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10 Best Kulfi Brands in India with Price List (2024)

By Aniket

Updated - June 25, 20245 min read

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Kulfi, often referred to as the Indian ice cream, is a beloved dessert that boasts a rich, creamy texture and is bursting with flavors. Unlike regular ice cream, kulfi is denser because it is not churned. This gives it a unique mouthfeel and a delightful richness. Over the years, many brands in India have mastered the art of making kulfi, offering a variety of flavors from traditional malai to exotic fruit infusions. In this blog, we will explore the top 10 kulfi brands in India, including their price lists and what makes them stand out.


1. Mother Dairy

Price: ₹25/- for 50 gm


Mother Dairy’s kulfi is renowned for its creamy texture and authentic taste. Their Rabri Kulfi, in particular, is a crowd favorite. It captures the essence of thickened milk (rabri) and is perfectly sweetened. The caramel color and dense bite make it a top pick for those seeking a traditional kulfi experience.





  • Flavors: Malai, Pista, Mango, Rabri
  • Why We Love It: Creamy texture, authentic taste, reasonable pricing.



2. Kwality Walls

Price: ₹60/- for 90 ml


Kwality Walls offers a premium kulfi experience with its range of exotic flavors. Known for its smooth texture and rich taste, Kwality Walls’ kulfi is perfect for those who enjoy a luxurious treat. The flavors are well-balanced, and the use of real ingredients adds to the overall experience.



  • Flavors: Almond Malai, Pistachio, Mango
  • Why We Love It: Premium quality, rich flavors, smooth texture.


3. Amul

Price: ₹10/- for 45 ml


Amul is a household name in India, and its kulfi offerings are no exception. Economically priced, Amul's kulfi is accessible to everyone. The taste is satisfying, though it leans more towards the sweet side. It’s a great option for those looking for a quick and affordable kulfi fix.



  • Flavors: Kesar Pista, Malai, Chocolate, Mango
  • Why We Love It: Affordable, widely available, simple flavors.


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4. Vadilal

Price: ₹35/- for 60 ml


Vadilal is another popular brand that has been around for decades. Their kulfis are known for their rich and creamy texture. Vadilal offers a range of traditional and contemporary flavors that cater to all tastes. The generous portion sizes and consistent quality make it a favorite among many.



  • Flavors: Pista, Kesar, Mango, Badam, Chocolate
  • Why We Love It: Variety of flavors, creamy texture, generous portions.



5. Cream Bell

Price: ₹30/- for 50 gm


Cream Bell's kulfi is a delightful treat that offers a good balance of flavor and creaminess. While it might not be as rich as some of the premium brands, it still provides a satisfying kulfi experience. The addition of nuts and the right sweetness level makes it a good choice for traditional kulfi lovers.



  • Flavors: Malai, Pista, Mango, Chocolate
  • Why We Love It: Good balance of flavor, reasonable pricing, nutty inclusions.


6. Havmor

Price: ₹35/- for 70 ml


Havmor’s kulfis are known for their dense texture and authentic taste. The use of real spices like cardamom and saffron, along with a variety of nuts, sets them apart. Their kulfis are visually appealing and taste close to homemade versions, making them a great option for those seeking authenticity.



  • Flavors: Kesar Pista, Malai, Mango, Badam
  • Why We Love It: Authentic flavors, dense texture, inclusion of nuts and spices.



7. Dinshaw’s

Price: ₹40/- for 60 ml


Dinshaw’s kulfis are crafted with a blend of traditional recipes and modern techniques. They offer a creamy, dense texture and a rich flavor profile. Dinshaw’s focus on using high-quality ingredients ensures that each bite is a delightful experience.



  • Flavors: Malai, Pista, Mango, Kesar
  • Why We Love It: High-quality ingredients, rich flavor profile, creamy texture.


8. Haldiram’s

Price: ₹50/- for 70 ml


Haldiram’s is a well-known brand in the snack and sweets market, and their kulfi lives up to the reputation. Their kulfi is rich and indulgent, with a smooth texture and a burst of traditional flavors. The higher price point is justified by the premium quality and the authentic taste.



  • Flavors: Kesar, Pista, Badam, Mango
  • Why We Love It: Premium quality, authentic flavors, smooth texture.


9. Natural’s

Price: ₹70/- for 80 ml


Natural’s is famous for its fruit-based ice creams, and their kulfis are equally impressive. Made with real fruits and no artificial flavors, Natural’s kulfis offer a refreshing and authentic taste. The fruit flavors are particularly popular and provide a unique twist to the traditional kulfi.


Choupati Natural Kulfi - Order Online


  • Flavors: Mango, Tender Coconut, Sitaphal (Custard Apple)
  • Why We Love It: Real fruit flavors, no artificial additives, refreshing taste.


10. Top ‘N Town

Price: ₹30/- for 50 gm


Top ‘N Town offers a variety of kulfis that are rich in flavor and have a creamy texture. Their kulfis are priced reasonably and provide good value for money. The brand is popular in central India and is known for its consistent quality.



  • Flavors: Malai, Pista, Mango, Kesar
  • Why We Love It: Affordable, good value for money, consistent quality.



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