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These 6 Jaipur Eateries Will Home-Deliver Your Next Treat

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Aug. 13, 2020 4 min read

You know, it strikes as comical in retrospect, but I think a lot of us severely underestimated this whole Coronavirus thing, when it first started making headlines. In fact, I remember feeling oddly glad and thinking maybe this lockdown could be the long break I knew I desperately needed, but never got around to taking. No commuting to work early in the morning, staying in bed all-day-everyday and eating healthy, homecooked meals instead of ordering the same junk for lunch every afternoon, I'm sorry is this supposed to be difficult? Oh, how incredibly foolish I was. 


But now, it's been 5 months since everything we considered normal came to an abrupt halt. And my sanity has come to officially hang by a very thin, very fragile thread. The ghar ka khana that I was so grateful for, has begun to seem unbelievably boring, and I'd do anything to have a burger for lunch again. But thankfully, I don't exactly need to do anything outrageous, because the option of ordering in every now and then, is finally starting to open up. And because I know how important the possibility of indulging yourself when you want to is, I'd like to share a list of such eateries, for your city. So with that, here's a round-up of 6 eateries in Jaipur that will now home-deliver your cravings! 



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One of the must-visit hangout spots whenever you're in the city, Jaipur Adda is true to both its name and stellar reputation. The place is known for its fabulous food and mocktails, which coupled with the laid-back ambience, make for an assured good time. But there isn't much to complain about even though the ambience might be off-limits for a while, because Jaipur Adda will deliver your favourite picks right to your doorstep! 



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You know those evenings when the mood for something indulgent strikes randomly, but you don't want to spend a fraction of your salary in the process? Yeah, we found the perfect place in Jaipur for just that! All their dishes, and appetising drinks are super affordable, but that's not even the best part! They also happen to be scrumptious enough to gobble up in one straight sitting. So imagine our delight when we found out that these preparations will make their own way to us! 


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On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you miss your most-frequented chai-sutta spot? Well, while we won't be able to transport you back to that place, we can certainly get you something that comes close to those snacks, but with the added perks of hygiene assurance and immense flavours! Tapri Central is even better than what it sounds like, and now with their provision of home-delivery services, there's all the more reason to order from their vast menu! 




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You might not say it out loud to your significant other, but for foodies, their favourite dish will always be their OG bae. And that's exactly what this quaint cafe in Jaipur is about. Offering an assortment of delectable dishes and beverages on their impressively extensive menu, this cafe serves the best munchies in town. For us, the Aglio Olio Pasta will always be a clear winner, coupled with the double-decker sandwich! 


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Now this one is a tad fancier but just as pocket-friendly, and honestly, there's no better combination in the world. On normal occasions (read any other year than 2020) we wouldn't be able to stop raving about the soothing ambience and gorgeous interiors, but since that's going to be a distant possibility, getting their dishes home-delivered is a very close, satisfying second. 




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All we have to say is, don't take the name too literally. Because you no longer need to step out to be able to get your hands and mouth on their luscious meals, and scrummy snacks. Stepout Cafe is one of the most adored eateries in Jaipur city, and let's just say there's a good reason for that. Particularly if you have a knack for experimenting with your choice of dishes, their vast range of cuisines spanning from Mediterranean to Lebanese, is sure to make you salivate! 


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