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7 Home Decor Trends That Are All-The-Rage in 2022

By Anubha Das

Updated - Jan. 3, 2022 5 min read

As much as we wanted 2021 to be a return to “normal”—the year was still an uphill battle full of uncertainty. Some of us slowly returned to our office, which we inhabited only part-time. We tested the waters of in-person hangouts, parties, and vacations. Ultimately, we still spent a lot of time at home. So, what will 2022 bring? It’s hard to say. 


While we are crossing our fingers for more cocktail parties and jet-setting come 2022, appreciation for our homes as sanctuaries is here to stay. And what helps in that? Yes, you are right, home decoration things! 

So, here are some home decor trends that are going to make a splash in 2022. Happy decorating!


1. Colour and Pattern Everywhere

Lately, we have seen that people have started embracing colours. After being confined to our homes for so long, people are done with minimalism. More people are pivoting hard into maximalism with colourful, whimsical, and full of patterns home decoration items that are bursting with unapologetically fun energy.


Everyone's going bold these days with strong yellows and burgundies, hunter greens, and bright blues in home decoration things with patterns as stripes, plaids, and checks all in a playful sort of folk art feel. You can go to the local market to buy such home decor items at wholesale price.

Image Courtesy: Architectural Digest


We recommend: EVONICA Terracotta Vase from Flipkart @ ₹589



2. Inviting and Inspiring WFH Spaces

The makeshift "office" we created on the sofa or dining table no longer cuts it. In a new age of hybrid work schedules and, in some cases, permanent remote work, we should focus on evolving our workspaces into more inspiring areas. And, how can that be done? With the right seating, desk and some home decoration things.


The desk especially should occupy just the right amount of space for all your needs while being able to fit practically anywhere. If checking out local markets to buy home decor things at wholesale price seems like a challenging task, you can also browse them online at various websites. 

Image Courtesy: PODS


We recommend: Home Centre Brown Solid 4-Tier Mini Desk Organiser from Myntra ₹1,199



3. All Boho Everything

Because you don’t need to be French to appreciate Bohemian aesthetics. There are so many tasteful ways to integrate Boho into your home decor, from sculptures and floral arrangements to throw blankets and coffee table books. These Boho home decoration things are innately soothing and incredibly versatile (no, not drab, dull, or boring!).


No wonder, 2022's home decor trends will celebrate these marvellous muddy shades -everything from sands to chocolate browns, moss greens, taupes, and murky mustards, even deep terracotta and cool greys and beige.

Image Courtesy: Sass Magazine


We recommend: Mezposh Off White Self-Design Tasselled Sofa Throw from Myntra ₹1,819



4. Soothing Spaces Driven By Nature

Being locked up indoors for a long period of time made people go out and enjoy being amidst nature more than ever. And that also reflects inside pursuing organic forms in home decoration things. We have been especially drawn to neutrals, greens, browns, natural grasscloth, unlacquered brass, and flora and fauna patterns. These home decoration things are available at an amazing price on Amazon and Flipkart.

Image Courtesy: Better Homes and Gardens


We recommend: 999Store Set Of 3 Green & Red Flamingo Bird Animals Flowers Wall Painting from Myntra ₹3,299



5. The Rattan Rage

Rattan is in and it's here to stay. With local brands bringing out various options all designed with rattan home decoration things, you'll find them very easy to buy. The planters are the cutest - be it for your window sill, desk, or drawing-room. You can even check out photo frames and magazine holders for that hint of difference and eco-friendly.


What is our favourite among the rattan home decorating things? If options such as a rattan wine holder and muted kitchen decor are your style, then that's your pick. 

Image Courtesy: Country Living Magazine


We recommend: GalaxyMonk Bamboo Cafeteria Chair from Flipkart @ ₹1,443



6. Mirror, Mirror, Off the Walls! 

After such a long duration of deep reflection, the future is looking shinier than ever, and our home decoration things should too. From tinsel curtains to tufted and spray foam mirrors, we’re all getting our groove back with pieces that shimmer and sparkle. Now that the portal has been opened, could mirrored ceilings be in our future? Only time will tell.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


We recommend:  Art Street Set Of 3 Black Solid Decorative Triangle-Shaped Wall Mirrors from Myntra @ ₹800



7. Macramé Wonder

Artesy and fun — macramé art has taken the world by storm. Whether it's a balcony or your living room — these home decoration things will definitely fit in because it's also minimalistic. Also, can we please talk about how Instagram-worthy they are? Not only that, there are tons of local brands that are offering these home decor items at wholesale prices. What more do you need to jump off your bed?

Image Courtesy: Jnaac Bohemian


We recommend: ecofynd Macrame boho wall hanging décor from Flipkart @ ₹879


If you're revamping your home, you may want to check out this list of the best home decor trends. And our suggestions of the amazing home decoration things! Comment below your favourite trend. 


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