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Find Your Scoop of Happiness at These 7 Ice Cream Parlours in Delhi NCR

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - May 31, 2022 3 min read

Ice cream! With each syllable, the urge to grab a spoon and devour this "cold/mess" becomes more and more. Did you know that it takes about 50 licks to finish one scoop of ice cream? Well, we could do that in 20 or maybe 25 licks.


If your ice cream cravings are as jacked up as our confidence, test this theory at the best ice cream parlours in Delhi NCR. 


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Coolest scoops: Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream, Everything black


Ever made googly eyes with a delectable soft serve? With Creme Borne's gooey googly eye toppings, you can. This ice cream parlour in Delhi gained its initial recognition with their black ice cream variations, party sprinkles, and cosy ambience. But now you can also indulge in fresh waffles and churros with ice cream toppings for breakfast.  


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Coolest scoops: Jamun-Jeera Ice Cream, Pink Guava Ice Cream


Missing a sweet tooth? Don't worry, we have a perfect ice cream parlour for you too. Jaatre is a pretty little eatery offering distinct flavours, as ice creams mushed in cute coconut shells. That's right! Their sweet creations are rich, creamy, not-too-sugary and largely inspired by tropical flavours. A must-visit place for summer in Delhi. 


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Coolest scoops: French Vanilla


Minus 30, more like minus-30-kg, is a unique ice cream parlour in Delhi that serve guilt-free healthier ice creams with fresh fruits and no artificial flavours. Their set menu is dripping with fat-free, sugar-free and vegan options that you'll absolutely love. We understand how ice creams can be a bit much for some people, health-wise, so switching to this place will not only get you scrummy treats, it will also keep you fit. A win-win situation!


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Coolest scoops: Banana Split, Cookies & Cream Crunch, The Eiffel Tower


Luxe ice-creams with "Mr Fancy Pants" ambience, OTT presentation, tempting flavours along with a very classy vibe is all the kick we sometimes need this summer. Thanks to Häagen-Dazs you get to do this at one of the best ice cream parlours in Delhi.


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Coolest scoops: Stuffed Mango Kulfi, Jamun Kulfi


Delhi's OG ice cream parlour is the only place, you need to rush to, right now. Usually suggested by our fathers and grandfathers, this eatery in Chawri Bazar is one of the oldest ice cream places in Delhi. Kuremal Kulfi Wale serves delicious flavours ranging from mango (seasonal) to kala khatta, aam papad, and sharifa, as kulfis. A must-visit in the city!



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Coolest scoops: Tender Coconut, Chikoo Ice cream


In a world full of deceptions, discovering an ice cream with zero preservatives and real flavours is better than finding gold. The pioneer of the au-naturale trend, Naturalsis known to serve fresh fruit ice creams like lychee, watermelon, chickoo, musk melon, and mango. This Mumbai-based ice-cream parlour is one of the most trusted jewels of our city, and the size of their menu is overwhelming. 



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Coolest scoops: Mint Choco Chip, Birthday Cake Remix, Apple Pie A La Cold Stone


If you don't count calories in ice creams, you'll love every inch of Cold Stone Creamery. Their ice creams are handcrafted, hand-churned (on a frozen granite), and have the creamiest texture. From serving eclectic flavours like mint chocolates, and apple pie, to plating heaven on freshly made waffle cones, this ice cream joint in Delhi does it all. And that includes DIY ice creams. 


Okay, we are officially out of scoops for now. Better check these best ice cream parlours in Delhi before they run out!


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