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Did You Know There Is a Popcorn Flavour For Every Movie Genre? Know More Here

By Anubha Das

Updated - July 27, 2021 4 min read

It’s the most addictive of munchies. The well-known pop star. The perfect movie snack. Popcorn is known by many names, but it is unquestionably the finest accompaniment to any activity involving bingeing. Seriously, we should be signing a petition to have a movie marathon with friends and popcorn that isn't salted or buttered.



Because, like each carefully chosen genre for a day/night (+early hours of the morning) viewing, there's a specially flavoured popcorn that matches perfectly with it. Dare we say, it simply enhances and complements the overall experience. So save this blog and stock up on these flavoured gourmet popcorns!


1. A Classic At Its Best


Price @ INR 150


A decent bag of salted caramel popcorn is as trustworthy as a never-fail classic film or television series. You can eat and keep eating a wonderful caramel popcorn like this from 4700BC Popcorn without sliding into a sugar coma (due to the touch of Himalayan salt), just the way you can watch and replay a classic without feeling guilty!

Image Courtesy: Amazon 


Classics that you can watch: Goodfellas, Mad Max, Swades



2. Thrilling Partner


Price @ INR 450


The Crunch Box Dark Chocolate Overload Popcorn will keep your fingers hooked while a fine thriller does the same to your mind. It's so good, you may not want to share. Since a spine-chilling, plot twister is serious enough, we think a dark chocolate flavour will balance the emotions out.


Image Courtesy: Tata Cliq Luxury 


Thrillers that you can watch: Birdbox, Special 26, Run



3. Dramatic Flavour 


Price @ INR 170


The Nutty Tuxedo is my personal favourite and the most dramatic of the bunch. It's the gourmet popcorn we suggest for any drama series or movie. Even better if you enjoy sweetness and layers of texture as much as you enjoy drama. Because a mixture of white, milk, and dark chocolate is drizzled over caramel popcorn and combined with toasted almonds in this variant. It's a very addictive and crispy snack.

Image Courtesy: Amazon 


Dramas that you can watch: Dil Dhadakne Do, Suits



4. Science Fiction Special 


Price @ INR 329


A Star Wars/Star Trek marathon demands only the best, and the best is The Crunch Box's Pizza Krunch Popcorn. As your senses encounter aliens, embark on a space expedition, or enjoy being transferred to another dimension, you can eat pizza guilt-free. We adore how a complicated yet well-known pizza flavour contrasts with the rich and mysterious universe of a science fiction film or series.


Image Courtesy: Amazon 


Science Fiction movies that you can watch: Black Mirror, Extinction, I Am Mother



5. Too Cheesy & Romantic


Price @ INR 127


Is it possible that we've struck the nail on the head with this one? Because nothing beats a tin of the Hawaiian BBQ Cheese Popcorn for cranking up the cheesiness (in a good way) when you're a romantic flick. These delectable snacks have just the right amount of flavour, with enough cheddar cheese to enhance the oxytocin, the love hormone!


Image Courtesy: Amazon 


Romances that you can watch: 13 Going On 30, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Eat Pray Love



6. Magical Flavour


Price @ INR 219


This fruity Magical Candy Popcorn from Popcorn Fusion is meant to be a kid favourite, with a flavour explosion of oranges, pineapples, strawberries, and a rainbow colour scheme with a sprinkling of sprinkles. But we have a feeling you'll be yelling "pass the popcorn" as well! Don't take yourself too seriously when serving or eating this popcorn; simply give in and have fun; it's your opportunity to be a kid again.


Image Courtesy: Amazon 


Children's & Animation movies that you can watch: Kung Fu Panda, How To Train Your Dragon, Shrek



7. Horror-Full


Price @ INR 224


So shut the door, turn off the lights, and grab a tin of Red Velvet & Cream Cheese Popcorn before watching that scary movie or programme you've been putting off. We're sure you'd want to! This popcorn recommendation is primarily based on colour (since red conjures up images of blood and gore). And who doesn't love a vibrant red velvet?


Image Courtesy: Amazon 


Horrors films & shows that you can watch: Orphan, Hush, Gerald's Game, The Cabin In The Woods



So, get ready for your next big binge! 


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