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No Plans Yet? If You're Not Heading Out Then Try These Cheap Last Minute Thrills This NYE 2020

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - May 9, 20249 min read

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Who's not got the New Year 2020 fever by now? We do! These celebrations are always awaited throughout the year. But not many of us come up with a great plan or end up partying at one of those pubs and breweries and not all of us get a chance to head out for some great fun in the city. But what all of us can do is have a great New Year's Eve 2020 no matter what our budget allows, no matter what our schedule defines and no matter how the world would be spending the New Year any other way. So this is for all those who are left with nothing but free time on New Year's Eve 2020 and are looking for those Last-Minute fun-things-to-do on NYE 2020


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So fret no more, because we've got your back this once! This list of fun or cheap things to do, whichever you may think of these to be, is all that you'll need to make yours one of the most unique and memorable New Year's Eve ever



Romantic Carpet Picnic In Your Living Room - You Won't Say No To That

We know, it's been long since you've had this on your mind and trust me on this, it is nothing but bringing some of your fantasies alive! Also, heading anywhere else on New Year's will only get you so much of privacy with the special one in your life or will cost you a fortune to do so. So this NYE 2020, if you've not booked anything yet, just don't! Instead, bring out that extra mattress you've got, cover it with a bright new bedsheet, light up a few candles, the scented ones preferably, arrange for a bottle of wine and just cosy up with the love of your life. We can bet on this, it's going to be much more exciting than anything else that the night could have been. 


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A DIY Photo Album Of Those Oops Moments - There Must Be Many!

If you're in your 20s or so, we can imagine the kind of naughty you have been in the previous decade. And you must have spiced up those stories of all those "fun-things" you have done on multiple occasions by now, so why not curate a perfect timeline of those memories today. On New Year's Eve, when alone and when you have all the time in this world and no one's coming to your rescue as well, maybe because they're all busy celebrating the eve, just sit down and browse through your smartphone gallery and storage for some pictures of those oops instances. Print them out and stick them in a DIY photo album. You can also keep those captions & descriptions that tell the tale of your wild side perfectly. It's going to be a perfect time capsule for years to come by. 


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Have A Pajama Potluck With Your Neighbour Gang - Like Literally!

Do you always make plans with your neighbourhood gang and are the first one to back out? We can totally understand, somethings are just not meant to be for real! But not today, it's time you pay for your sins and welcome all your impromptu party peeps over for a great meal. Today, you would honour those never came to be true promises that were made to be broken every single once. And don't worry, you won't have to cook for all of them alone, just keep it a potluck theme and you'll have loads of mouthwatering homemade delicacies to nosh away the night to a boatload of fun. Talk about how you've always regretted to not have done this before and then carry on with the same old regime tomorrow onwards. After all, some things are better left the way they are, unsaid and understood on their own. 


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Invite Your Friends Over For A BYOB Night - Akele Peene Mein Kya Maza?

New year's eve and not much booze on you? Not something to worry about my friend! Just make sure you are inviting some of your forever alone friends over for a party. And the theme is going to be as usually BYOB. Also, just make sure to ask some of them to bring extra for those who would drink more and bring less. All you'll need to do is arrange for some fritters and fries for chakhna and your portable Bluetooth speakers would make for the DJ for the night. And voila, you're game for a great NYE 2020, a last-minute plan but surely one of the best ever. Keeping a board game handy would only add to the fun you'll have, or a pack of cards would work just fine. So make sure to ask your friends to bring over that as well. Obviously, you won't have anything as such, we know that! 


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Jott Down A Travel Bucket List For The Next Decade - To Never Actually Get To It

You've done this in the past and never actually ticked off anything from it, but so is the case going to be this once as well. Because Who are we? Stubborn! What did we do in 2019? Nothing! What will we do in 2020? Nothing Again! Apart from making plans that never come to see reality! And to cook some dreams of travel the world is one of those things that we always do but never realise them to be true. But this once we would, you know, make a travel bucket list, put in places that we've always wanted to be, places we talk about with our friends, places we imagine to be at when we're drunk and the next morning, all of which vanishes away in thin air. So why not, pick a notebook, a pen and get down jotting those places and spend hours arranging the list on the scale of priority and so.  


Image Courtesy: Roadside Travels


Light Up All The Crackers Left From Diwali - Because Why Not?

We know that even after constant discouragement from the authorities and more about everyone around, you did buy a fortune worth of Crackers this Diwali and out of which you couldn't burst half either! So why not make sure that you complete what you had started, just get upstairs and light each one of them up! It's one of those rituals of NYE celebrations as well and if not getting to a real party, you can at least post some stories of the fireworks for fun.


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Learn How To Make A Cocktail With The Leftover Liquor - You've Got Plenty Of Those! 

Always end up buying more liquor than you can afford to consume? Have you been pilling up leftover booze since the previous NYE? It's time you put all of it to good use. Experimenting it all for a good cocktail, only if it turns out to be as good, is one of the best things you can do to yourself. And either way, it was going to be flushed down the drains, so why not try it for something as such. There are a number of great cocktail recipes available on the youtube and getting your hands dirty a bit with some alcohol won't harm and won't cost a penny for if you've been hoarding on to those bottles and never actually drink a sip from them after the night


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Dance To The Funniest Govinda & Bollywood Songs - This Is Your Chance!

And who wouldn't love shaking a leg to those funny Govinda songs from the 90s? No one's around to judge you tonight and hence, just put on that old pyjama and that ugly sweater that you won't mind getting torn apart during the act and just dance till the morning this New Year's Eve. It's a perfect medicine to push your NYE loneliness away. So this once, just groove to the funniest of tunes and try those steps that you wanted to, but couldn't dare for the judgmental souls among. And if the confidence builds up by the end of it, do record some of them as well. Would be fun enough to watch afterwards, but remember to be utterly careful with such lethal stuff, your social image can be devastated if any of it gets out. 


Image Courtesy: We Are Gurgaon


Drink Up The Cheapest Wine & Get Sloshed At Home - Nothing New Ehh?

And we also know the kind of booze you drink when alone, those cheap 100 bucks a quarter rum and whiskeys you have is no secret anymore. A drink more than your usual dose and you're high above the clouds in no time. But today's the day to be so, without any fear of consequences and guilt, just get on the vice train today. Only if you're not planning to head out tonight! So just make sure that you have plenty of that cheapest liquor in the market or the one you usually have, quite the same thing and slosh away to the new year's morning! Because who's watching and you can even listen to those songs that you've always wanted to, but feared being judged by your friends. Or watch Tom & Jerry till the morning, do whatever you wish to, no one's interested in knowing your plan for the night, as far as you're keeping it to yourself and the neighbours don't get involved.


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So don't just sit back at home, thinking your life is dull and drab at most. But treat yourself with something from these stated above. If you've not planned on anything and are not even planning to do so, then one of these can be perfect for your New Year's Eve 2020!