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This NYE 2020 Stay In With Your Squad At The Best Airbnb Properties In Mumbai

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Jan. 2, 2020 6 min read

Just because the New Year season has officially began does not mean that your bank account will suddenly have a magical surplus. And celebrating New Year anywhere, let alone in one of the most expensive cities in the country, can be an immensely pricey affair. 


Thankfully, there are alternatives to spending NYE 2020 at unreasonably priced, and restricting parties in fancy clubs! This NYE 2020, choose comfort over clubbing by throwing a house party at these premium Airbnb properties in Mumbai city! 


Peachy Pearl 7 Bedroom Near MIDC

If you are in the mood to treat yourself to world-class luxury on NYE 2020, head to this Airbnb property in Mumbai for a lavish time! This multi-bedroom apartment is immensely roomy as well as fully-functional with all the modern amenities you can possibly need for a memorable stay! The interior design of this property is rustic and luxuriously contemporary in equal measure, and it is nestled in a convenient location a few kilometres away from the airport! 

Image Courtesy - Airbnb


Where: Andheri East, Mumbai 

Cost Per Night: INR 16,777 

Accommodates: 16+ Guests 

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Pool Party Villa 214, Dr Wade

Perfect for a quiet and peaceful time, this lavish villa overlooking a valley, is located some distance away from the hustle-bustle of the main city. It comes with a private pool, deck and a stunning terrace all of which overlook the lush greenery this property is surrounded by! Tucked away from the usual places frequented by tourists, this Airbnb property can double up as the perfect venue for a private and safe NYE 2020 house party. 

Image Courtesy - Airbnb


Where: Sahi Banguda, Mumbai

Cost Per Night: INR 14,680

Accommodates: 16+ Guests  

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The Grand Colossal 6BHK!

A splendid place for all party intents and purposes, this opulent 6 BHK in the locality of Malad, is adorned with a fusion of classic and modern interior style. Fully furnished, and tastefully decorated, this Airbnb property in Mumbai comes with plenty of space to accommodate a large party of several people! The lounge is the deal-maker replete with warm ambient lighting and large windows furnishing you with an enchanting view of the city! 

Image Courtesy - Airbnb


Where: Akurli Nagar, Mumbai 

Cost Per Night: INR 14,534

Accommodates: 15 Guests 

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Sprawling 4BHK Penthouse In Colaba

This expansive, modern penthouse is tucked away in a 100-year-old heritage, furnishing you with the perfect contemporary spin on some old school charm! Nestled in the prime locality of Colaba, this Airbnb property comes with 4 bedrooms, a fully functional kitchen comprising of all modern amenities, a generously spaced lounge area and plenty of storage space all around! The building is completely safe with a security personnel standing guard 24/7, ensuring your safety as you party through NYE 2020! 

Image Courtesy - Airbnb


Where: Colaba, Mumbai

Cost Per Night: INR 20,500 

Accommodates: 10 Guests 

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Grand Lux 2BHK Bandra

Fully furnished contemporary home in a reputable locality, this Airbnb property in Mumbai boasts of a stunning view and free-flowing fresh sea breeze! This ideal house for all kinds of travellers is located in close proximity to the main hubs in the city and is extremely spacious with plenty of room for a large group of many to unwind and party! The kitchen and pantry are fully functional with all modern amenities, and except for being mindful of smoking within the premises, all you need to do is get your bags and move in for the vacation!

Image Courtesy - Airbnb


Where: Bandra, Mumbai 

Cost Per Night: INR 10,494

Accommodates:  16+ Guests 

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Villa 1959

Tucked away in the small East Indian village of Culvem in Gorai, this stunning Airbnb property is located a short walk away from the beach! The magic of this villa is further accentuated by all the quaint elements of nature surrounding it, with a covered high roof that furnishes you with an incredible view of the sea! Every area of the house is furnished with necessary modern amenities, and the expansive space coupled with the unconventional location allows you to party in absolute privacy! 

Image Courtesy - Airbnb


Where: Gorai, Mumbai 

Cost Per Night: INR 10,500

Accommodates: 10 Guests 

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Seafront Haven In Bandra 

When it comes to getting an Airbnb property in a good location in Mumbai, this is as prime as it gets! A sprawling villa with a direct view of the sea, this house is located on the same street as that of Sharukh and Salman Khan! With an overabundance of room within the property and plenty of cutesy details such as a sit-out area for chilling to the sounds of the ocean, this property is also replete with a fully-functional kitchen and a quaint balcony! 

Image Courtesy - Airbnb


Where: Bandra, Mumbai 

Cost Per Night: INR 17,000

Accommodates: 12 Guests 

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The Grand 6 Bedroom Apartment

6 massive bedrooms, expansive living, lounging and dining spaces, and princely windows furnishing you with the best views of the city, what more could you possibly want from your ideal Airbnb property? A splendid space to be shared amongst a large group of friends or family, this house is fully furnished and comes with outstanding staff service at your disposal! The house has the perfect serene ambience for a refreshing vacation or celebration, and boasts of all modern amenities you will require during your stay! 

Image Courtesy - Airbnb


Where: National Park, Mumbai

Cost Per Night: INR 13,000

Accommodates: 16+ Guests 

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Villa Amidst Lush Greenery Sun, Sand "N" Sea

If this NYE 2020, you are looking for that perfect break from the modernity of the city, this stunning bungalow will get you your dose of rejuvenating nature! With a sprawling lawn area brimming with lush greenery and the beach a short, rocky walk away, this Airbnb property in Mumbai city is perfect for a relaxing vacation with your closest buddies! The house is located in close proximity to all the popular eateries and establishments in the surrounding area, and comes with a 24/7 available caretaker! 

Image Courtesy - Airbnb


Where: Madh, Mumbai 

Cost Per Night: INR 10, 033

Accommodates: 14 Guests 

Book Here

So there you have it with this list of the best Airbnb properties in and around Mumbai city! This NYE 2020, let's pledge to choose comfort over norm, low-key over extra, safe over sorry and reasonable over exorbitant! 


Q. Will there be a kitchen at these places? Can I prepare food or make arrangements for the same?

A. Yes, a kitchen is available at most of these Airbnb properties. You can also make your own arrangements, or choose to order in! 


Q. Are these places BYOB friendly and can I play loud music?

A. Yes, these properties are alcohol friendly so you can take your booze along. The permission to play loud music is dependent on the discretion of the host, and it's best to clarify these things before you book the place. 


Q. What about the security at these places? Will it be safe for a group of girls to head out here?

A. Absolutely, these places are serviced by certified hosts and are in a gated complex, which remains closed from inside for the entire duration of your stay with a gatekeeper keeping guard. 


Q.  Will I incur any maintenance charges or electricity bill for the same?

A. No, the final tariff is all-inclusive of these components, however, you will incur additional charges if you cause any damage to the property in any way.   


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