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Catch Soothing Music at These Best Live Music Restaurants in Mumbai- March, 2024

By Anubha Das

Updated - March 7, 2024 5 min read

A delicious meal paired with some amazing, unforgettable, out-of-the-box live entertainment is what you need for an amazing evening. Though, picking the best live music venue in Mumbai -- much like picking the best restaurant -- is an impossible task.

Scroll down and check out our favs. No matter what your preferences are, these are the best live music restaurants in Mumbai.


Image Courtesy: Khosla Associates

Hard Rock Cafe should be your go-to place for a LIT live music evening. A Rock ’n’ Roll-themed chain with a high-energy vibe, Hard Rock Cafe totally lives up to the name. It not only serves great American cuisine but HRC is also celebrated for its music-fuelled atmosphere. Featuring three separate sections, including a 120-seating area, bar area, and 80-seat open patio, the café also has a Hard Rock’s signature Rock Shop. Famous for live music gigs, the wide-reaching HRC Mumbai has hosted musicians/bands. You just can't miss out on this best live music restaurant in Mumbai


Image Courtesy: Events High

The Veranda is one of the best places in Mumbai where you can "wine and dine" while listening to some amazing jazz music. Along with an extensive range of drinks, Veranda is known to have a new band performing every other day to keep up with the quality. The restaurant imparts picturesque indoor seating and interactive counters which are perfect for a night out with your friends, family or your significant other. In short, Veranda is a place that needs to be crossed off your bucket list.


Image Courtesy: Craftbar (Facebook Page)

A treat for connoisseurs of Continental cuisine, the home-fashion Risotto and lounge welcome visitors with a warm and alluring ambience. Imparting some of the most never-to-be-forgotten culinary experiences in their inimitable fashion along with soul-soothing live music, Craftbar has become one of the best live music restaurants in Mumbai. Without a doubt, it is the perfect destination for all the students to have a hearty lunch which is also a good value for money. 



Q-Bar, The Quarter Club, is a trendy and lively place in the city center that offers a cool experience. With its modern design and lots of drink and food options, it's known for tasty cocktails, craft beers, and yummy snacks. The atmosphere is fun, with live music and DJs playing the latest songs. Q-Bar is great for a night out with friends, hosting special events and parties, and the friendly staff and good vibes make it the perfect spot to chill and have a good time.


Image Courtesy: Camera Cuisine

Head over to the Reise if you want to enjoy an evening with some live Bollywood music. Their friendly and inviting atmosphere, along with some exceptional European and seafood delicacies, makes Reise the go-to dinner-and-a-live-music-destination for all the Mumbaikars and visitors nationwide. 


Image Courtesy: Burrp

3 Wise Monkeys brings guests back to the 90's era with an amazing ambience, live music, and delicious food. If you’ve ever wanted to teleport back in time to the 1980s, 3 Wise Monkeys is the place for you. It serves delicacies like cucumber bruschetta, chicken panipuri, along with a live band and mixologist-concocted cocktails every night. Travel back in time and enjoy handcrafted cocktails, a delicious three-course meal, and tunes from a roarin’ jazz band.


Image Courtesy: Dineout

One of the favourites amongst students and music enthusiasts, The Finch is one of those best places in Mumbai which is continually humming with fun and live activity. From regular theme nights to live gigs, this resto-bar has it all. On Friday and Saturday nights, enjoy live music and the scrumptious delicacies at this best live music restaurant in Mumbai.


Image Courtesy: PartyScenes

The late-night weekend sets and the Sunday afternoon lunch dates are the best bargains of Bombay Adda. The sight lines and sound system are truly worthy of a celebration here. Take your pick from well-curated signature cocktails or go for the regular classics and you won't be disappointed. The place is definitely worth the hype and the music is usually peppy and interactive which keeps up the vibe of the place


Image Courtesy: YouTube

This best live music restaurant in Mumbai takes its speakeasy shtick a little too seriously, and there is amazing music and lots of drinks. Catch a range of jazzy fare from avant-garde boppers to classic vocalists at Theory. This is an amazing place to tantalize your taste buds with some of their exotic cocktails accompanied by delicious munchies. The ambiance is classily tagged with dim lights that make it a kind of restaurant in Mumbai you should definitely visit.


So, makes things better now with these amazing live music restaurants in Mumbai for an ideal night out!





Q1: What makes Hard Rock Cafe in Mumbai special?

Ans: Hard Rock Cafe stands out for its lively Rock ’n’ Roll theme, high-energy vibe, and renowned live music gigs. It offers a unique experience with a 120-seating area, bar, open patio, and the iconic Rock Shop.


Q2: Why choose The Veranda in Mumbai for a night out?

Ans: The Veranda is a top pick for a night of "wine and dine" accompanied by amazing jazz music. With picturesque indoor seating and regular live performances, it's a perfect spot for a delightful evening with friends, family, or a significant other.


Q3: What sets Craftbar apart as a live music restaurant in Mumbai?

Ans: Craftbar stands out for its blend of Continental cuisine, soul-soothing live music, and a warm ambience. Known for unforgettable culinary experiences, it offers a great value for money, making it a favorite among connoisseurs.


Q4: Why is Q-Bar, The Quarter Club, recommended for a night out?

Ans: Q-Bar is a trendy and lively venue in the city center, offering a modern design, a variety of drinks and food options, and a vibrant atmosphere with live music and DJs. It's an ideal spot for a night out with friends and special events.


Q5: What makes The Finch a popular choice among students and music enthusiasts?

Ans: The Finch is a favorite among students and music enthusiasts due to its lively atmosphere, regular live gigs, and theme nights. It offers a buzzing experience with fun and live activity, making it a go-to destination for music lovers in Mumbai.


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