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Best Mumbai Bloggers To Follow For Their Impeccable Fashion Sense

By Nishtha Gandhi

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 8 min read

You've got to follow these 18 Top Fashion Bloggers in Mumbai who are constantly providing a source of beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle inspiration. If you want to be aware of all the top trends and styles to follow this year, then add these fashion bloggers to your to-be-followed radar. They stand out from the pack, thanks to their one-of-a-kind sartorial sense and sharp business acumen. 


1. Santoshi Shetty 

THE STYLEDGE  is Santoshi’s perception of fashion, travel & lifestyle. She has been acknowledged and recognized as the Cosmopolitan Blogger of the year 2016, Elle Blogger of the year 2016 & Palladium Spotlight Fashion Blogger of the year 2017 and the list goes on. You'll definitely want to take inspiraton from her looks as they are offbeat and has everything which you need to revamp your looks. She definitely stands out as one of the best bloggers of Mumbai/India.

Instagram Handle – Santoshi Shetty
Website – The Style Edge

2. Aashna Shroff

The Snob Journal is a blog which has inspired thousands of women out there - started by Aashna Shroff who has become a fashion icon now. Her style speaks volume about her dressing sense and combining class and elegance together. Her channel will take you through a collection of vlogs, hauls, lookbooks, and tutorials. You can visit her blog for beauty reviews, travel blogs, motivational blogs and much more.

Instagram Handleaashnashroff
Website – Thesnobjournal


3. Riya Jain

A fashion enthusiast you can't miss out on when talking about trending looks and offbeat content - she also has a personal record of shopping 8 hours in one mall, forgetting food and water because she roots for fashion essentials over living essentials. Her fashion sense is taking her followers by storm. She slays in whatever she wears. The content she creates is beyond good which directly led to her success in this industry. She can find her way to any fashion store in the middle of her sleep for sure.

Instagram Handle – Caughtinacuff
Website – Caughinacuff


4. Shivani Patil

Blogger and fashion influencer who is known for documenting travel, style, and beauty on her blog The F-drug. She started writing for her The F-drug blog in August 2015 and has finally become one of the best fashion bloggers in Mumbai now.  You've got to follow her for some real-time fashion inspiration has she's always updated with the fashion trends and has one of the best looks to take away from.

Instagram Handle – The.f.drug
Website – Thef-drug


5. Juhi Godambe

For a fashion blog with a hint of fitness inspiration, look no further than Juhi Godambe’s eponymous personal style blog. Chic and always inspiring, her styling ideas are worth following on Instagram as well.  Her blog also records her makeup and product reviews, travels, and her marathon training experiences – making every bit worth checking out right now.

Instagram Handle – JuhiGodambe
Website – JuhiGodambe


6. Larissa Dsa

A lifestyle, travel, beauty and fashion blogger - Larissa Dsa, is definitely a class apart, her style represents elegance, glam, and versatility. When in doubt about what outfit to wear - One scroll through feed will inspire you with several looks. We're definitely in love with her dressing sense and the way she carries herself - which makes her look like a complete diva.


Instagram Handle – larissa_wlc


7. Mitali & Summiyya

House of MISU Fashion Consultants is a company, which was started by two ferociously passionate young ladies, an artist and a designer- who noticed a gaping void in the landscape of fashion and styling in their country. Mitali Sagar- An Indiana University Grad with a degree in Fine Arts, Apparel Merchandising and Art History. After graduating she dove into PR to get the lay of the land before embarking on her own journey as a fashion entrepreneur. Summiyya Patni studied in  Jai Hind College before taking on jewellery design and manufacturing at the Indian Institute of Jewellery.

Instagram Handle – Houseofmisu
Website – HouseofMisu


8. Kayaan Contractor

Kayaan Contractor's style will leave you stunned as her style is constantly evolving yet consistently edgy, bold, and inspiring. If you love experimenting with fashion then she's just the right fashion influencer to follow to challenge your wardrobe. She also won the "Editor’s Choice Best Layout" award at Cosmopolitan Blogger Awards 2018 - Follow her to keep up with the best of fashion trends!

Instagram Handle – kayaancontrator
Website – Shape-shifter


9. Usaamah Siddique

Founder of The Dapper Label, a menswear blog, and bespoke label, Usaamah’s blog is a major source of inspiration for anyone looking to elevate their style quotient. He regularly posts outfit ideas, tips on accessorizing, and fashion inspiration. His travel and food posts are an added bonus!

Instagram Handle – Usaamah Siddique
Website – thedapperlabel


10. Allen Claudius

Run by style blogger Allen Claudius, this Instagram account is rich with posts on trendy accessories, outfits, and more. His blog Bowties and Bones is among the country’s most popular in men’s fashion. Follow for style inspiration, plenty of travel posts, and more!

Instagram Handle – Bowtiesandbonesblog
Website – bowtiesandbones



11. Shereen Sikka Bharwani

Founder of the blog Love and Other Bugs, Shereen’s style is dynamic: sometimes boho-chic, sometimes piercingly edgy and everything else in between. She has also collaborated with country's leading designers as well. Her blog is all about experimenting with different looks and styles to figure out what suits the best. We just can't deny how experimentingg is the key to fashion.

Instagram Handle – shereenlovebug


12. Masoom Minawala

Masoom Minawala, Miss Style Fiesta has definitely established herself well in the industry - One scroll down through her Instagram feed will leave you awestruck. You'll be spoilt for choices as her every outfit will be a source of inspiration to you. Follow her to stay updated with the latest fashion trends.

Instagram Handle - missstylefiesta
Website -


13. Khushnaz Ashdin Turner

Her styling gives her followers just the right kind of motivation to experiment with each piece of clothing and come out with the best of looks. Her blog names definitely define her well - It's an inspiration to thousands of women who swear by fashion. If you're looking for some motivation and inspiring content then you've got to follow her!

Instagram Handle - kat_diaries
Website -


14. Aiana Jain

A style coach who inspires several women every day to take a leap and revamp their wardrobe with some offbeat dressing style. Her styling defines class and elegance together - there's no denying that, you've got to follow her for some real-time fashion inspiration. Be it quirky fashion accessories or game-changing looks, she's got it all covered for you. One just can't stay outdated if you're following this stunning fashion blogger!

Instagram Handle - aianajsays
Website -


15. Tanvi Geetha Ravishankar

Tanvi Geetha Ravishankar is a Plus-size fashion influencer who is breaking all stereotypes by bringing out the best through her stunning looks. Her blog speaks volume about body positivity which has definitely inspired several thousands of women out there. Her fascination with outfits, accessories, bags, shoes and makeup has helped her to come out with her game-changing blog.

Instagram Handle - thechubbytwirler


16. Nidhi Kunder

For her fashion is all about self-expression which helps her to create and define new looks. She's just the right person to go for when looking for some edgy fashion inspiration. She also won the Palladium Spotlight Award for Best Fashion Blogger of the Year and represents L'Oréal India as one of their official bloggers. With a Master's degree in MIS and Business Computing from The University of Westminster, London - she is still pursuing her passion which definitely makes her one of the top fashion bloggers in Mumbai.

Instagram Handle - thechicarmoire
Website -


17. Aashi Adani

Her Instagram feed is filled with breath-taking pictures of travel journeys and iconic fashion moments. Her style is definitely inspiring to many women out there as her looks are worth experimenting with. If you're planning to revamp your style then you've got to follow her! For Aashi Adani - fashion is just about lifestyle but a way of celebrating life.


Instagram Handle - aashiadani
Website -


18. Sampriya Bhandare

Sampriya Bhandare definitely does it right when it comes to mending the usual trends and coming out with something completely unique and stunning. She's creative and experimental when it comes to embracing new looks - one scroll down her feed will make you want to experiment too. Follow her for the best updates when it comes to making a statement with the top trends.

Instagram Handle - sampriyaa
Website -


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