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Top 11 Chicken Outlets to Try in Bangalore!

By magicpin

Updated - Sept. 23, 2022 5 min read

The richness of flavourful chicken that is tender and succulent combined with creamy sauces and chutney is unmatched to any other. Is your mouth watering just by reading that? If yes, then you are as big a chicken aficionado as we are. Well, wait no more and give you taste buds what they deserve. If you are in Banglore, drop everything you are doing right now and visit or order top chicken dishes in Bangalore from these top places.


Read on to know where you can find the best chicken in Bangalore.



The food at this North Indian restaurant will dispel your misconception that Punjabi cuisine is on the sweeter side in taste. If you enjoy spicy food and want to avoid the sweetness of butter chicken, then Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba is the ideal location for you in that case. Butter Chicken is excellent, and the spicy and hot version will leave you wanting more. Other mentionable dishes include tandoori chicken and kadai chicken. While you are there, do try their matka lassi to get full Punjab vibes


How can we leave out Empire, one of Bangalore's most famous restaurants from a list of the city's greatest chicken spots? This place combines South Indian flavours with our favourite chicken and gives us absolutely delectable dishes that you will never be able to get enough of. Chicken Keema Dosa is unlike any other and a must try. The masala instead of aloo has chicken keema cooked the south indian way and served between perfectly cooked and crispy dosa. Other dishes to try are Chicken Kurma, Chicken Varaval,  and Pepper Chicken Masala.


A visit to Bathinda Junction is required for the best Punjabi Butter Chicken. One of the greatest spots for Butter Chicken in Bangalore, the butter chicken here is laden with fresh butter, tangy tomato gravy, and an authentic spice blend. Another favourite of ours is the Lemon Chicken which is unlike any other we have laid our hands on. It perfectly combines the flavours of lemon in its beautifully cooked sauce. The chicken pieces are tender and bite-sized. If you're a vegetarian, this place has enough and more options for you too. Don't miss out on this place's delectable Chhole-Kulche. 


One of the city's greatest Mughlai restaurants Kund India Barbeque is located in Indiranagar and serves delicious Mughlai food. Enjoy the real, buttery Butter Chicken while you're here and match it with their soft Butter Naan for a delicious Punjabi lunch. They also have smokey Chicken Kebabs and Corn Seekh Kebabs, both of which are excellent starters to try out.


Royal Treat's Butter Chicken is the epitome of comfort cuisine, with plenty of Makhan to make your day buttery. Their Butter chicken is a crowd-pleaser and also our favourite. Pair it with soft and well-made naan laden with butter to make the most of their Butter Chicken. This is the right choice for you to visit with friends or family and even alone as they offer half and full portions of their delectable dishes so you may customise your order according to your craving. 


You can plan a romantic date to Dhaba Est 1986 which is located in Indiranagar the next time you and your special partner are in the mood for exquisite North Indian cuisine that is served in a fine-dining like setup. This exquisite dining establishment, which has a Dhaba-inspired interior, serves delicious Butter Chicken, Bhatti Di Tangdi, Murgh Malai Tikka, and many other dishes. 


The tastiest butter chicken you've been searching for can be found at Tandoori Taal. This place offers a welcoming atmosphere with chariot wheels, brown walls, and subtle yellow lighting embellishing the space. The atmosphere in this restaurant is cosy and rustic, and the food here reflects those qualities. Kadai Murgh Patiyala, Murgh Methi Saag, Murgh Tikka Lababdar, and Masaledar Murgh Ki Chaap are some of our tried and loved dishes.


When you visit Punjab Grill, you won't fail to be amazed by the elegant ambience. Embrace the royal atmosphere here by posing in front of the chandeliers, paintings, and photographs of Punjabi aristocrats. While you're here, indulge in the rich, creamy, butter and Tandoor-grilled chicken served with irresistible chutney, this is your place to be.


The birthplace of Tandoori Chicken and Butter Chicken is Moti Mahal. A franchise of the main Moti Mahal restaurant in Delhi, which is renowned for serving some of the greatest and most genuine Mughlai cuisine in India. For those of you searching for a succulent, spicy chicken which is cooked to perfection,  take a trip to Bangalore's Moti Mahal Delux. It is the perfect place to visit in the company of family and friends to savour excellent and genuinely authentic dishes served in a restaurant with great ambience.


It is a beautifully furnished restaurant with an authentic Mughlai atmosphere. A must-to-go for appetisers and our top recommendations for that include Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Chops. They offer a fantastic combination of flavours that are juicy and hot and cooked perfectly. Tandoor should be on your short list of the top restaurants serving chicken in Bangalore because it's a great spot to eat with friends or family. The prices are slightly on the higher side but the quantity and quality make up for it.


Take your group to Al Bek the next time you're looking for an excellent non-vegetarian restaurant in Bangalore. The aroma of tandoori meat will envelop you the moment you enter this establishment. Here, you may satisfy your hunger by ordering the Tandoori Chicken, which you can split with your friends. For the ultimate supper, get their Zafrani Murgh Masala and match it with their Roomali roti.


Now that you have a list of top places in Bangalore for chicken, it is time you get your fellow chicken lovers and pay these places a much-deserved visit. Let conversations sizzle while you savour delectable chicken dishes.



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