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Deck Up Your NYE Celebrations At These Super Luxurious House Party Airbnbs In Delhi-NCR

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Dec. 31, 2019 7 min read

Planning a New Year's Eve 2020 party in Delhi can prick a huge hole in your pockets. And taking your friends out to expensive clubs and restaurants is only so much fun soon after midnight when these places shut down. 


Image Courtesy: Vita Perfetta


But a house party comes across as the perfect solution for partying endlessly till the next morning and even better when you have the entire place to yourself. So let's talk about those perfect house party Airbnb venues across Delhi NCR, that are both lavish and fun to be at, both at the same once.



Sim Bliss Farm 

One of the most sought after party places in the entire Delhi NCR region, the Simbliss, marks its blissful presence with a serene yet eclectic setup for your NYE 2020 party. Come here with your peeps, bring over essential supplies for fun and you're sorted for the night at a venue you wouldn't refrain coming back to every year. The only thing that can go wrong, is you not getting a chance to book this property on time, for the rest of it, is simply a heaven for parties and celebrations.  


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Location: Manesar Gurgaon (Get Directions)

Price Per Night: 23K For 16+ Guests

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Another hidden gem among the party places in Delhi NCR the Pulkavali is one place that makes you realise the true meaning of being alive and happy. The ambience, the verdancy when clubbed with modern amenities and luxuries that make for a perfect haven for all your party needs, would definitely call upon all your senses for a treat. Come here with your friends or with the special one for a true getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, every kind of guests feel the same tranquillity when at the Pulkavali. Making it a perfect spot for your new year 2020 celebrations. Just remember to make reservations before the availability ends.   


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Location: Village Bhaliawas, Gurgaon (Get Directions

Price Per Night: 12.5 K Per For 16+ Guests

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Baweja Farms

Think of a place that's vacation-worthy, pristinely soothing and perfect for an NYE party at the same once, and the name to emerge from your imagination is surely going to be the Baweja Farms. At first sight, you'll think of this to be a chic club in the middle of nowhere, and which it can be, exclusively to you, but to make the most of this property, come here a day or two before the New Year's Eve and spend some time relaxing and lounging before you step into the next year with bang of a party. The property staff can arrange for music and can cater to other requests on a chargeable basis as well. So if you happen to be one of those who like it all served to them on a platter, this one's the perfect destination for your NYE party. 


Image Courtesy: Vista Rooms


Location: Manesar Gurgaon (Get Directions)

Price Per Night: 23K Per Night

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Best Outdoor Farm Stay

A perfect party spot right in your neighbourhood, this property steals away the charm with its chic decor, multiple party areas, a swimming pool and an indoor bonfire space, which is sheer bliss in Delhi winters. We doubt that you can even think of any other place that is a better party destination than this. Need more reasons to come here? It's adorned with POP art that brings it to some serious attention among the young party-goers of the city. So if you're looking for a perfect place for your NYE 2020 Party, then this can be your perfect choice. 


Image Courtesy: Airbnb


Location: Chattarpur, Near Metro Station

Price Per Night: 16K Per Night

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Weekend Villa 

The Weekend Villa is elite and snuggish, both at the same once. Undeniably the most reviewed property on Airbnb, this one is for those who like their New Year Parties to be all things classy, fun, awe-inspiring and completely unique. Come here for a sense of seclusion from your routine and spend a pulsating night amidst luxury and extravagance of fun. Done relaxing? Hop on a bike and explore the natural beauty speckled around! When the evening settles in, get ready for an ambience for parties you won't come across that easily. What else is needed now? Apart from booking this place for your gang and some party flavours, I say nothing at all!


Image Courtesy: Airbnb


Location: Tauru, Manesar, Gurgaon (Get Directions)

Price Per Night: 16K per Night 8 guests

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The Mediterranean Farmhouse 71864 Air BnB

For those who like to keep things modern yet close to nature, this Mediterranean concept villa would surely make you travel back in time. This studio concept villa is just the perfect destination for the socially eclectic souls among. A grand home for grand celebrations, the 3BHK Luxury Farmville is definitely a winner when it comes to hosting NYE party or gatherings that are fun and all things comfortable. 


Image Courtesy: Airbnb


Location: Chattarpur, New Delhi ( Exact Location Available Post Booking) 

Price Per Night: 10.5 K Per Night for 9 guests

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Armariah Grandeur Villa 

A rather new entry in the race of great house party venues in Delhi ncr, the Armariah Grandeur Villa is an indoor-party-heaven to say the least. A melting pot of many luxuries of life, this place goes an extra mile in making your party more than just amazing and worthy. The best part, it comes with a really affordable price tag of a tariff for the entire villa. Make reservations now if you want to experience a luxurious party to the end of this year and into a new beginning of life. 


Image Courtesy: Airbnb


Location: Gurgaon (Exact Location Available Post Booking)

Price Per Night: 2.9K Per Night for 12 guests

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Evergreen Woods

Hands down, this is one of "the most beautiful Airbnb properties ever"! Enveloped idyllically among the Aravallis and sitting pretty amidst orchids and organic farmlands, the Evergreen Woods personifies the meaning of partying in the lap of nature. Its huge lawns and living spaces are just perfect for NYE parties. If I were you, I would run to make a reservation for this property for the New Year's eve. This party package comes with a huge pool, 6 king-sized bedrooms, a helping staff and all sorts of modern luxuries and amenities. Come here for a longer stay or just party hard for a night, you won't leave disappointed. 


Image Courtesy: Airbnb


Location: Sohna, Gurgaon (Get Directions)

Price Per Night: 13K Per Night for 14 guests

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So make your NYE 2020 celebrations shout out loud the right notes of fun and feasts of life. Make reservations at one of these Airbnb properties and spend the new year's eve partying till the morning. 





Q. Many of these places are in secluded locations, will I be able to order online food from here?

A. At places which are well within the city limits, you would be able to order food online, but it is advisable that you carry enough food supplies and eatables to last through your stay along. 


Q. Will there be a kitchen at these places? Can I prepare food or make arrangements for the same?

A. Yes, a kitchen is available at more about every one of these places. And you can make arrangements or prepare food on youw own as well. 


Q. Are these places BYOB friendly and can I play loud music?

A. Yes, these places are party-specific venues and hence you can take your booze along. Also, playing loud music is subject to the terms & conditions applied to the specific property. However, most of these would allow music and partying till late hours and further more. 


Q. What about the security at these places? Will it be safe for a group of girls to head out here?

A. Absolutely, these places are serviced by certified hosts and are in a gated complex, which remains closed from inside for the entire duration of your stay with a gatekeeper keeping guard. 


Q. Are there any restrictions to these properties?

A. In terms of accessibility, there won't be any restrictions for the entire property. However, there can be legal and other ethical restrictions implied on the usage of narcotic substances and lewd behaviour with the staff.


Q.  Will I incur any maintenance charges or electricity bill for the same?

A. No, the final tariff is all-inclusive of these components, however, you will incur additional charges if you cause any damage to the property in any way.   


Q. Will there be a cook & service boy available?

A. Again, it can be requested for from the host or property owners, but the same would be charged for apart from your standard tariff. 

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