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Unwind Your Hectic Day At These 20 Best Bars And Pubs In Delhi

By Eashita Gupta

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 15 min read

Delhi is known for serving the best when it comes to food and beverages. Delhi is one of those few cities which caters to all and fulfills everybody's need. But, Delhi's life can also be very hectic with so much traffic and noise. Hanging out with friends and family with some good food and drinks is probably the best stress buster. Delhi is equipped with a large number of bars and pubs and with so many more coming up, it can be really confusing in choosing the best one. If you are searching the top ones in Delhi to party and unwind the day with a drink, then you have come to the right place. Here is the list of 20 best bars and pubs in Delhi where you can chill & relax.bars_pubs_delhi_image


1. Perch Wine & Coffee Bar

A perfect place for wine and coffee experts, Perch Wine & Coffee Bar is evolving within yourself. Having a calm and peaceful ambiance with Victorian style furniture, this outlet gives cozy vibes and is apt to chill. But by night, this place turns into a party hub and is amongst the best bars in the town. The service here is great and caters to your every need.bars_pubs_delhi_perch_image

Highlights: Nightlife, Smoking Area

Cuisine: European

Must-Haves: Coffee Potato Gnocchi, Mushroom Risotto, Sangria, Chocolate Parfait

Cost For Two: INR 2000 (approx.)

Address: 71, 1st Floor, Khan Market (Get Directions)


2. The Irish House

With 2 more outlets in the city, The Irish House serves around 50 varieties of beer and has an equally appetizing menu. It has a well-equipped bar with high-raised chairs, wooden decor and outdoor seating. This is a perfect place to unwind after a hectic day with some good music and food. Being one of the best bars in the city, there is nothing not to be loved here.bars_pubs_delhi_irish_house_image

Highlights: Attentive Service, Happy Hours, Open Air Seating

Cuisine: European, American

Must-Haves: Grilled Chicken, Falafel, Cheese Fondue, LIIT

Cost For Two: INR 1650 (approx.)

Address: Unit 02, Epicuria Food Mall, TDI South Bridge, Nehru Place Metro Station (Get Directions)


3. Mama's Buoi

Mama's Buoi didn't take very long to capture the market as soon as it entered. Being one of the most happening places in the area, it offers an indoor and rooftop seating area, which is always packed with youngsters. The hospitality is another plus and the interiors are having wooden rustic touch which is very pleasing to the eyes. The live music makes your night perfect and serving the best food and booze at reasonable prices, this place had to be on the list of best bars in Delhi.bars_pubs_delhi_mam's_buoi_image

Highlights: Live Music, Nightlife, Pocket-Friendly

Cuisine: North Indian, Continental, Italian

Must-Haves: Butter Chicken Pizza, Sangria, Peri Chicken

Cost For Two: INR 1000 (approx.)

Address: 2624, 3rd Floor, Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar (Get Directions)


4. Odeon Social

Odeon Social is a gem located in the heart of Delhi and is more of a brand name now. It could be an office that lets you party or a party place that lets you work. Surprising! Isn't it? It has a school theme interior with minimal decor which will certainly take you through a nostalgia trip. Social has a huge open & indoor sitting area with varied seating options including a swing seating. This place is a full package in itself and probably the best bar in the town which cannot be missed.bars_pubs_delhi_odeon_social_image

Highlights: Insta Worthy, Multi Cuisine, Live Entertainment

Cuisine: Continental, American, Asian, North Indian

Must-Haves: Fiery Chicken Wings, Cottage Cheese Sizzler Salsa, Moscow Mule

Cost For Two: INR 1350 (approx.)

Address: 23, 1st Floor, Odeon Building, Radial Rd 5, D Block, Connaught Place (Get Directions)


5. Local

Being a new place in the area compared to the others, Local has gained a lot of popularity in a short period of time and is one of the biggest property in CP. This place has wooden interiors with a rustic touch to it and is beautifully decored with quirky lights. The outlet hosts crazy DJ nights on weekends and has a great vibe to it. The whole concept of Local is to bring all the flavors from hidden corners under one roof. This place serves delicious food paired with drinks and will instantly lift your mood.bars_pubs_delhi_local_image

Highlights: Nightlife, Full Bar, Great Management

Cuisine: North Indian, Continental

Must-Haves: Mutton Curry Pav Bhaji, Margherita, Rabri

Cost For Two: INR 1550 (approx.)

Address: 11, KG Marg, Scindia House, Connaught Place (Get Directions)


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6. Lord Of The Drinks Chamber

The west region of Delhi has certainly transformed itself to a party place from once being described as the worst party place. Lord Of The Drinks Chamber is one of the best bars in the area and in Delhi which has a powerful brand name and a menu that impresses all with some of the finest drinks. With a comfortable seating area, it has a rustic indoor and vibrant outdoor area and is one of the top picks of the city's best haunts for drinks. The outlet is power packed with the best of music playing all over which will certainly make you twist your leg.


Highlights: Nightlife, Great Hospitality

Cuisine: European, Chinese, North Indian, Italian

Must-Haves: Peri Peri Chicken Pizza, Keema Pav, Pasta Alfredo, Tiramisu

Cost For Two: INR 2200 (approx.)

Address: A-13, GF, Najafgarh Road, BK Dutt Market, Rajouri Garden (Get Directions)


7. Q'BA

This is not one of those usual bars in the city. Q'BA offers gigantic two-floor seating, both for different moods. The first one is fine-dine, proper cliched restaurant with a gorgeous wooden bar in the center and much quieter than the other one, perfect for a meeting. The second floor is so lit and creatively done, the decor will impress you and is a party place, apt for celebrations with some delicious food and drinks. The hospitality is another plus and it just adds to the beauty of this place.bars_pubs_delhi_qba_image

Highlights: Nightlife, Free Wifi, 

Cuisine: North Indian, Italian, Chinese, Continental, Thai

Must-Haves: Chicken Malai Tikka, Oriental Garlic Fish, 2 Blue Breeze, Negroni

Cost For Two: INR 2700 (approx.)

Address: E-42 & 43, Inner Circle, CP (Get Directions)


8. Duty Free

One of the newbies in the city, Duty Free became popular in a short period of time. The outlet has an indoor seating area which is decorated with dim lights, wooden and rustic furniture and quirky pipes on the ceiling and a small outdoor seating area where one can enjoy some private time amongst all the loud music. The outlet has a stunning well-lit bar which is serving liquor at obligation free costs.bars_pubs_delhi_duty_free_image

Highlights: Live Music, Pocket-Friendly, Smoking Area

Cuisine: Continental, Mexican, North Indian

Must-Haves: Grilled Fish, Peri Peri Chicken Tikka, Tacos

Cost For Two: INR 850 (approx.)

Address: C-10, Upper Ground Floor, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden (Get Directions)


9. Blues

As the name says, Blues draws inspiration for its theme from music with decor reflecting exactly that. There are portraits of all the iconic musicians on the wall and is known for its retro musical ambiance. It is one of the best pubs in the city and serves food and booze at pocket-friendly prices. The outlet is color coordinated with blue covers and crockery and also, the service here is top notch.


Highlights: Live Music, Multi Cuisine, Nightlife

Cuisine: Continental, Mexican, American, Italian, North Indian

Must-Haves: Honey Chilli Potatoes, Beer, Chicken Lasagne

Cost For Two: INR 1950 (approx.)

Address: N 18, Outer Circle, Opposite Kasturba Gandhi Marg, CP (Get Directions)


10. Public Affair

Public Affair excels in every field and serves a great collection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. This place is gonna leave you awestruck with its interiors as soon as you enter. It has a friendly environment, comfortable seating and wooden decor. It hosts a variety of food and drinks events regularly and is also known for its night parties. Come and visit this place with your family and friends, and we assure you, you are not gonna be disappointed.bars_pubs_delhi_public_affair_image

Highlights: Sunday Brunch, Nightlife, Rooftop Ambiance

Cuisine: European

Must-Haves: Long Island Iced Tea, Vegetable Mezze Platter, Chicken Tikka

Cost For Two: INR2150 (approx.)

Address: 67-68, Khan Market (Get Directions)


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11. Ministry Of Beer

A multi-cuisine retro pub, Ministry Of Beer serves an extensive and delectable menu consisting of excellent culinary delights and mouth-watering signature cocktails. Spread across 3 floors with both indoor and outdoor seating area and also a private dining area, each floor carries its own ambiance with it. The design and decor of the space reflect chic elements bursting with a quirky resemblance to artistic perspective at one of the first Craft Beer hub. The pairing of mouthwatering delicacies, thirst quenching beverages and friendly staff projects a unique image from any of the existing restaurants and makes it one of the best bars in Delhi.bars_pubs_delhi_mob_image

Highlights: Vibrant Ambience, Outdoor Seating, Great Hospitality

Cuisine: Continental, Italian, Asian, Indian

Must-Haves: Chips And Dips, Penne Arabiatta, Pizza Mexicana, Nargisi Kebab

Cost For Two: INR 1500 (approx.)

Address: 28, Block A, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, CP (Get Directions)


12. Pebble Street

It is a sports bar that is a complete package of wholesome entertainment, be it live sports screening or live music. Pebble Street is decorated with different flags from various European football clubs like Manchester United and Arsenal. It is an adda especially for football lovers and the moment you enter this place, it makes you feel as if you are in some British football pub. They have period street lamps, iron railings, French lowered windows and cobbled floors creating a vibrant pub feel. A finely crafted bar menu is its another highlight and makes it amongst the list of best pubs in Delhi.bars_pubs_delhi_pebble_street_image

Highlights: Pocket-friendly, Happy Hours, Live Entertainment

Cuisine: Italian, Mexican, Continental, North Indian

Must-Haves: Mayo Pollo, Butter Chicken, Long Island Iced Tea, Chicken Meatballs

Cost For Two: INR 1850 (approx.)

Address: 61-62, N Block, Outer Circle (Get Directions)


13. FIO Country Kitchen and Bar

Situated inside Garden Of 5 Senses, FIO Country Kitchen and Bar has a picturesque ambiance and a very appealing seating arrangement. The outdoor courtyard furniture is done in a classical well-made iron style and the tables are arranged around trees which gives the place a very romantic and cozy feel to it. The indoor area is apt for enjoying a party at night and the outlet is known for its Italian food, beautiful ambiance and amazing varieties of beer.bars_pubs_delhi_fio_image

Highlights: Outdoor Seating, Live Music

Cuisine: European, Italian, North Indian

Must-Haves: Melon Pizza, Minestrone Soup, Chocolate Mudpie

Cost For Two: INR 3250 (approx.)

Address: Gate 1, The Garden of Five Senses, Saiyad Ul Ajaib, Saket (Get Directions)


14. House Of Commons

House Of Commons has established itself as one of the best gastropubs in the area despite heavy competition in the market. This place is a mini England in the heart of Delhi, capturing within itself the fine traditional charm of the English era. This outlet has a cozy, serene and British themed ambiance, accompanied by great food. It will instantly transport you back to the Victorian era of England and have pocket-friendly prices, it is one of the best pubs to hang out with your friends over a couple of drinks, setting the perfect mood.


Highlights: Live Sports Screening, Smoking Area, Nightlife

Cuisine: Continental, Mediterranean, Italian, North Indian

Must-Haves: Sangria, Mutton Roganjosh, Paneer Bhurji, Palak Patta Chaat, Vanilla Shake

Cost For Two: INR 1300 (approx.)

Address: M-39, 2nd Floor, Outer Circle, Connaught Place (Get Directions)


15. Ardor 2.1

Situated in the heart of the city, Ardor 2.1 is spread across 3 floors, a fine-dine on the first and a lounge and bar on the second with a rooftop seating area. It organizes ladies night and food events with VIPs and top chefs coming from the food and booze industry. This outlet is famous for hosting crazy DJ nights and serving booze at pocket-friendly rates, this place is amongst the best bars to relax and enjoy a cold one.bars_pubs_delhi_ardor_image

Highlights: Happy Hours, Rooftop, Nightlife

Cuisine: North Indian, Chinese, Continental, Italian

Must-Haves: Daal Ardor, Chilli Chicken Dry, Jumbo Prawns, Kadhai Murgh

Cost For Two: INR 2100 (approx.)

Address: N 55 to 56 & 88 to 89, Outer Circle, CP (Get Directions)


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16. Tamasha

Having a courtyard seating at the backyard and the groovy chick seating and decor inside, Tamasha is a place that has a magnetic ambiance that defines the class and makes it amongst the list of best bars in Delhi. It is known for revamping their menu from time to time and serving excellence to their guest. Be it the musical live nights, karaoke, screening match or movie fevers, this place has always stood up to the expectations. The seating is informal and has both an indoor and outdoor bar. Having located an Optimus truck outside, this place is a heaven for food and booze lovers.bars_pubs_delhi_tamasha_image

Highlights: Vibrant Ambience, Outdoor Seating, Live Entertainment

Cuisine: North Indian, Continental, Italian

Must-Haves: Chicken Tikka Masala, Mai Thai, Peri Peri Chicken Pizza, Long Island Iced Tea

Cost For Two: INR 1700 (approx.)

Address: 28, Block A, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Connaught Place (Get Directions)


17. Bunta Bar Live

Being amongst the bars in Delhi and an absolute delight, Bunta Bar is a great place to catch up with your friends. The place is very spacious and is a mixture of different styles. Also, the staff is always on their toes to help you and make your experience more memorable. With colorful and quirky interiors, music being the best star, delicious drinks and some amazing food, this place will make sure that you keep coming back to it.bars_pubs_delhi_bunta_bar_image

Highlights: Full Bar, Wifi, Live Sports Screening

Cuisine: North Indian, Chinese

Must-Haves: Jalapeno Croquettes, Peas Vada Pav, Bunta Sangria

Cost For Two: INR 1300 (approx.)

Address: 76, 2nd Floor, Janpath (Get Directions)


18. Out Of The Box

Out Of The Box is one of the top eateries in Khan Market that gives a sense of calm and coziness and probably the oldest and a pioneer to lounge culture in Delhi NCR. This place serves a wide choice of drinks and also has mouth-watering dishes. The hospitality here is a great plus and being mostly packed in the evening, it is advisable to book your table in advance. It is amongst the few bars in the city that is a full package in itself.bars_pubs_delhi_otb_image

Highlights: Relaxed Ambiance, Happy Hours, Live Music

Cuisine: North Indian, Lebanese, Mexican, Asian, Italian, American, European

Must-Haves: Thai Green Curry, Bbq Chicken, Paneer Lababdar

Cost For Two: INR 1600 (approx.)

Address: 5, Khan Market (Get Directions)


19. Cafe 27

Cafe 27 is one of few bars in Delhi, that is a full package in itself. There is something in its environment which won't let you leave this place easily. It is best experienced in the night as it hosts Sufi night every day and the decor and lighting make it even better. Cafe 27 is a lively place and has great hospitality. This place does some fun cocktails with beautiful food and we highly recommend you to visit it with your friends and family.bars_pubs_delhi_cafe_27_image

Highlights: Live Music, Outdoor Seating, Special 99 Menu

Cuisine: North Indian, Chinese, Italian

Must-Haves: Butter Chicken, White Sauce Pasta, Virgin Mojito

Cost For Two: INR 1500 (approx.)

Address: 26, Level 2, Kailash Colony Market, Kailash Colony (Get Directions)


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20. Monkey Bar

Monkey Bar is one of the first gastropubs in Delhi and has a pyramid shape architecture which instantly catches one's attention. The entrance has a pool table and foosball with a funky ambiance which makes it a perfect spot to hang out with your friends over a couple of their special cocktails and beers. It is known for its terrace seating ambiance and a good range of alcohol. Space is very spacious with music not so loud and the staff is extremely courteous. But keep in mind that children below 25 years of age are not allowed after 6 pm.


Highlights: Restricted Entry, Nightlife, Live Entertainment

Cuisine: American, Asian, European, North Indian

Must-Haves: Butterfly Chicken, Goan Chorizo Pav, Beef Burger, Chimichurri Chicken

Cost For Two: INR 1350 (approx.)

Address: Plot 11, Upper Ground Floor, LSC, Pocket C 6 & 7, Vasant Kun (Get Directions)



Q. Which are the top fine-dining restaurants in Delhi?

A. Bukhara - ITC Maurya, The Imperial Spice, Indian Accent


Q. Which places host ladies night?

A. The Junkyard Cafe, Raasta, Maquina


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