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Our 15 Fav Fashion Moments From Masaba Masaba

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Sept. 1, 2020 8 min read

Every time a new Netflix Original graces our screens, the inter-verse stirs awake to dissect each frame and scene with enthused energy. From social media being flooded with imaginative memes, to thirst tweets talking about that one hot guy from that one specific episode, information about the hottest new TV show comes at you from every direction. Sometimes that's a good thing, other times not so much. Fortunately, the one we are here to talk about belongs to the former category! 


The most recent show that everybody has been ceaselessly raving about, is Masaba Masaba. Well, we finally got around to watching the whole thing, and the first adjective that comes to mind is refreshing. The Netflix Original proved to be a perfect blend of eccentric and realistic, each episode a cocktail of emotions ranging from humour and joy to disdain and indignation. The mother-daughter duo was a hot mess indeed, but the kind that warms your heart and makes you shake your head fondly. The show is infused with a certain degree of humility that makes its charm hard to resist, and before you know it, you've binged through all the 6 episodes. So all in all, great. But as much as we enjoyed the screenplay, script and story, nothing measures up to the remarkable fashion and styling by Eka Lakhani, we got to spot through the season. Let me also add, that I officially have a girl-crush on Masaba, and honestly would do anything to be adopted by Neena. Mostly so I could steal all their clothes! 


Masaba Masaba is a semi-fictional TV show based on one of the most renowned fashion designers in India, so high-octane glamour was expected, to say the least. But the fashion exceeded our expectations and had us rewinding every scene featuring a gorgeous outfit, way too many times to count. From flowy shirt-dresses in earthy tones to chic fusion outfits and from tunics adorned with blingy motifs to dazzling party-ready ensembles, the show was packed with fashion moments that demanded a double-take every time. Let's just say shortlisting the best looks from Masaba Masaba, wasn't an easy feat by any measure. But we did it nonetheless. So, without any further ado, let us tell you about our 15 favourite fashion moments from the latest Indian Netflix Orginal! 




1. This Breezy Kaftan Tunic 


Image Courtesy - Masaba Masaba On Netflix


Honestly, all the flowy dresses featured on this show had us bursting with fashion-envy. And this beautiful eccentric kaftan tunic is one of our top picks. From the trailing red and black on one side, to the newspaper letters printed in the front, this dress defies fashion norms, but in a stunning way. And don't even get us started on that oxidised silver chocker! 


2. This Red Satin Wrap Number


Image Courtesy - Masaba Masaba On Netflix


Wow, I mean just, wow. When Masaba first walked into the scene wearing this glamorous red piece, I think my heart genuinely skipped a beat. This is the kind of show-stopper outfit that I would probably trade my soul for. The collared neckline, gathered sleeves, and the immensely flattering silhouette of this dress made it one of our top favs. Oh and not to mention, that one leg sneak-peak. We also love the layered diamond choker! 


3. This Sheer White Puff-Sleeved Top (And That Pearl Bralet!) 


Image Courtesy - Masaba Masaba On Netflix


Again, one of my personal favourites. The flowy silhouette and the sheer fabric of this tunic together make for a very dreamy look. But, it's that pearl-studded bralet that I could not take my eyes off. The quirky pink ethnic patch amps up the allure of this dress even further. Also, do not miss that gorgeous clutch she's holding on to. 


4. This Asymmetrical Ruffle-Hem Wrap-Around Midi 


Image Courtesy - Masaba Masaba On Netflix


Comfy AND romantic, how does Masaba manage to merge two adjectives that usually don't belong together in fashion?! It's the perfect pretty summer day-dress, and the flared sleeves just bring in more magic. The asymmetrical ruffle-hem adds a dash of quirk to this bohemian beauty. And the simple gold pendant is all the accessory it needed. 


5. This Neon Front-Knot Co-Ord Set 


Image Courtesy - Masaba Masaba On Netflix


When I first saw this outfit, my immediate thought was how to get something like this into my closet STAT. And can you blame me? This neon co-ord set is as beautiful as it is simple in its appeal, and the front-knot on the top really seals the deal on the whole look. The simple gold pendant on Masaba's neck, is the perfect finishing touch to this masterpiece. 


6. This Animal-Motif Wrap Dress


Image Courtesy - Masaba Masaba On Netflix


After this scene, I'm convinced that Masaba can make even an ordinary bathtub look like a high-fashion editorial setup! She looks absolutely beautiful in this wrap dress featuring a high-low hemline and dainty ruffles. The quirky animal motifs set the look apart, and while I couldn't successfully zero in on the name of this colour, there's no denying how flattering it looks on her dusky skin. 



7. This Chic Black Shirt-Dress


Image Courtesy - Masaba Masaba On Netflix


I want! There are a number of shirt-dresses we spotted through the show that we'd love nothing more than to get our hands on. But there's something about this solid black one that's so simplistically charming. We also love the neat high-bun, and the pearl studs adorning her ears. 


8. This Peach Empire-Waist Maxi


Image Courtesy - Masaba Masaba On Netflix


In true Masaba fashion, she managed to stun us yet again with this lovely peach empire waist maxi dress. The gathered sleeves really take the style quotient several notches up, and the silver-studded double-layered choker complements the dress delightfully. Don't miss that little black clutch-bag. 


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9. This Smokin' Hot Black Bodycon Number


Image Courtesy - Masaba Masaba On Netflix


If I was allowed to curse here, I would. In delight, mind you. How exquisite does she look in this simple black bodycon mini?! Whether its the minimalistic drop diamond necklace, or the pair of studs on her ears, or even her gorgeous curly mane, this look is best summed up in one word: perfection. I think with this one outfit she reaffirmed my faith in the timeless power of a classic LBD! 


10. This White Blazer & White Dress With Lace Detailing 


Image Courtesy - IMDb


"You can call me...a boss-diva" *flips hair*




1. This Asymmetrical Tunic & Palazzo Pair 


Image Courtesy - Masaba Masaba On Netflix


Let me just preface this by saying that Neena Gupta's looks in this TV show were as timeless as she is! We loved the casual, free-flowing silhouettes she sported through the episodes, and this asymmetrical tunic and palazzo pair was definitely one of our favourite picks. It's easy, it's effortless, and the combination of white, black, pink and silver is as perfect as perfect gets. 


2. This Red Tunic Dress & Layered Necklace With Bow Detailing 


Image Courtesy - Masaba Masaba On Netflix


So classic, so elegant. This red kaftan dress was already pretty, to begin with, but its the accessories that really bring out the charm in this look. We are obsessed with that extravagant multi-layered pearl necklace featuring a dainty bow detail, and the gold cuffs on her hand make for an enchanting finishing touch. 


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3. This Fuschia One-Shoulder Dress With A Dramatic Sleeve


Image Courtesy - Masaba Masaba On Netflix


Love, love, love. Did I say I love this look? If you watch the show, you won't be able to stop yourself from being struck by how beautiful Neena Gupta looks in these scenes. And the Fuschia pink one-shoulder dress brings out her timeless beauty even more. We love the gold peacock motifs the dress is decorated with, and a special shoutout to that one dramatic sleeve. The jewellery is of course, marvellous!


4. This Minimal Muted-Neon Pink & Yellow Saree 


Image Courtesy - Masaba Masaba On Netflix


I think in most of Neena's looks, the stunning jewellery she accessorised with was what took the outfit from lovely to exceptionally stunning. And this simplistic saree look was no different. We love the colours in this saree, with the muted neon yellow and pink border being the right playful touch to the plain white body. Oh, and those earrings, are worth dying for. 


5. This Three-Piece Printed Fusion Set 


Image Courtesy - Masaba Masaba On Netflix


We saw Neena in a number of artsy, quirky and elegant apparel sets, and this floral aqua three-piece combo is definitely one of our most adored looks. Again she goes with the beautiful silver jewellery, each more exquisite than the previous. 

I think I'm going to rewatch this Netflix Original all over again, just to gawk at all the splendid fashion! Lord knows I need some glam in my life. 

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