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Visit These 10 Best Places in India for a Fairy Tale Christmas Celebration!

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - Dec. 21, 2021 8 min read

🎵Last Christmas, it took... everything I had to stay back home during the holiday season. But that's not going to happen this year. Everything is finally opening up and I can't wait to see it. Adorned Christmas trees, winter wonderland decorations, Christmas crib at Churches, sweet sound of "silent nights" and lots of desserts. 


So, here's your early Christmas present. A list of the best places to celebrate Christmas 2021 in India. You're welcome!


1. Goa

Goa is the heart of celebrations. Especially, when it comes to Christmas


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With its sizeable Roman Catholic population and Portuguese legacy, Goa knows how to celebrate the birth of Jesus with immense zeal, pomp and show. The party capital of India becomes even livelier during the Advent Season and one can actually feel the warmth of Christmas by its beautiful beaches.


Why is Goa the best place to celebrate Christmas in India?

  • The entire city is decorated with poinsettia flowers and lights
  • At midnight, masses sing carols and this goes on till the early hours of the morning
  • The beach shacks and restaurants serve Christmas lunches and dinners and have live bands playing
  • There are all-night-long parties organized on beaches like Anjuna, Mapusa, and Candolim


Also, know about the best shopping markets in Goa to deck up your X-mas celebration.



2. Kerala

Kerala, the "God's Own Country", is also in the spotlight during the Christmas season. 


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Why is Kerala is the best place to celebrate Christmas in India?

  • The streets are decorated and the churches remain open almost all night
  • The restaurants offer heavy discounts on food and drinks
  • There is a local touch to this high spirit festival and it is something that you need to witness rather than be told about. So, adding to the joy, are gorgeous beaches and serene backwaters, where you surely want to spend some time with the gang


While you're in Kerala don't forget to check out these untouched and unexplored places



3. Pondicherry

The French influence in Puducherry has done some good indeed! At least for you and me. If you are seeking a zealous Christmas celebration that is peaceful and mesmerizing, then Puducherry is the place for you. Like Goa, Puducherry also has a decent Roman Catholic population, which means, that this Union Territory has its own way of celebrating this joyful occasion. 


Image Courtesy: shomaa bhyankar


Why is Pondicherry the best place to celebrate Christmas in India?

  • During the Christmas season, Puducherry becomes brighter and you can feel the exuberance in the ambience
  • The church services on Christmas is a sight to behold


If you're ever in Puducherry on Christmas, visit Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges (The Church of Our Lady of Angels), The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Church of the Assumption, The Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, and Church of Our Lady of Good Health. 


And here are some of the best places to visit in Pondicherry.


Planning a road trip?



4. Daman and Diu

Owing to the Portuguese connection, this Union Territory in India also has a charming way of celebrating Christmas. Situated off the coast of Gujarat, the otherwise quiet Daman and Diu becomes lively and bright during the Christmas season. 


Image Courtesy: mingblogging


Why is Daman and Diu the best place to celebrate Christmas in India?

  • Several cultural shows are organized where one can even see Portuguese dance forms like Corrindinho here
  • The vibrant lamps brighten the night sky making these places phenomenal during the festive season
  • One may also like to attend the mass in churches like Saint Paul’s Church, Se Cathedral and Church of Our Lady of Rosary.



5. Shillong

A beautiful Christmas celebration awaits you in the northeastern-most part of India. Since not many people visit Shillong during winter, you have the chance to celebrate a peaceful yet joyous Christmas here. There is a sizable population of Christians in the state, thus Christmas is celebrated here with much zeal and enthusiasm. 


Image Courtesy: Facebook


Why is Shillong the best place to celebrate Christmas in India?

  • The streets, houses, and churches are decorated with shimmering lights
  • People prepare traditional cuisine and spend time singing carols and hymns in the evening
  • Few churches also have local bands playing gospel music



6. Manali

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas in India? Well, Manali is the right destination for you. This popular Himachal destination is perfect for those who want to celebrate Christmas amidst real snow. 


Image Courtesy: indiatoursntravels


Why is Manali the best place to celebrate Christmas in India?

  • Mostly it snows during Christmas time in Manali, which gives the tourist the chance to enjoy skiing and making a snowman or simply throwing a snowball at each other
  • One may also like to live in one of the log huts that definitely enhance the Christmas mood


Pro tip: Make sure you book hotels in advance as many people during December visit Manali.



7. Mumbai

Christmas is celebrated with much vigour and zest in Mumbai. It's a great place to spend your Christmas holidays with friends and family.


Image Courtesy: travelogyindia


Why is Mumbai the best place to celebrate Christmas in India?


Planning a road trip?



8. Bangalore

Christmas is celebrated with exuberance in Bangalore. 


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Why is Bangalore the best place to celebrate Christmas in India?



9. Delhi

The vivacious Delhi gets yet another reason to party in December. 


Image Courtesy: DUbeat


Why is Delhi the best place to celebrate Christmas in India?

  • Delhi enjoys through and through at the adorned shopping malls.
  • Christian localities are bathed in shimmering lights
  • The clubs and lounges throw theme parties
  • The popularity of this festival can also be proven with the large crowd irrespective of religion in the Sacred Heart Church in Connaught Place during the midnight mass. 


Even the chilly weather cannot diminish the charm of Christmas that this city offers. Delhi is certainly one place in India, where the Christmas celebration is worth witnessing.


Planning a road trip?



10. Kolkata

The "City of Joy" becomes even more joyful and lively around Christmas. Although Christmas is not one of the major celebrations in Kolkata, the city has some affection attached to it. 


Image Courtesy: hindustantimes


Why is Kolkata the best place to celebrate Christmas in India?

  • The aroma of fruit cake and pastries fill the air and markets become crowded
  • Park Street is one place that makes the festive mood go extravagant
  • You may find that apart from Christians, people from other communities offer prayers and sing carols in the midnight mass in the churches
  • During the festive season, heavy discounts on items in the market can be seen, which keeps the bazaars in Kolkata quite busy
  • The light and sound exhibition, rock music, shimmering lights, and delectable food makes the ambience in the city merrier!


If you're planning a trip in December then do check out our super exhaustive guide to the best places to visit in India in Winter.



So this year, take our advice and celebrate Christmas at the best places in India. It's a good thing you have this list.



Q. Where Not to Celebrate Christmas in India?

A. Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Orissa


Q. What is the literal meaning behind "Merry Christmas"?

A. Merry means cheerful. Christmas' original word and spelling - Cristesmasse - literally means "Christ's Mass."  'Christ' referring to Jesus Christ, and 'Mass' meaning ... well, 'mass.'  As in the source or central act of worship in Christian life. Merry Christmas is wishing the recipient of the sentiment a joyful celebration of the Mass of Christ.


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