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10 Mouthwatering Pizzas In Mumbai You Shouldn't Miss!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Sept. 14, 2022 6 min read

Here's a life pro tip by yours truly. If you ever find yourself awkwardly fiddling with your hands in a room full of people you don't closely know, just shout out the following sentence and you'll be socialising soon enough - "does anybody want a pizza?" This works as a fantastic icebreaker owing to the simple fact that pizza is popularly loved and cherished by practically everybody. It's also a go-to meal option for group lunches or hangout sessions at home, because again, the chances of someone saying "no, I don't eat pizza" are remarkably low! 


So, what is it about this yummy disc that appeals to one and all? It could be the gooey strings of cheese laden on top, or the assortment of toppings scattered around, or even the lip-smacking taste of the Marinara sauce, but suffice it to say, every pizza has something in store for all kinds of tastebuds. But has the lockdown been putting a damper on all your pizza plans? No more, because your pizza will make its way to you! How? Well, if you're in the city, you can order from these top 10 pizza places in Mumbai and enjoy your scrumptious snack curled up on your couch! 


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If you ever find yourself in an indulgent mood for luxurious Italian cuisine, Terttulia is the spot in town you should make a beeline for. Hands down, this place serves up some of the best pizzas in Mumbai city, brimming with the kind of taste that makes you lick your fingers long after you've finished your meal. Their menu is impressively vast, with a host of delectable Continental and Italian preparations. But if you asked us, we can never stop drooling over their mindblowing Chorizo and Jalapeno Pizza with Scamorza!


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You simply can’t say no to Joey’s Pizza if you are in Mumbai. Always bustling with the right crowd, positive vibes & perfect food, it’s as good as it gets. What’s amazing is that you can satiate all your cheesy pizza cravings without breaking your bank. For the non-meat eaters, they have a fantastic range of vegetarian pizzas with soft, chewy paneer and assorted Indian recipes blended with the perfect Italian touch. Their entire menu boasts of delicious, juicy pizzas, the quality of which is hard to come by in other similar restaurants!


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Pizza By The Bay is a fantastic pizza outlet in Mumbai, where you can enjoy decadent Italian flavours while gazing at the Arabian Sea stretching outside. But since a visit to the restaurant might have to wait awhile, the next best thing would be to gorge on their heavenly pizzas from the comfort of your home. Pizza By The Bay is one of the oldest and most popular pizza outlets in Mumbai, and the raving reviews will give you an idea why. The taste, quality and texture of their pizzas remain unparalleled, no matter when you choose to order! 


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One simply doesn’t compile a list of the best pizzas in Mumbai, without mentioning the crowd-favourite Jamjar Diner. Well known for its awesome pizzas, chill ambience, and super affordable rates, Andheri’s own Jamjar Diner is one place that no pizza lover should ever skip on. Whether out for a date or just out with friends for a group meet, their menu has something in store for every kind of tastebud. The food is top-notch, and every bite of their dishes feels like complete value for money. 


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Gustoso is the new, rebranded face of Metro Pizza but still hasn’t let go of its old-world charm. It’s definitely among the best places for pizza in Mumbai so if you feel like binging on some creamy, cheesy bites loaded with an assortment of savoury toppings, Gustoso is the place for you. What’s remarkable about Gustoso is the “40-inch long pizza” that has become their signature meal, drawing in heaps of orders from customers ready to take on the challenge! Now, that sounds like Pizza paradise, doesn't it? 


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Regardless of the outlet you choose to order from, 1441 Pizzeria is one of those restaurants in Mumbai that will never leave you disappointed. They offer freshly made woodfire pizzas, packed with the taste of crunchy scrumptious toppings and a heavenly hint of smokiness. But if you're a lover of the deep dish or thin crust variety, there's plenty of appetising options on their menu to keep you hooked and wanting more! 


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A haven for pizza paramours, Ray’s Café & Pizzeria has an exquisite range of pizzas and numerous other Italian delicacies. The desserts are just as drool-worthy so if you are in the mood for a full meal and the calorie therapy, rush to Ray’s right away and savor every delightful and sinful, cheesy and creamy pizza listed on the menu. Ray’s appeared on the best pizzas in Mumbai list time and again and given its brilliant pizzas, seems like it’s never getting off the list.  


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With outlets spread across the length and breadth of the city, Tossin Pizza has quickly become synonymous with getting your pizza cravings met in Mumbai, even at odd hours. Every dish that you pick from their menu is well worth the money you pay in exchange, and the wonderful presentation of the food makes it highly Instagram worthy. We'd strongly suggest you take a gander at their Pomodoro Pizza, and for the non-vegetarians, their Brooklyn Dreams Pizza is beyond droolworthy. 


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One of the best pizza restaurants in Mumbai as well as the whole of India, Jamie's Pizzeria offers decadent dishes marked by renowned chef Jamie Oliver's unique magic. If you're a fan of authentic flavours when gorging on a cuisine, Jamie's Pizzeria is the closest you will get to the true Italian pizza experience in Mumbai. All the dishes are prepared with garden-fresh ingredients, and the toppings on your pizza are no exception. The classic Pepperoni Pizza takes the cake for being our favourite dish at Jamie's! 



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Francesco's Pizzeria has quickly established a stellar reputation as one of the most sought after pizza delivery spots in Mumbai. And one taste of any of their special dishes will prove to you exactly why. The most famous pizza here is their customised alphabet pizza which lets you enjoy your favourite snack in the shape of your initial! Their menu comprises an array of pizza varieties that leave you spoiled for choice, especially when you factor in the reasonable prices and assured quality. 

With all these awesome joints just waiting for your order, your pizza cravings will never go unmet in Mumbai city! 

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