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Head To These Best Pet-Friendly Cafes In Gurgaon To Spend A Great Evening With Your Furry Friend

By Eashita Gupta

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 7 min read

If you have a pet then you will agree that 'a pet is a human's best friend'. They are our companion through thick and thin and understands our every mood without even expressing. They are the first one to whom we share our feelings and having a pet is like having a small sibling. A pet's whole life revolves around us and we feel guilty when we have to leave them behind while going out. Well, there are some people who can feel the same and have come up with pet-friendly cafes where we can spend a nice date and have some fun with our pets. Check out these pet-friendly cafes in Gurgaon and pamper them like no other!


1. Roots - Cafe In The Park

As the name says, Roots - Cafe In The Park is situated in the midst of a park and is known for its outdoor vibe. It opens early in the morning and has eclectic breakfast options. This cafe is pet-friendly where the pets can spend and have fun in the outdoor park area and it serves buffet as well. Serving great home-like delicious food and having a calm ambiance, this pet-friendly cafe in Gurgaon is a complete delight, especially in winters.pet_friendly_cafes_gurgaon_roots_cafe_park_image

Highlights: Outdoor Seating, Buffet

Cuisine: Fast Food

Must-Haves: Poha, Spiced Mushrooms, Masala Tea, Hyderbadi Egg Biryani, Palak Patta Chat

Cost For Two: INR 800 (approx.)

Address: Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy Park, Leisure, Sector 29, Gurgaon (Get Directions)


2. Fur Ball Story

Fur Ball Story, as the name says, is heaven for dog lovers! As you enter here, you are welcomed by different breeds of cute dogs which warmly accepts the pats even from strangers. It is very famous for serving one of the finest desserts and continental snacks. There is an indoor and outdoor seating area and the whole outlet has a very welcoming and comfy vibe.pet_friendly_cafes_gurgaon_fur_ball_story_image

Highlights: Friendly Staff, Pocket-Friendly

Cuisine: American, Italian

Must-Haves: Mushroom Cappuccino, Cheese Poppers, Nutella Waffle, Egg Cloud

Cost For Two: INR 850 (approx.)

Address: 31, Saraswati Kunj, Near Vatika Towers, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon (Get Directions)



3. Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters is a quaint little cafe and heaven for coffee lovers. Take your pet along to this beautiful cafe hidden in an alley serving one of the best coffees in town. It's a perfect place for you to relax with an interesting novel in your hand while you tag along with your dog. Like all great treasures, this hidden gem is a little hard to find. As you enter this outlet, you’re greeted by the strong aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans. This alone is enough to make you fall in love with this budget-friendly and pet-friendly cafe in Gurgaon. The quiet ambiance and delicious coffees along with mouth-watering sides make it an ideal place to unwind.pet_friendly_cafes_gurgaon_blue_tokai_coffee_roasters_image

Highlights: Smoking Area, Wifi

Cuisine: Cafe

Must-Haves: Cheese Sandwich, Scrambled Eggs, Iced Pourover, Nitro Coffee

Cost For Two: INR 700 (approx.)

Address: Ground Floor, Ambience Mall, DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon (Get Directions)


4. Cafe Soul Garden

Cafe Soul Garden is a luxury garden restaurant and as you enter, you will be really impressed with the decor which really brings out the name. It has an indoor seating area with pool table option and the outdoor seating area completely gives the feel of eating at a garden and when they light up their lights, the whole place gives an altogether a different aura. The lamps hanging around adds to the ambiance and the outdoor area is apt for the pets to roam around and spend some quality time.pet_friendly_cafes_gurgaon_cafe_soul_garden_image

Highlights: Breakfast Menu, Wifi

Cuisine: European, Italian, American

Must-Haves: Lamb Burger, Chicken BBQ Burger, Verdure Pizza, Alfredo Pasta, Chicken Noodle Soup

Cost For Two: INR 1300 (approx.)

Address: Next to Supermart 2, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon (Get Directions)


5. Throttle Shrottle

Throttle Shrottle is a rider's cafe which is known for its rustic decoration incorporating motor spare parts. Opened 24*7, this open and airy eatery designed like a rugged highway garage is absolutely amazing for people who are passionate about biking. This pet-friendly cafe in Gurgaon has an in-house chef who can cook accordingly to the likes of your pet - what else can you ask for? And the best part is, the prices are very reasonable and won't burn a hole in your pocket.pet_friendly_cafes_gurgaon_throttle_shrottle_image

Highlights: Live Matches, Open Air Seating

Cuisine: North Indian

Must-Haves: Bun Maska, Egg Fried Rice, Peri Peri Fries, Meri Wali Maggi, Kickass Lemonade

Cost For Two: INR 450 (approx.)

Address: Opposite Valley View Apartments, Gwal Pahari Signal, Faridabad Road, Sector 56, Gurgaon (Get Directions)


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6. Off The Leash

Looking for a cafe dedicated to dogs? We've found the perfect pet-friendly cafe in Gurgaon. Off The Leash has exclusive meals and services for your pet to have a fun time while you build a strong bond with your pup. It also customizes the dishes according to your pet's need and has a pool, tons of activities and big ground for them to play.pet_friendly_cafes_gurgaon_off_the_leash_image

Highlights: Breakfast, Open Air Seating

Cuisine: Cafe

Must-Haves: Masala Chai, Green Sandwich, Chilli Potato

Cost For Two: INR 650 (approx.)

Address: Behrampur, Sector 59, Sector 63, Gurgaon (Get Directions)


7. Bueno

Bueno is a casual dining cafe that mainly focuses on healthy dishes. It opens early in the morning until past midnight so one can come here for breakfast and midnight meals as well. With bread baked fresh every morning, farm-procured ingredients and highly-experienced artisans working in the kitchen - they create some amazing sandwiches. The seating area is spacious and one can spend a great evening with their pets over delicious food.pet_friendly_cafes_gurgaon_bueno_image

Highlights: Wifi, Breakfast Dishes

Cuisine: Cafe

Must-Haves: 3 Egg Omelette, Peri Peri Chicken, Club Sandwich, Brownie

Cost For Two: INR 500 (approx.)

Address: 108, Vijay Vihar Silokhera Road, Sector 30, Gurgaon (Get Directions)


8. Big Fat Sandwich

Big Fat Sandwich is an American inspired casual dining cafe. It opens early in the morning and specializes in breakfast dishes. The outlet also provides home delivery and serves delicious food and drinks at reasonable prices. This pet-friendly cafe in Gurgaon welcomes your pets with a great smile and trust us, you are gonna spend a great time with your pet.pet_friendly_cafes_gurgaon_big_fat_sandwich_image

Highlights: Breakfast Dishes, Cozy Ambiance

Cuisine: American

Must-Haves: Onion Rings, Mac N Cheese Croquettes, Burrah Sandwich, Loaded Belgian Fries

Cost For Two: INR 800 (approx.)

Address: K3/106, Dakshin Marg, DLF Phase 2, Gurgaon


9. Fifth Avenue Bakery

If you have a sweet tooth, then Fifth Avenue Bakery is the place for you. As soon as you enter, you will feel like you have entered a British cafe as the interiors are pastel and have been elegantly designed. The owners of this place own a dog who welcomes you and also plays with your pets. All of your furry friends are welcomed here and you can enjoy a great time while sipping some coffee and delicious food.pet_friendly_cafes_gurgaon_fifth_avenue_bakery_image

Highlights: Bakery, Hygienic

Cuisine: Cafe

Must-Haves: Coffee Mousse, Red Velvet Cake Jar, Cheese Sandwich

Cost For Two: INR 500 (approx.)

Address: 32nd Milestone, Sector 15, Gurgaon (Get Directions)


These are the best in town where you can take your pet and pamper them as we all know, they deserve it more than us! These pet-friendly cafes in Gurgaon take cares of your pet and serve them amazing food. So, don't wait anymore and head over now.


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