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5 Podcasts More Entertaining Than Netflix & Chill

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - March 27, 2020 3 min read

Even if you've seen everything Netflix has to offer, read every book on your TBR list and been down every YouTube rabbit hole there is, one source of endless entertainment still remains. Podcasts! 


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They're inspiring, informative and above all, dangerously addictive. If you refuse to agree with that sentiment, we think it's probably because you haven't found the right podcast yet. 'Cos a good podcast is a lot like a vacuum cleaner, it just sucks you right in! To help you find one that boggles your mind, and holds your attention captive, here's a list of 5 fascinating podcast recommendations. 


1. The Habitat 

Hosted By Lynn Levy


This riveting podcast takes you through documentations of an experiment by NASA which had six astronaut volunteers living on a simulated Mars (actually inside a dome on a remote island in Hawaii) for a year, between 2015 and 2016. The point of the experiment was to understand how ready we are for a life on the red planet and in the name of the greater good, the volunteer group agreed to an year-long confinement in Mars-like terrain conditions, dissociated from the rest of the world. Well, what the host of this podcast, Lynn Levy does is, chronicle the entire experiment, from the moment the crew stepped inside their new habitat. 


Listen Here 



2. The Last Days Of August

Hosted By Jon Ronson


In 2017, porn star August Ames killed herself in a pubic park. Her unfortunate suicide came in the wake of a slew of the ugliest form of cyberbullying after she tweeted about refusing to sleep with a gay actor. This podcast walks you through this disturbing tragedy with a rational view of the turbulent world of pornography, instead of selling the story as another suspenseful murder mystery. And honestly, with the crazy twists and developments in the true incident, there's no need for additional drama to get you hooked anyway! 


Listen Here


3. The Alarmist 

Hosted By Rebecca Delgado Smith 


For all you history buffs with a love for comedy, this is the perfect podcast and we've found it. The hilarious host discusses the biggest catastrophes in the history of mankind, and what exactly went wrong enough for such a disaster to occur. This podcast is the best way to entertain yourself while also registering a bunch of cool history facts. The narration is clever, quirky and just the right amount of wacky. 


Listen Here


4. Sawbones

Hosted By Dr Sydnee McElroy and Justin McElroy


Word of caution, this is a mind-blowing podcast, but not for the fainthearted. If you've ever been curious about how we tried to fix each other before modern medicine emerged, this podcast will answer all your questions. In each episode, the host husband and wife duo, discuss an archaic medical practice that sounds absolutely bizarre to any 21st-century set of ears but made sense to a lot of folks back then. Dr Sydnee keeps the interesting facts coming, while Justin adds the comic spin. 


Listen Here



5. Coronavirus Global Update 

By BBC World Service 


While all the podcasts in the list so far should be tried because of how interesting they are, this one satisfies the need of the hour, which is to stay armed with the latest information about COVID-19. This podcast will furnish you with a daily round-up of all the latest statistics, updates and medical developments in the Coronavirus global outbreak. One episode every day will ensure you are always up-to-date with the spread of this pandemic. 


Listen Here 

Time to be all ears! 

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