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Shoutout To Party Crazy Souls Struggling For A Decent Venue - The Best Places For House Parties In Delhi NCR

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Dec. 30, 2019 11 min read

Looking for a decent place for house parties in Delhi NCR? Do you end up resorting to a pub or a bar, where the party ends before it practically gets started? Have your friends been always cribbing about the lack of privacy when you head out? Well, even if you find something worthy and exclusive, it's still going to cost you a fortune if you have a bunch of party animals among. 


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Well, this is where your search ends! Presenting a list of the best house party venues across Delhi NCR! From the prettiest setting to the widest range of amenities available for your house party, if you were looking for a perfect place for your house party, then this is your final destination


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So today, let's walk you through some of the worthiest places for a house party in Delhi NCR, which would not prick a hole in your pockets and from where you won't have to leave before you really want to (literally, the party ends when you want it to) and the entire setup is exclusive to you, just for you and your pals! What's better? Nada!


1. Baweja Farms Manesar

Undoubtedly the best entry in this list, the Baweja Farms is simply perfect for a house party you've been longing for. Located in Manesar, Gurgaon, it isn't that far away to call it an outstation journey and is still secluded enough for you to slip away from the bustles of city life. What's more? It has a pool, a gazebo, brick wall rooms (those instagram posts coming up in your mind?), a bar for the true connoisseurs of life, a courtyard for those who like it loud in the open and enough parking space for all your friends' cars.  


Image Courtesy: Vista Rooms

Price Per Night: 23K Per Night (16+ Guests)

Location: Manesar Gurgaon

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2. Chrming Villa In Sainik Farms

Fully suited for a full-fledged cocktail/house party, this one comes equipped with a king-sized common area, a lawn and much more for those who wish to dance and grove their way through the night. All you need to do is share the requirements and the number of guests you're expecting with the property owners and all your needs are taken care of by them. From food to drinks and the activities you need to have in your party, they take care of all your special requests properly.


Image Courtesy: Airbnb

Price Per Night: 10K Per Night (16+ guests)

Location: Sainik Farms, New Delhi

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3. House 1007 GN

This one's for the true party animals in the house! With a lush green terrace and no restrictions on loud music or loud fun, there's no stop to your overnight madness at the House 1007 Gn. Located on the Golf Course Road, getting here is so easy but getting away is something you wouldn't want to do. 


Image Courtesy: Sloshout

Price Per Night: On Request (Guest List Can Vary)

Location: Golf Course Road Gurgaon

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4. Pulkavali

One of the most beautifully built farmhouses in the vicinity of Delhi NCR, the Pulkavali is for those who like it all guns blazing when it comes to having fun. Its sheer size expanse makes it perfect for those long-awaited reunions and wedding cocktail parties with your cousins and friends. And just about everything here complements each other so well that you would definitely admire the efforts put behind its decor and maintenance. It comes equipped with a pool and a poker table, a swimming pool, a lush green verdant space and chic decor that would make you a fan forever.  


Image Courtesy:

Price Per Night: 14K Per Night (16+ Guests)

Location: Near Sec 56 Gurgaon

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5. Sim Bliss Farmhouse

There's nothing better than the Sim Bliss Farmhouse for those who like it quiet and peaceful, this place would inspire you towards the wellness of nature with its well-manicured garden, a beautifully carved pool that kind of merges in the entire setting and which makes the overall ambience of this property to be more serene and subtle than loud. Come here to spend a night full of rejuvenation and tranquil your senses with the beauty speckled around.


Image Courtesy:

Price Per Night: 23K (16+Guests)

Location: Gurgaon

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6. 4 Bedroom Farmhouse With A Serene View 71368 AirBnB

A perfect getaway from your busy, fast, mundane city life, this property is definitely the perfect leap into the laps of nature. With an immaculately crafted outdoor area, a perfect bungalow to house the huge group of friends, your stay at this property would surely make for those long-held memories that you cherish forever. Come here, spend a winter afternoon basking in the sun, noshing in some home-cooked fries and fritters, while sipping on to some icy cold beer and cocktails till late in the night. Life seems so good at one of such places I must tell you.      


Image Courtesy: Airbnb

Price Per Night: 7500 Per Night (11 Guests)

Location: Aravali Gurgaon

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7.Villa Hostie - House Of Joy

This one's to be kept a secret among. Yeah, it's that amazing! Talk of location, the space, the area, the amenities, the decor and what not can you think of, this place aces the races among many. A little expensive for a smaller group, but definitely a perfect setting for a huge bunch, this one is an all things inclusive destination for your dream house party


Image Courtesy:

Price Per Night: 23K Per Night (16+ Guests)

Location: Sec 56 Gurgaon

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8. Talwar Farm House Manesar

Situated minutes outside your busy schedule, this one's a huge property cloaked in nature's best. Coupled with luxurious amenities like a pool, on request barbeque and fresh air that's oh-so-hard to come by in Delhi, the Talwar Farm House is all things exclusive for if you're planning a great house party with your friends.  


Image Courtesy:

Price Per Night: 11.5 K Per Night (11 Guests)

Location: Manesar, Gurgaon

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9. The Mediterranean Farmhouse 71864 Air BnB

This beautiful property would surely make you travel back in time. Aesthetically, it seems like a time capsule of luxury from the past. But the entire vintage look and feel cannot be mistaken for the amenities it boasts to the guests. For if you're looking for a chic yet classical set up for your house party, then this can be you one stop destination. While the old world charm adds to the beauty of this property, the swimming pool, the lush green lawn and the gymnasium make you delve in the laps of luxury. So come here and experience the best of life's gifts and privacy at its best.  


Image Courtesy: Airbnb

Price Per Night: 10.5 K Per Night (9 Guests)

Location: Chattarpur, New Delhi

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10. Chic 5 Bedroom Home 73084 Air BnB

Colonialist architecture and pepped up luxury define this property the best. If you're looking for some great additions to your Instagram profile, this is surely the perfect backdrop ever. And pour in some party madness in the mix, for sure you're going to be a star among your friends after having a soiree in here. This one hides away in plain sight but is one of the best-located farmhouses in Delhi that you can rent for a party with your friends.    


Image Courtesy: Airbnb

Price Per Night: 10K Per Night (10 Guests)

Location: Mehrauli, Near Qutub Minar, New Delhi

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11. Green Farmhouse Stay In Vasant Kunj Air BnB

A compact yet complete package of greenery and luxury, this Farmhouse stay in Vasant Kunj is one of those places that remind you of an innate connection we have with nature. And the best part, this comes with an in house pizzeria for those munchies you get while you're on the groove. So come here with your friends and bevvy, and you're in for a great time this night.   


Image Courtesy: Airbnb 

Price Per Night: 10.5K Per Night (6 Guests)

Location: Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

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12. Villa Serenity Chattarpur

This comes with a butler, meal service and everything you need to make your house party more amazing than what it can be any other way! With decor that combines contemporary style and old school elegance with tribal tints, you are sure to fall in love with this place on the first sight. Imagine, partying through the night with your best of pals over here. I doubt you'll find anything better.


Image Courtesy:

Price Per Night: On Request (Min 10 People)

Location: Chattarpur, New Delhi

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13. Dhingra Farms Dwarka Delhi

Sitting pretty in the outskirts of Delhi is this beautiful property called the Dhingra Farms. Touted to be the best option for house parties in terms of accessibility and amenities, this Dwarka based farmhouse comes with a beautifully landscaped lawn, a huge living space and you can go on with the party as much as you can without an iota of worry about the world outside. The visual aesthetics of this place would make you come back here every single once you think of spending some great time with your pals. 


Image Courtesy: Airbnb

Price Per Night: 15K Per Night (16+ Guests)

Location: Dwarka, New Delhi

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14. Spring Farms Noida

An idyllic setting for those looking for a peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, the Spring Farm, Noida, is one of the best places to have a great party with your friends in the entire NCR region. Known to have hosted a number of pre-wedding bachelorettes and cocktail parties, this property is surely your pick if you're looking for something new, unexplored yet accommodating and comfortable


Image Courtesy: Venue Monk

Price Per Night: On Request (Per Person Packages Available) (Max 100 guests)

Location: Sec 132, Noida

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15. The Lotus - Luxury 3 Bedroom Apartment By Airbnb

Situated in one of the poshest localities of Delhi, the Lotus is one of the best apartments in Delhi you can rent for your house party needs. You get the entire flat, including 3 cosy bedrooms, huge living space and a great terrace garden for if you wish to raise the party to another level, quite literally. The decor and the highly maintained space is something that would bring a smile on your face. As homely as it can get, this one's right out of a rulebook for house parties and for those who wish it to be more traditional than lavish and extravagant.


Image Courtesy: Airbnb

Price Per Night: 5K Per Night (8 Guests)

Location: Sarvpriya Vihar, South Delhi

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Home is where the party is, and these places make for a reason enough to head out with your friends and spend a night partying away to glory of fun. So the next once a party's on your mind, don't make your house a disaster waiting for you, but head to one of these venues where all you need to do is party hard and leave the rest onto them. 



Q. Many of these places are in secluded locations, will I be able to order online food from here?

A. At places which are well within the city limits, you would be able to order food online, but it is advisable that you carry enough food supplies and eatables to last through your stay along. 


Q. Will there be a kitchen at these places? Can I prepare food or make arrangements for the same?

A. Yes, a kitchen is available at more about every one of these places. And you can make arrangements or prepare food on youw own as well. 


Q. Are these places BYOB friendly and can I play loud music?

A. Yes, these places are party-specific venues and hence you can take your booze along. Also, playing loud music is subject to the terms & conditions applied to the specific property. However, most of these would allow music and partying till late hours and further more. 


Q. What about the security at these places? Will it be safe for a group of girls to head out here?

A. Absolutely, these places are serviced by certified hosts and are in a gated complex, which remains closed from inside for the entire duration of your stay with a gatekeeper keeping guard. 


Q. Are there any restrictions to these properties?

A. In terms of accessibility, there won't be any restrictions for the entire property. However, there can be legal and other ethical restrictions implied on the usage of narcotic substances and lewd behaviour with the staff.


Q.  Will I incur any maintenance charges or electricity bill for the same?

A. No, the final tariff is all-inclusive of these components, however, you will incur additional charges if you cause any damage to the property in any way.   


Q. Will there be a cook & service boy available?

A. Again, it can be requested for from the host or property owners, but the same would be charged for apart from your standard tariff. 

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