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Head To These Best Lebanese Restaurants In Bangalore If Sinfully Delicious Shawarmas Are Your Drug

By Architi Batra

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read

Healthy, filling and delicious are three words that best describe this Middle Eastern cuisine Coma i.e. better known as Lebanese Food. A food culture that is now ruling the world and took the food experience to a whole new level by storm. Cooked with an abundance of whole grains, fruits, garlic, vegetables poultry and seafood, these dishes are so packed with flavor, freshness, and deliciousness! So if you haven't tried the Lebanese Cuisine yet or are a certifies Shawarma and Hummus lover then these are the 10 best Lebanese restaurants in Bangalore you need to head right now for some sinfully delicious Lebanese Food in B-Town.


Be it the sophisticated mezze samplers or the hearty, traditional offerings, this place is extremely rewarding for food ventures who love Middle Eastern Food. The restaurant stands apart for its deliciously warm Pita Bread, luscious Hummus and fresh Falafel that promises not to disappoint you ever. If you are an adventurous eater, try some of the rareties of the place like Potato Kibbeh, Cheese Sambusek, Tabbouleh salad, and Meat Arayes.


Vegetarian, delicious, healthy and cheap food all in one place? Yes, please! A casual dining restaurant, Habibi claims to leave you surprised with its heaps of sophistication and variety in the cuisine. Prepared with fresh ingredients, the food here is super delicious and can be enjoyed with a healthy and freshly squeezed juice! One of the great option for the vegetarians this restaurant is very easy n your pockets. 



cozy place that literally transports you to the middle east with its interiors and ambiance, the Alibab Cafe is truly like Alibaba's cave from our childhood story Alibaba and the 40 thieves! This Small restaurant with traditional decor whips up classic Persian fare. Try the Bhatkali Biryani and some Moroccon Tea and finish it off with the delicious dessert Kunafa and you are all set!


With interiors that are so soothing and aesthetic that they can spice up your Insta game, Bonum Cibum is one of the top-rated cafes in Bangalore. But what's the best part? The massive portions of delicious Lebanese platters served imaginably at this cozy cafe. Do try the nowhere available options such as Umali and Kunafa, Chicken skewer, Prawn Harissa, and of course the Mezze Platter.


Even if the food doesn't pull you towards it, the aesthetically decorated ambiance and pretty rooftop diner that serves Mediterranean food would definitely! Even though it is on a quite expensive side, it is one of the most romantic places in Bangalore to head to with your date for sure. The restaurant has independent huts so that you can enjoy your own personal space while enjoying the delicious heartfelt Lebanese meal. 



A hidden gem in the famous Cinnamon courtyard, this Cafe in Bangalore serves some of the most authentic Mediterranean and Asian food. Not just your regular cafe Cafe Cassia & Deli will transport you to the charm of a secluded, bright and flowery cafe in Goa!  The layout is very well put together to complement the colonial architecture. What you should definitely try here is Pita and Hummus with minced lamb & almonds, Tuna Glass-noodle Salad, Couscous with Chicken Salad and Thai Red Curry with rice!


Every Non-Vegetarian's paradise, Le Charcoal specializes in serving Arabian, Lebanese, Mughlai, North Indian, BBQ and Chinese! The ambiance might look a little average, but does it even matter when the food is so good! Easy to go on pocket this outlet ensure that the portion size must be fulfilling and worth the money. Order an Arabian Platter, Kalmi Kabab or the Hawaiin salad and enjoy it with the melodious Bollywood music playing in the background that makes the whole place lively and fun to be at!



Private seating arrangement by the pool, this beautiful diner promises a perfect date opportunity. The service is quite notable here, and the Lebanese, Italian, Mediterranean cuisines served here are simply mouth-watering. Using traditional brick ovens for cooking this contemporary hotel puts a soul and perfect touch to its food that promises not to disappoint you by any cost.

small kiosk where one can enjoy tasty Turkish preparations, as well as fulfilling Rolls, Kebabs and Falafel is Tarbouche. The menu is not so extensive but well-curated and includes fresh fruit juices and shakes to make the food even more enjoyable. Not having any seating space but one can stand-and-eat or get the food packed for a quick takeaway. Do try their especially recommended Yemeni Kabsa Biriyani, Lamb Tantuni, Lamb & Chicken Sheeks, and Chicken Ilai.



This quaint and cozy cafe in Bangalore serves an extensive range of authentic Middle Eastern delights especially Lebanese cuisineThe presentation and taste of the food speak for itself! Visit to experience it! Perfect for a quick bite or sit for hours with your friends at this warm and welcoming place and enjoy a memorable Lebanese food. 


So the next time you are craving some Baba Ghanouj, Shawarma, Hummus, Baklava, Pita, and Falafel in Bangalore, you know where you need to head to in Bangalore!



Q. Is Lebanese Food Vegan?
A. Lebanese Food isn't necessarily strictly vegetarian or vegan but going vegan doesn't mean compromising on the flavor, and Middle Eastern food proves it. They have a lot of options, more often than other cuisines when it comes to vegan food options. All the Pita bread are also generally Vegan. It does not contain dairy, eggs or honey. 


Q. What is a Lebanese mezze?
A. The Lebanese Mezze Table: Much More Than Food, A Social Gathering! Meze or mezze is a selection of small dishes served to accompany alcoholic drinks in the Near East, the Balkans, and parts of Central Asia. In Levantine, Caucasian, and Balkan cuisines, meze is often served at the beginning of multi-course meals.

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