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6 Drool-Worthy Platters Under 500 Bucks You Got To Try In Delhi

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Jan. 9, 2021 4 min read

Living life, platter size! For one, there are plenty of dishes to choose from except the part where you have to "choose" is out of option. Instead, you can gobble-up the entire platter all by yourself or even share it with your buddies... without taking a singular pick. Cool right? I mean, that's the thing with platters. They are full of possibilities and our favourite dishes all at once. A dream come true for every foodie you've crossed paths with. Even me. However, I would've liked the math a bit more if these platters came at a price I could afford to pay. 



Lucky for us, it could all be done right here in Delhi and that too for 500 bucks or less. Oh yes! For that, you need to check out this list of our the most loved cafes and restaurants serving mind-blowing, gigantic platters for less than 500 bucks in D-town. Enjoy!



Image Courtesy: woodboxcafeindia


Herbivorous Platter @ INR 390

Almost all our favourite dishes served in one single platter at a price unbelievable to my eyes, if that's not a gastronomic miracle then I don't know what is. With cosy, wooden interiors, romantic seating and flavourful menu, this place will make you crazy with its nine terrific platter options. My pick, Herbivorous platter. It is brimming with veg dim sums, veg dragon rolls, chilli potatoes, a mini burger, peri-peri mayo fries, grilled veggies and, guess what... cheese garlic bread. Now, that's a meal I can get down for. Not only this cafe is the most affordable place in Delhi but the portions served here is enormous. You can go check this place out with friends or bae and have a great time. 


Image Courtesy: echoesss


Mezze Platter @ INR 289

Echoes is the best place to go to in Delhi. A unique cafe employing deaf and mute people as staff and let me tell you guys... it is the finest spot to visit with friends, family or/and bae. And what's one of the best thing they are serving? Mezze Platter. It is a classic combination of everything Mediterranean we all love. Hummus, pita, falafel, nachos, sauteed veggies, Seekh kebabs and a few fries on the side. Now, that's something. Isn't it? Moreover, the place has soothing ambience, homely vibes and affordable meals I can vouch for myself. Also, if you fall for their presentation, don't tell me I didn't warn you.


Image Courtesy: Trip Advisor


Chinese Chaat @ INR 250

Golden Fiesta is the best family restaurant you can enjoy a drool-worthy meal with your folks. It has all kinds of desi Chinese, North Indian, bakery and more. But the best part, their zestful Chinese platter. It is alive with Manchurian, honey chilli potato, fried rice, noodles, spring rolls, chilli panner/chicken (your veg/non-veg preference) and a lot of good vibes. These people are serving yummy dishes for years now and I must say, they are quite popular with Delhizens. 


Image Courtesy: namastedilli


Cutting Chai Platter @ INR 249

This might be the most peculiar platter you guys must have heard about and I must say, I was surprised myself. Popularly known as Cutting Chai platter is the weird combination of snacks you'd love with your tea. On the table, you are served Tadka Maggi, cigar rolls. Dahi Bhalla, Wai Wai chaat, Shikanji and the showstopper; Kadak Chai. How ecstatic. These are all the things even I didn't know I needed to make my Chai experience a bit more inviting. Furthermore, Namaste Dilli is the perfect spot to chill out with friends. And I'd also like to mention that this little cafe has the best menu of street food in Delhi. Enjoy!



Image Courtesy: Zomato


Vegetarian Platter @ INR 429

Paneer tikkas, veg Seekh kebabs, soya malai Chaap tikkas, mushroom tikkas and Hara Bhara kebabs... all loaded in one single platter. Now that's the treat no vegetarian can deny. It is very affordable for the number and portions of things you'll be served and even though the restaurant in Rajouri Garden might not look as upscale as you're used to, the place compensates everything in taste. So, if you're ever in West Delhi and starving... I think this platter will serve the purpose just right. Bon appetite!



Image Courtesy: magicpin


Chicken Overloaded Platter @ INR 299 

For whoever tells you that North Indian thalis are overrated, I doubt they've had a bite at QD's restaurant. It's no news but QD's is the best place to try out North Indian and Momos in Delhi, and it's always packed with families and friends. Now, there are many to choose from, however, I'd prefer this Chicken Overloaded platter since it's the best deal for a lot less price. In the meal, you'll be bedazzled by a portion of Chicken tikka, butter chicken, dal makhani, Laccha paratha and rice. A typical family dinner combo nobody will ever deny. 


If you've enjoyed this list of best platter under 500 bucks in Delhi, then imagine how much you'll love and savour them in reality. Don't postpone it, go check it out with friends and family, I am sure you'd come back full and satisfied. 


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