is a cute delight in the market. The place is just perfect, be it for a friends' hangout, a romantic date or just a casual outing. 


Best Restaurants In South Delhi



Pa Pa Ya is a Modern Asian Bistro. Perched on the third floor of the gleaming Palladium mall is this dimly lit space enlivened by glowing 3D white hexagons, which keep changing, all thanks to projection mapping. This place is a Disneyland for sushi-lovers. Pa Pa Ya has a massive 16-page menu which also includes Vietnamese and Malaysian food. Our recommendations include superb Crab and Scallop Ravioli and the vegetarian Leek and Water Chestnut dim sums.



We love digging in at Diggin. The ambiance of this place is so inviting. This restaurant is situated right across Gargi College in Anand Lok. Every detail has been taking into account in the interior designing of this place. With red brick wallsswings decorated with flowersaesthetically appealing lampposts, and flower pots. When you step inside, it feels like you have stepped into a different time era. The chicken bruschettazucchini fries and the Diggin special pizza there are must tries.



Worlds collide and time stops in this alfresco Mediterranean restaurant with its beautiful white walls, white pebbled courtyard, a canopy of the Banyan tree and the star-lit tree-top terrace bar. It’s set in the time of the prohibition era when cocktails were served in teacups and the entertainment was live bands, silent cinema, and floor showsThey offer the best martinis in town which are whipped up by the celebrity bartender Zdenek Kastanek along with delicious food and eclectic music in a beautiful setting.



Burma Burma is in fact, one of the few restaurants in Delhi that have brought authentic Burmese cuisine to the limelight. With their fine range of teas like Siphon {exclusive to Burma} and drinks like the Pomegranate & Mandarin SpritzerKaffir Lime Cooler, this restaurant is all set to take over the city.




The ultimate stop for all your Italian food cravings. For every Delhiite, a regular visit to this place is a part of our schedule. Because we know the value of their food. The quality and the taste here has been so consistent over the yearsPenne with vodkacaesar salad and the grilled chicken here are must-haves. The decor of this place is also very contemporary with the walls covered in classic Hollywood movie posters




Q. What are the best budget restaurants in Delhi?

A. Cafe brown sugarchowringee lane, big yellow doorRicos, QD's


Q. What are the best Family restaurants in Delhi?

A. Soda Bottle opener walaTamra, DakshinBarbeque NationSmoke House Deli


Q. What are the best roof-top restaurants in Delhi?

A. 10 Beautiful Rooftop Restaurants In Delhi To Relax On Lovely Winter Evenings


Q. What are the romantic restaurants in Delhi?

A. Top 13 Romantic Restaurants In Delhi/NCR For A Perfect First Date


Q. Where to go to in Delhi for a good fine-dine experience or date?

A. LavaashSky Lounge


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