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Pune's 7 Fav Restaurants That Will Now Deliver To Your House

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Aug. 11, 2020 4 min read

You can mumble it quietly while staring at yourself in the mirror, or shout it from the rooftop of your building, but the key to a successful healthy diet isn't avoiding calories like the plague. As much as you'd want to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to all those random pangs of cravings that strike when you least expect them, iron-clad self-control is hard to come by. So, as someone who has successfully ventured on a new eating challenge every week, and failed spectacularly not more than three days later, I think I've become somewhat enlightened on what actually works. And that is....*drum roll* indulging your cravings every now and then. 


The logic is simple. If you allow your tastebuds to have what they want once a week, it gets easier to do the exact opposite the rest of the 6 days! But getting your hands on a treat that's worth the cheating, has been a tad challenging for Punekars for a while now. However, by the sweetest stroke of luck, a lot of our fav restaurants are now delivering. And since we like to simplify pretty much everything for you, we shall do the same for your cheat-treats. And on that note, here are 7 cherished eateries in Pune city that you can now get the munchies you crave, home-delivered from! 



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Indian? Mexican? Or how about a scrumptious mix of both kinds of flavours? That's kind of what Firangi Bake specialises in, and continues to be adored for! Whenever you find yourself in the mood to take your tastebuds out for a crazy spin, Firangi Bake is the restaurant in Pune you should look up on your phone, without a shadow of a doubt. And now these tasty concoctions will be delivered straight to your door, and heart! 


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One of the most iconic restaurants in Pune city loved by both the younger and older segments of the populace in equal measure, Maratha Samrat is the perfect eatery for those days your balance is running a bit low, but appetite is just as high! Especially if you're on the hunt for a filling meal at a price that's more than reasonable, the Thalis here are absolutely lip-smacking! Trust us, and trust the raving reviews, and get yourself a meal home-delivered from Maratha Samrat. 



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As far as I'm concerned, a good thick chocolate shake is enough to ease most of my worries. If you're a simple woman (or man) like I am, Frozen Bottle is a place we'd highly recommend you get a bottle of liquid deliciousness delivered from. From the classic beverages like Butterscotch and Mango Milkshake, to easy-going desserts like Nutty Choco Jar and Death By Chocolate Ice Cream, Frozen Bottle has all that it takes to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. 


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Every single time anybody asks me what I'd like to order for dinner, the word "Chinese" is bound to pop out of my mouth. Seriously, I have a special place in my heart reserved for Desi Chinese dishes, and it doesn't get better than The Chinese Room in Pune to grab that Indo-Chinese fusion flavour from. Especially now that you don't even need to get up from the couch to get a taste of their mind-blowing preparations! 



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Olympia is another absolutely classic spot in Pune city, that will always serve up the most toothsome tidbits in exchange for a price super-easy on the wallet. The rates are affordable and the taste unparalleled, which is as ideal as it gets for random hunger pangs at ungodly hours. We particularly love their crispy and Kathi rolls, so much so I'm now officially drooling at the thought of someone delivering those to my doorstep. 




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One of the oldest and best restaurants in Pune city, Cafe Goodluck has been trusted for its remarkable quality of dishes, through quite a number of years. It's a famous spot that's wholeheartedly recommended by most residents of the city, and trust us, this reputation is well-deserved. Especially if you want a quick, fuss-free breakfast that you can blindly gobble up, Cafe Goodluck's Keema Pao and Bun Maska will delight you beyond measure. 



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As much as I'd hate to be judgy, I really don't trust people who don't like Biryani. Like come on, it's food for the soul, not just the stomach. If you mirror my sentiments towards this delicious aromatic preparation, you'll fall in love with PK Biryani House at first bite. Their dishes end up making you lick your plate and fingers clean, and now you can do so without any shame, as they'll get you that Biryani while you lounge in your living room! 

If only we could get our favourite dinner by clicking a few buttons, haha! Oh, wait.....


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