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Need A Break? Read Our List Of Top 16 One-Day Experiences In Delhi

By Sonal Sharma

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 13 min read

Living the big corporate life in Delhi-NCR, can't take time off for an extended vacation? Being a dedicated professional comes with its own set of pros and cons but here's our list 16 awesome one-day experiences in Delhi that will definitely revive your soul and give you the break you need without calling in sick for 5 days straight: 


One-Day Experiences in Gurgaon 

1. Flyboy Air Safari- Gurgaon

If you are in the mood for a little 'high' but don't have the time to venture out of Delhi or Gurgaon then Flyboy Air Safari, Gurgaon's paramotor flight is what you should sign up for asap. Imagine floating in the sky, right above the gorgeous suburbs of Gurgaon, below the sparkling blue sky. Those who feel like they'd have enough of the land should definitely go for this beautiful adventure as you will be transported into your childhood when you used to dream of flying high in the sky with your beautiful wings spread out. 


You can fly yourself or fly under the supervision or complete control of the trained pilot if it's your first time. 


There are plenty of options to choose from so if you can decide the duration of your flight based on your taste and comfort. 


2. F9-Go-Karting- Gurgaon

Always liked the rush on the roads but don't have the time to go for a road trip to Ladakh? Savor the weekend with a heart-racing experience at the F9 Go-karting, Gurgaon. Here, you can pick your own favorite small four-wheeled go-kart vehicle and race as much as you want in the super charming designated tracks that will get your heartbeat racing. 

If you have the thirst for adventure and want to spend your weekend doing something classy on the roads but don't have the time for a long trip, book your slot at the F9 Go-Karting and give your soul the much needed extravagant break


You can compete with other members, complete the lap beating all the challenges en route and enjoy screaming out "I feel the need, the need for speed" at the top of your lungs and still show up at work on Monday on time.   


You can also choose from the number of laps you want to finish depending on how much time you want to spend racing.  



3. Awara Adventure Farm- Sohna

Another one for the adventure junkie! Yes, you got it right! Awara Adventure Farm in Sohna is not for the light-hearted so if you enjoy pushing the boundaries of the comfort zone and like tapping into fear to get the ultimate thrill, this is the place to be. What's amazing is that you won't need more than 8 hours to complete the activity at this farm so just take a day off and get your little break from the bustling crowd of Delhi & NCR. Surrounded by the splendid Aravalli Hills, you can choose from a wide range of awesome activities and make memories of a lifetime. 


Purely, Awara Adventure Farm is all about farm tourism but if you think of it, you can actually go out, enjoy and get the much needed small break without taking the entire week off for a retreat. From chess, cricket, volleyball to just about all possible indoor and outdoor sports, Awara Adventure Farm has it all. 


4. Shikhar Adventure Park (SAP)- Gurgaon

Located in the Wazirpur Village, the Shikhar Adventure Park is the place where you will get all the serenity you have been pining for all your life. There is ample space with plenty of indoor and outdoor sports and thrilling activities available to choose from. What makes this park so exciting is that you get the much-needed break without breaking your bank to take a trip to some exotic, unspoiled destination abundant with lush meadows. 


Not only is it great for hanging out with your college buds or even your date or significant other but you can even take a solo trip and spend some time to get the much-needed break for your soul that craves inspiration.  


5. Waterbanks Resort (Damdama Lake)- Gurgaon 

Can you imagine a quaint place in the middle of the bustling Gurgaon! Yes, there's one: the Damdama lake. The Waterbanks Resort nearby is the place where you will find solace, happiness and a super charming break that will revive your soul. If you are the laidback type, spend your weekend chilling at the resort, indulging your taste with the leisure treatment. And, if you fancy adventure and need to break away from the monotony of daily life, go rifle or pistol shooting or try archery. There are plenty of other thrilling sports that you can choose from such as valley crossing, rock climbing, land zorbing, burma bridge, etc.  


For the ultimate offenders, the awesome game of Paintball battle is there so get the guns and the team ready and embark on the kickass journey of paintballing! 


6. Frenzy Adventure Zone- Gurgaon

Wonder how it would feel if you could ride a bicycle several feet up in the air? Crazy! Frightening too but yes, rewarding. 

Frenzy Adventure Zone in Gurgaon is one place where you can satiate your thirst for adventure and infuse inspiration in your life with a touch of thrill. Just in case, one activity alone doesn't suffice and your libido for adventure still remains unsatiated, you will definitely drool exploring the different awesome sports like wall climbing, bungee run, zipline, etc at the zone and have a gala time getting your heartbeat up


And, if you thought that it was a young-people kind of place then you thought wrong because it's all about bringing embracing the fun and the thrill because age is just a number. 


7. Golden Creepers Farm Retreat- Gurgaon

Almost 14kms from the Gurgaon Railway Station, this budget-friendly hotel will give you the best one-day vacation ever. If you need a simple break from the mundane details of the city and need a kick to drive your inspiration, head out to the gorgeous Golden Creepers Farm Retreat, Gurgaon and enjoy the beautiful landmarks nearby like Sultanpur National Park. The hotel will give you the perfect "staycation" experience so if you want the elite treatment in bed.  



8. NeverEnuf Garden Railway- Gurgaon

NeverEnuf, a beautiful garden railroad, is where you should spend your Saturdays if you are exhausted with the mundane city life. The scale model trains will take you back into the beautiful world of magic and miniatures. Aesthetically pleasing, NeverEnuf Garden Railway will re-energize your body and infuse your mind with the right inspiration. From stunning water bodies to gorgeous flowers bouquets, you will find it all there. 


The train will go through the pretty hills and cross miniature bridges while you witness the wealth of rustic villages and cozy towns that will put you to leisure sleep. If you feel like doing nothing then just chill in the hammock and absorb the Vitamin E when you give yourself some serious Vitamin Me time.  


9. Botanix Nature Resort- Gurgaon 

Relish the idea of picnics? Then go and make some memories at the cute Botanix Nature Resort and indulge in some heavy nostalgia. Located in the foothills of the beautiful Aravalli, Botanix Nature Resort is among the best resorts to experience the real beauty of nature outside Delhi without being on a vacation for more than 24 hours! You will enjoy the classy activities, the music and the pure positive energy that will infuse life into your weary soul.  

Experience the nature extravaganza and de-stress in a heaven that's made to revive your soul and inspire your mind.  


If you enjoy socializing on breaks and won't mind a little trip to childhood with tug of war and similar games then go embrace the beauty at the Botanix Nature Resort and give yourself the break you need. 


10. Camp Wild, Dhauj- Faridabad

Is there anything better than the cozy embrace of world's eco-system, the Aravalli Hills? It's gorgeous out there and if you don't believe us, just look at the pictures on Google! Or heck, we uploaded one for you. Only 7 kms from Delhi, the Camp Wild is a stunning experience in Dhauj where you can delight in nature's beauty and challenge yourself to push your own boundaries. 

You may not have ever noticed but there's a gorgeous world out there, hidden under the gorgeous wraps of nouveau Delhi. From the hard granite rocks to awe-inspiring sports, there's everything for everyone at Camp Wild. So if you feel that it's time to get rid of stress, get your antidote at the Camp Wild this weekend. 


For all those people who have lost their energy due to office workload, enthrall in this perfect camping in Dhauj that acts as an antidote for your office stress. You can check in around 9 AM in the morning and leave at around 6 in the evening and go home with memories of a lifetime. 


One Day Experiences in Delhi 

11. Indian Mountaineering Foundation- Delhi

How's the josh? High Sir! 

Feeling energetic? Go wall climbing at Delhi's own Indian Mountaineering Foundation in South Campus if you feel like testing your natural instinct to compete and survive against nature. IMF has an artificial wall climbing activity in which you will get to learn how to push your own physical limits and strive against all odds and emerge victorious. Even if you are not going in a group, you find plenty of social positive energy and people who will cheer you up and keep pushing in the right direction with instructions from below. 


Most of all, if you think wall climbing inside a manmade environment was for school kids, you will be surprised by how much this wall-climbing experience mimics the real-life experience of climbing uphill while using all of your mental and physical resilience.  


Since the experience will definitely give you some sore legs the next day, plan it on a Saturday to get proper rest on Sunday and keep your Mondays stress-free. 


12. Camp Sierra- Delhi 

For people in Delhi-NCR region, the camp Sierra might just be the ultimate godsent heaven. It's where you can go for brilliant wall climbing, thrilling activities that will expand your physical boundaries and you'd end up discovering a whole new you. Revitalize your soul and add spark to your life with a grand and awe-inspiring day at Camp Sierra where you can go in groups or just on your own and find a team to blend in with. You can choose from a number of well-structured and balanced adventure sports and programs and relish the authentic taste of adrenaline without even taking a whole week off or ruining your sick days leave at work. 


If you like challenges, try rock-climbing, wall-climbing, tug of war and several other programs. 


13. V Resorts Farm Stay- Delhi 

If you have a big family occasion coming up but can barely take the time out to go for a full-fledged vacation, the V Resorts Farm Stay is the perfect option for you. The quaint beauty will charm you and the coziness of the place will keep you energized. The beautiful greenery and the stone path is one cathartic combination so if you need the natural therapy from the stress of the city, book yourself a staycation at the V Resorts Farm Stay and enjoy a beautiful experience of a lifetime.  


14. Go Cycling (Sanjay Van)- Delhi 

Delhi is a growing hub of cyclists who enjoy being out on the two wheels and soaking in the sun. If you enjoy pushing yourself physically and would love to accomplish a good distance on cycle alone then head to the Sanjay Van area in the Qutab Institutional Area and further check out the Najafgarh Wetlands. There are plenty of unspoiled, unexplored trails but if you are a true fan of cycling and would love to challenge yourself with nature then definitely take out your cycle and get on your way


You will find plenty of groups on Facebook where you can connect with more enthusiasts and go cycling in groups. 


15. World of Wonder- Noida 

Among Delhi-NCR's best amusement parks, the World of Wonder is among the best places to get a new high. Whether you are an adult or just a kid, again trapped in an adult's body or really a kid for real, World of Wonder is one amusement park you simply can't and mustn't resist.  


There's a designated area for gamers and if you are the outdoor type, just go hang out and enjoy the wild rides. The place has so many rides that you will keep coming back for more and if you are going out with family, it will be even more fun!   



16. The Prodigal Cook Farm- Noida 

Care about nature and your body? Then it's time you headed to the Prodigal Cook Farm and found out all that you need to know about organic farming. If you thought you'd be given boring lectures, fret not because here, you can get your hands dirty and help out the team with weeding, painting, spraying, animal feeding and what not? 


At this farm, you can get the complete farm to table experience and learn more about sustainable living to better understand how you can transform your life and save your own health and the world's a little every day. Moreover, if you are a nature lover, you will surely like the experience and come back for more. If you are in the mood, get your week's stock filled up with wholly organic foods of the farm.   

So go out, kick away the mid-week blues and let us know how the experience felt! 

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Q: Are there any organic farming places in Delhi-NCR to buy healthy veggies from? 

A: Yes, you can check out a wide range of organic vegetables and even participate in organic farming at the Prodigal Cook Farm, Noida. 


Q: Can I take my teen kids to the IMF or any other place for wall climbing? 

A: You will have to call beforehand and check regarding the minimum age requirements at these places that host adventure sports. There may be a separate wing for children and teens so make sure that you make the inquiry. Here's how you can get in touch with IMF: 011 2411 1211 |


Q: Can I stay for more than a weekend at the vacation/adventure Farms/resort in Gurgaon and Delhi? 

A: Yes, plenty of resorts and farms offering adventure and recreational sports offer one-day as well as longer stay options. 


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