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10 Quick Cures For The Nastiest Of Hangovers

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Oct. 20, 2023 9 min read

Hangovers have always been tricky to manage, but it's like the more I age, the more my body decides to punish me for mindlessly binging on alcohol the previous night. Back in my late teens, my capacity to drink and tenacity to bulldoze through the next day's hangover, got me more than my fair share of envious glances. But just a few years into my twenties it became starkly clear that my drinking and hangover management superpowers are just as gone as my teenage years. 


Now, a couple of pegs of Whiskey morph overnight into an ugly all-day headache, nasty nausea that doesn't seem to budge, overwhelming fatigue and intense irritation to light, not to mention dehydration, dizziness and body ache that try as you might you can't trace the origin story of. A challenging situation to deal with especially when you have things to do the next morning, unless, of course, you find some way to cure your hangover with the newfound feeling of regret. Since it's safe to assume that isn't happening, you need to arm yourself with a repository of the best hangover cures, to use when the time finally comes. 


Now, there's an extensive collection of purported hangover cures online, ranging from modest suggestions like thorough hydration to outlandish ideas like mixing Benadryl with egg white and downing it (please don't try this, there's a reason we used the word outlandish). The thing about hangover cures is that there's no one-size-fits-all remedy, except for perhaps not getting one in the first place. However, some hangover cures seem to be a tad more effective in terms of instant relief and also more backed by logic, than the others. And with that, here's a list of 10 best ways to fix a hangover, quickly. 


1. First Things First, A Hearty Nutrient-Rich Breakfast

One of the reasons the morning following a night of heavy drinking makes you feel like death warmed over, is the impact of your tryst with alcohol on your blood sugar levels. As your body struggles to break down all those shots of Vodka, the levels of lactic acid in your body tend to rise. The domino effect involves a drop in blood sugar levels, and eventually, a painful hangover. Having a hearty, nutrient-rich breakfast definitely falls under good hangover cures. Avoid high-sugar processed junk and instead eat something rich in protein and minerals. 

A Quick Guide:

  • A balanced breakfast with whole grains, proteins, and healthy fats provides essential nutrients and stabilizes blood sugar levels.
  • Nutrients like B vitamins and amino acids support the body in recovering from alcohol's effects.
  • Foods like eggs, whole-grain toast, and avocado can provide necessary nutrients and energy.


2. Store Up On Electrolytes 

As one of the best ways to get rid of a hangover, drinking electrolyte solutions such as sports drinks, coconut water and Pedialyte has been found to be tremendously helpful. These electrolyte-rich drinks work brilliantly to replace and replenish some of the potassium and salt you lost from chugging alcohol the night before. By replenishing essential minerals, these drinks improve your temporarily compromised ability to retain fluids and flush out toxins. 

A Quick Guide:

  • Electrolyte-rich beverages like sports drinks or coconut water can help replenish the minerals lost through excessive urination caused by alcohol.
  • They aid in maintaining proper hydration and can alleviate symptoms like headaches and fatigue.


3. Take A Multi-Vitamin Supplement 

Your hungover body could definitely use some vitamins right now. The two most crucial vitamins you need to re-stock in your body during a hangover situation are Vitamin B and Vitamin C. The easiest way to get your vitamin dose and cure at least a part of your throbbing hangover headache, is to down a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. However, if you tend to drink frequently it's advisable you stock up on multi-vitamin supplements.

A Quick Guide:

  • A multivitamin supplement helps replenish vitamins and minerals depleted due to alcohol consumption.
  • It ensures the body receives essential nutrients, supporting overall recovery and boosting the immune system.


4. Take A Cool Shower

A cold shower on a groggy hungover morning can help with a number of things. First off, you need to wash off the grime and sweat, not to mention, all the suspicious-looking stains you came home wearing last night. A cold shower will also work wonders for that grogginess by jerking you awake, making you feel refreshed and getting some of your energy back. You can switch between a hot bath followed by a cold shower to increase circulation, raise your heart rate and get rid of toxins. 

A Quick Guide:

  • A cool shower can help refresh the body and alleviate symptoms like headache and dizziness.
  • Cold water stimulates circulation, aiding in reducing feelings of nausea and discomfort.


5. Down A Glass Of Eno

I don't know about you, but post-alcohol acidity is the part of my hangovers that I dread the most. Nothing like some good old heartburn to regret stepping out of the house, ammiright? ENO is an antacid that works rapidly to relieve you of acid reflux, indigestion, and stomach discomfort. While a glass of Eno won't magically cure your hangover, it will definitely alleviate some of the unpleasant symptoms you are feeling in your stomach. 



A Quick Guide:

  • Eno, an antacid, can help neutralize stomach acid, reducing feelings of nausea and discomfort.
  • It can also alleviate bloating and indigestion, common symptoms of a hangover.


6. Pop An Anti-Inflammatory Pill

Anti-inflammatory medication like Aspirin and Ibuprofen is effective in somewhat relieving you of your pounding hangover headache and other pains in the body. These pills can help reduce some of the inflammation caused in your body by alcohol, and thereby reduce headaches and muscle aches. Stick to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication options, and follow the recommended dosage. We don't recommend making this a long haul practice, however, because of the risk of liver damage involved. 

A Quick Guide:

  • Non-prescription anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen can reduce headache and body aches caused by inflammation.
  • They help in reducing pain and discomfort, promoting a faster recovery.

7. Snack On Antioxidant-Rich Tid-Bits 

Alcohol is known to induce oxidative stress, which is an imbalance between free radicals (production of reactive oxygen species) and antioxidants. I'm not going to get into the exact medical details, but snacking on anti-oxidant rich food has been found to be effective as an easy hangover remedy. Some anti-oxidant rich snack options include berries, carrots, dark chocolate, nuts and seeds, grapes and pomegranates. 

A Quick Guide:

  • Antioxidant-rich snacks like berries and nuts can help combat oxidative stress caused by alcohol.
  • Antioxidants support the body in detoxifying and repairing damaged cells.


8. Sip On Some Ginger Tea

If your hangover induced nausea renders you unable to get out of bed, a piece of ginger can bring along much-needed help. In Indian households and otherwise, ginger is known for its stomach-soothing properties, that also make it a great cure for hangover nausea. A warm cup of ginger tea can make you instantly feel better, even when you're braving through an ugly hangover and resultant violent nausea. 

A Quick Guide:

  • Ginger tea has anti-inflammatory properties and can soothe an upset stomach.
  • It aids in digestion and reduces nausea, making it an effective natural remedy for hangover symptoms.


9. Treat Yourself To A Banana-Honey Split

Bananas are loaded with magnesium and potassium, which also happen to be the two things your body is the quickest to exhaust during alcohol consumption. The fruit also contains Vitamin C and Vitamin B6, which are tremendously important to load up on in order to combat a painful hangover. And the rich antioxidant supply, doesn't hurt the cause either. So yeah, if we had to pick a singular best way to cure a hangover, it'd have to be a couple of bananas drizzled with some fructose-rich honey. 

A Quick Guide:

  • Bananas are rich in potassium, which helps replenish electrolytes lost due to alcohol's diuretic effect.
  • Honey provides natural sugars for a quick energy boost, combating feelings of fatigue.


10. Just Go Back To Bed  

This is a hangover cure we are all well-familiar with. When nothing seems to work, and your body won't stop feeling like someone dismantled and reassembled it overnight, the best thing to do is snuggle back into bed. If you went to bed last night feeling buzzed by alcohol, chances are your drinks took a toll on your melatonin levels which is why you woke up feeling exhausted. Sleep can be immensely restorative for your hangover symptoms, but if an 8-hour slumber is not possible be sure to sneak in a quick but restful nap. 

A Quick Guide:

  • Rest and sleep allow the body to recover and heal naturally.
  • Sleep helps in balancing hormones and promoting overall well-being, speeding up the recovery process.


And lastly kids, none of these hangover cures will work, if you don't also hydrate substantially. So drink your water, get some rest, and soon you'll be up for another round!


Q: What's the best way to prevent a hangover?

A: Moderation, staying hydrated, eating before drinking, and getting enough rest can help prevent hangovers.


Q: Does drinking water cure a hangover?

A: Yes, staying hydrated helps alleviate hangover symptoms by replenishing lost fluids.


Q: Is there a specific food that helps cure a hangover?

A: Foods rich in electrolytes and nutrients, like bananas and toast, can ease hangover discomfort.


Q: Does caffeine help cure a hangover?

A: While caffeine can provide temporary relief, it may worsen dehydration; hydrating beverages are better choices.


Q: Does exercise help cure a hangover?

A: Light exercise might boost endorphins, but rest and hydration are generally more effective for hangover recovery.


Q: Is there a natural remedy for curing a hangover?


A: Natural remedies like ginger tea or honey can soothe nausea and boost energy, aiding hangover recovery.


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