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Try These 5 Organic Brews From Amaara Herbs Instead Of Your Regular Chai

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 9, 20244 min read

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Coffee is a beverage preferred by a large section of the population. Tea, on the other hand, is more of an emotion. And those who have been bewitched by a good cup of Chai at least once in their life, understand how intense these emotions can get. After all, when it's pouring buckets outside, and you're blessed with the perfect snuggle weather, an Indian mind will almost reflexively start dreaming about some kadak Adrak Waali Chai. 


But did you know, that a typical mug of Chai, made with the usual amount of sugar and milk, often contains more calories than a whole can of soda? So while you focus all your self-restraint skills on avoiding soft drinks to stick to your diet, your everyday tea might be undoing a lot of your fitness efforts. 



Which brings us to one of our favourite tea brands, Amaara Herbs. The reason it's a prominent mention in our lists of the best teas in India, is that this brand doesn't just create a hot beverage you can sip on. Instead, they believe in turning your everyday tea ritual, into one that also leaves you with an assortment of therapeutic, metabolic, and immunity-boosting benefits. Which is why, each tea bag by Amaara Herbs is packed with various enriching herbs that work like magic to help you achieve all your fitness goals, with the simple act of sipping on a cup. 


And on that note, here's a round-up of our top 5 recommended organic herb brews from Amaara Herbs, you should swap your regular cup of chai for. 


1. Metabolic Tea For Weight Loss

If you want an all-natural supplement that will not only boost your metabolism, but also aid you in healthy weight loss, this caffeine-free brew by Amaara Herbs is your best bet. The immensely beneficial ingredients of lemongrass, fennel, cinnamon, and rosemary, when taken together work wonderfully to improve digestion and help you remain active and fit. 


Image Courtesy - Amaara Herbs 


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2. Tulsi Herb Tea For Immunity Enhancement

Infused with the goodness of Rama, Vana and Krishna Tulsi, this unique herbal brew by Amaara Herbs is a great one-step health hack to strengthen your immune system, reduce stress levels, fight against illness and microbes, coupled with lifting your mood naturally after a long, tiring day. 


Image Courtesy - Amaara Herbs 


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3. Ginseng Herb Tea For Detoxification 

Out of the numerous green tea brands that promise transformational over-night results, this one perhaps comes the closest to delivering on these health promises. With the combination of Indian Ginseng root, turmeric and ginger, this herbal brew helps with the natural detoxification of the body coupled with also making your immune system significantly more robust. 


Image Courtesy - Amaara Herbs 


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4. Repose Night Time Tea For Restful Sleep 

Trouble sleeping lately? This tea by Amaara Herbs will take care of your slumber for you. Boasting of the benefits of herbs like Chamomile, and spearmint, this caffeine-free brew is particularly created for consumption before bed. The herbs work together to relax your body, and ensure sound, prolonged sleep. 


Image Courtesy - Amaara Herbs 


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5. SHE-B Well Tea For Female Physical Wellness 

This one is for all the ladies out there, who have been looking for ways to boost their feminine health and wellness. This herbal tea is packed with medicinal ingredients like  Shatavari, Gymnema and Lemongrass that go a long way in increasing blood circulation, ensuring a healthy menstrual cycle, and promoting overall wellness and immunity. 


Image Courtesy - Amaara Herbs 


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You deserve to feel brew-tiful!