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Party In The Lap Of Luxury And Exclusivity - Make This NYE A Worthy Experience At The Beat Airbnbs In Pune

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Jan. 2, 2020 6 min read

New Year's Eve celebrations are so much fun to attend, but equally expensive when at pubs, clubs and other venues as such. Instead and if you have a gang of friends or family to head out with, there are these amazingly beautiful Airbnb properties all over Pune, that are luxurious and fun worthy, both at the same once. So don't just head out and splurge, but do it right at one of these best Airbnbs in Pune for a perfect NYE house party. 


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Exotica By Redstone Villas

A modern abode for fun and a peaceful getaway under the same roof, the Exotica amplifies comfort and extravagant luxury for those looking for a completely unique and worthy stay experience in Pune. A perfect setting for your NYE celebrations, the Exotica By Redstone Villas is one of those places that make you revel in self-love.   


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Location: Mulshi, Pune

Price Per Night: 18.5K For 16+ Guests

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A rural appearance cloaking away modern amenities and boundless luxuries of life, the Thakurvadi is surely the one and only place for those looking for quirked-up NYE celebrations in Pune. Invite your friends for an NYE party that's all things unique and fun worthy, and make your NYE a conversation starter this once.  


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Location: Kudje, Pune

Price Per Night: 10.5K for 16+ Guests

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Spanish Villa 

Its traditional decor will leave you speechless and awestruck! Simply a relief for the sore eyes is only close to a description for the same. The interiors define a lavish sense of lifestyle completely and make it a perfect spot for your NYE 2020 celebrations. Come here with your friends or family, you won't leave disappointed.  


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Location: Keshav Nagar, Pune

Price Per Night: 12.5K (approx) for 16+ guests

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Jal By The Bay

An explosion of colours and beautiful sights is what embraces you with the first step into this property. Contrasting shades of blue, white and nature's beautiful presence, the Jal By The Bay is surely going to leave your senses mesmerized! On New Year's Eve 2020, the place would make for an idyllic setting for celebrations.  


Image Courtesy: Airbnb


Location: Kamshet, Maval, Pune

Price Per Night: 25.5K for 16+ guests

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Mountain View 4BHK Villa With Private Pool

Sitting pretty in the beautiful embrace of nature, the Mountain View 4BHK Villa is for those who need it all on the same plate. The sunset over here would definitely steal your heart away, and one can only imagine the starlit sky that makes for a perfect backdrop to your NYE soirees. Get a bottle of wine and a glass handy and your journey to the next year will be the most beautiful ever.  


Image Courtesy: Airbnb


Location: Mulshi, Pune

Price Per Night: 30.5K for 16+ guests

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Princess 3BR Infinity Villa 

With hidden trails and an infinity pool overlooking a lake, you can only think of anything better, but you won't find any! Sprawling meadows and verdant expanses envelop the property and make it one of the most instagrammable Airbnbs ever. Spending your New Year's Eve at such a beautiful place is sure to make for a cherished experience and many more beautiful memories.    


Image Courtesy: Airbnb


Location: Maval, Lonavala

Price Per Night: 37K for 16+ guests

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Bliss By Redstone Villas

With panoramic glass walls, a private swimming pool, a home theatre, a manicured garden space and chic architecture, this one's definitely a party lover's paradise. Coming here would make you feel like you're in the lap of luxury and yet so close to nature. Just don't forget to invite all your party head peeps along and bring all them fun-essentials to make your NYE a night to remember. 


Image Courtesy: Red Villas Airbnb


Location: Mulshi, Pune

Price Per Night: 31K for 16+ guests

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Teak Trail

Just perfect for those barbeques and bonfires that are synonymous to NYE celebrations, the Teak Trail will make you fall in love with its beautiful presence. Surrounded by teak forest and stealing glances from the beautiful mountains along, this property will surely make your NYE stand out from the rest. 


Image Courtesy: Airbnb


Location: Bhagatwadi, Pune

Price Per Night: 19.8K (approx) for 16+ guests 

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Olympus 4BR

A great option for those looking forward to some quality time with family and friends on New Year, the Olympus 4BR has a lush green garden a fun swimming pool, a huge living space and a number of board games to keep all of your group members entertained. Known for the hospitality, the place comes equipped with a helping staff as well to make sure that your NYE party goes well without any issues. 


Image Courtesy: Airbnb


Location: Lavasa, Pune

Price Per Night: 40.5K for 16+ guests

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4BHK Villa Kornet

With cobblestoned walls and amazingly beautiful interiors, the 4BHK Villa Kornet is one of those places that iconify celebrations to be better and worthier. This New Year's Eve, just make plans and book this Lavish Villa for your celebrations and make sure that yours is a party that people would talk about for the entire next year.  


Image Courtesy: Airbnb


Location: Koregaon, Pune 

Price Per Night: 21.6K for 16+ Guest

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New Year's Eve or any other reason to party, you can rely on these properties blindfolded. When in doubt, just customize your celebrations at one of these places that provide luxury, seclusion and exclusivity for you and your friends all on the same once. 




Q. Many of these places are in secluded locations, will I be able to order online food from here?

A. At places which are well within the city limits, you would be able to order food online, but it is advisable that you carry enough food supplies and eatables to last through your stay along. 


Q. Will there be a kitchen at these places? Can I prepare food or make arrangements for the same?

A. Yes, a kitchen is available at more about every one of these places. And you can make arrangements or prepare food on your own as well. 


Q. Are these places BYOB friendly and can I play loud music?

A. Yes, these places are party-specific venues and hence you can take your booze along. Also, playing loud music is subject to the terms & conditions applied to the specific property. However, most of these would allow music and partying till late hours and further more. 


Q. What about the security at these places? Will it be safe for a group of girls to head out here?

A. Absolutely, these places are serviced by certified hosts and are in a gated complex, which remains closed from inside for the entire duration of your stay with a gatekeeper keeping guard. 


Q. Are there any restrictions to these properties?

A. In terms of accessibility, there won't be any restrictions for the entire property. However, there can be legal and other ethical restrictions implied on the usage of narcotic substances and lewd behaviour with the staff.


Q.  Will I incur any maintenance charges or electricity bill for the same?

A. No, the final tariff is all-inclusive of these components, however, you will incur additional charges if you cause any damage to the property in any way.   


Q. Will there be a cook & service boy available?

A. Again, it can be requested for from the host or property owners, but the same would be charged for apart from your standard tariff. 

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