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7 Homegrown Home Decor Brands To Revamp Your Humble Abode

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - May 9, 20246 min read

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Home is where the heart is! The heart that the vagabond in our cores talks about makes perfect sense until we discover cutesy little knick-knacks, quirky nightstands, artsy bookshelves and everything beautiful that fits right in our homes. Now, I get your conflict with materialistic things and everything wrong that is with possessing objects but there are certain things like home decor pieces that not only revamp your humble abode but also bring positivity and light. Some wood-worthy shelves here, a few planters there, a portion of tasteful furniture in the living room, I can go on and on about redecorating your space but there are a few important things that you gotta know first.



There are a bunch of homegrown brands that are innovating the home decor game to give you new life in your old house as we speak. From coffee tables to chairs, sofas, beds to lights, ceramics, planters, shelves, storage spaces to the whole enchilada, there is nothing you won't find there. It's basically a rabbit hole of endless options you'd never want to come out of. Let's start digging, shall we?



1. Objectry

Aanchal and Sugandha's dream project, Objectry is a geometric obsession handmade by traditional craftsmen in India. They started their experimentation with wood pieces such as wall clocks, furniture, etc. and slowly took over clay, ceramic, metal, etc. If you are a sucker for chic eclectic artistry with a traditional touch this homegrown home decor brand is your guy. Be it decor items such as furniture, lamps, bowls, photo frames, nameplates or desk possession like mugs, holders, stationery, boxes, mobile holder, etc. Objectry got it all. 


Must check out: Extensive collection of planters, ball-shaped lamps and mobile holders.


2. Good Earth

Unearthed by Anita Lal, a homegrown luxury decor brand is making headlines with its fresh and original handcrafted designs in the world of already evolved home decor preferences. Their fascination with reviving the lost traditions of India in the form of home decor items such as vases, handpainted boxes, terracotta bowls, dishes, baskets, centrepieces, cushions and more is commendable and the designs that come out of their studios are timeless. Good Earth has been living the fancy life since 1996 whilst entering motifs inspired by the tales of history, culture and craft of India in the market. Now, you can either shop online or visit their stores in all the metro cities of India. The choice is all yours!


Must check out: They have an amazing collection of decorative pieces. My favourite; the jewel boxes and handpainted wooden trays.


3. A Tiny Mistake

As long as a dedicated team of carpenters, painters, carvers, metal workers and potters are on their job of carefully handcrafting bespoke products for your home, I don't think you have anything else to worry about. They use the finest of materials to craft beautiful stars, tables, nightstands, organisers, bowls, trays, etc with utmost perfection and style. Well, doesn't look like a tiny mistake to me. Although if you want to have a look at this homegrown home decor brand's items feel free to check out A Tiny Mistake's studio in Noida. 


Must check out: Their tailor-made collection of nesting tables and splendid artwork on wooden trays.


4. The Paper Window

Ever wondered how the world would look like if everything was made out of paper? Even us humans? Possibly the way this homegrown home decor brand's products look like. Whaaaa? Yes, The Paper Window is basically a step towards aesthetic and smart living where their furniture is made of thick paper that is not only foldable and light but also very stylish and practical. Best for crummy little spaces in your homes or small apartments in big cities. Their paper stools, paper futon, paper holders, paper vase, paper tables and benches are unbelievably fresh and urbane. One thing though; just keep these decor pieces away from water and you'll have a wonderful life with The Paper Window. 


Must check out: I absolutely love their holders and paper stools. 


5. The Second Wind

In the world that's moving forward at a fast pace, this homegrown home decor brand is living in the pursuit of upcycling and repurposing. Yes, the thing that every human on this planet should be doing right now. Reviving the discarded material into cheerfully coloured benches, bookshelves, tables, storage, trays, etc., The Second Wind is a dream come true for environmentalists like myself. I love their idea of literally breathing a new life with more attractive colours into an old piece of junk. It's not only inspiring but also worth spending a couple of bucks for. 


Must check out: Make their Tyre pouffes and tables the next buy for your modest homes. 


6. TerraVida

TerraVida is a ceramic and pottery studio in Goa has different products that have stories to tell. There's a wide collection of ottomans, stools, nesting tables, chairs, bed covers, tea sets, sculptures, etc. that you would not believe. And I cannot stress enough on the fact that all their produces are inspired by rich and vibrant hues of tropic and Portuguese elements and handcrafted by very talented resident artisans.


Must check out: If you ever find yourself in Goa do give their studio a try especially for their bespoke plates and innovative lamps. 


7. Freedom Tree

Freedom Tree needs no introduction to home decor hoarders but if you are new here; its a homegrown decor brand known for its bold, edgy, vibrant and rather graphical designs beautifully depicting India with a modern spin. If you look deeper under the hood you'll stumble upon unexpected pattern combinations, wall arts, mirrors, bed linens, handpainted ceramics, lamps, tables, shelves, planters and many-many storage options. I mean, these people know how to take risks and excel at it. The proof? Their unbelievable designs.


Must check out: Table accents and wall art are something you got to have in your homes. 

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