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Our Guide For The Best Hairstyles For Girls In 2023

By Anubha Das

Updated - May 9, 20246 min read

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TikTokers are turning clever & quirky hairstyles into an everyday affair. Bow Tie Braid to Frame Cut, Bob and Bun — find all the trending hairstyles for girls in 2023. Thick, thin, long, short, curly, messy, or straight, whatever is your hair type and texture, we have got you covered. Hair has always been one of the most important beauty aspects for any woman. Peep into this compiled list of 14 best hairstyles for girls that are and will continue to be trending in 2023.


1. Curly bangs

Curly glory hair owners have a versatile set of options to make their fashion statement. This attention-grabbing hairstyle will rock in the new season because curly bangs are becoming more haphazardly perfect. And if it is paired with short layers it elevates your look to the next level. Once you take the plunge, you’ll be staring into the mirror, in awe of how captivating you look for hours!




2. Double Knot Braid 

Double knotted braids are pretty common among young school going girls but adults have not been spotted much donning this hairstyle until recently. But lately, we have seen Bollywood celebrities like Deepika, Sonakshi singh, and Shraddha kapoor totally rocking this hairstyle. It hardly takes 4-5 minutes and is best suited for girls with long and thick hairs





3. Low Ponytail

This hairstyle has a timeless appeal, it’s an obsession. All you have to do is opt for a pomade and slick the hair down and use an accessory while pulling it back. If you want to elevate your hairstyle then use a brooch. This hairstyle is playful, makes a bold statement, and goes well with silk ribbon, bow, or scrunchie



4. Messy Bun Style

It's a favourite among celebrities, especially for the airport look. Also, this would be one of the best hairstyles for girls who are in a hurry for a date or maybe an office meeting. It’s stunningly easy to sport a messy bun hairstyle, and it looks so flawlessly boho and trendy. Pick up your brush, hair pins, elastic bands, hairspray and get it done in under 5 minutes.



5. Tied Braid Knot Style

Add some bling to the environment around you, and wear that confident smile with this knotty look. Without spending a dime you can look like a queen. This hairstyle goes well with both ethnic and western dresses. Agree that it looks intricate, but it’s rather simple. Make two or more braids and tie a knot with them. Once done, mist it with a little hairspray for a unique and romantic touch.





6. Sleek and structured

An absolute magnetising hairstyle because of its classic & structured look. If you are looking for an elegant, safe, but yet glamorous hairstyle, and want more eyes noticing your looks then you must go for a slicked-back hairstyle. Shimmering eyes, glossy lipstick, confidence, and structured hairs — don’t be surprised to see people with their jaws dropped! 



7. Basic High Pony Style 

The basic High Ponytail Style is among the classic hairstyles for girls. Umm.. you can label this one as the simplest of all the hairstyles for girls. This runway hair style renders a sleek finish to any look. Great for girls with voluminous, straight, and thin hairs. This is the best hairstyle for girls with a slick jawline.





8. Beach Wave Style

The glamour should be high even if you are not at a beach party. And that’s what Beach Wave hairstyle is for! Add some pzazz to your look with a headband, flatiron, s-shaped, or just loose end beach wave hairstyle, best for girls with natural textured medium to long hairs. Great if you can mix this with side braided knotted hairstyles.



9. Layers with texture hairstyle

Layers with texture first surfaced in the early 2000s but stood the test of time and evolved to be modern with every passing year. Retro, Feathery, and Bob layered hair cuts are pretty much in trend in 2022. Layers go well for both casual and formal occasions. Layered hairstyles are low-maintenance cousins of curtain bangs.


10. Halo Style 

Another wonderful hairstyle for girls is the new trend that's been going on, the Halo Style — like an angel wears the crown. This hair-do style is perfect for straight or not-so-curly hair and they make your hair look more voluminous. You can try variants like BOHO HALO, or double braided crowns. Pull your front bangs and braid them. Put the braided hair at the back in the form of a halo. Use a good hairspray to keep them intact. 



11. Floral Flowery Style

Blossom and look fresh with this flower-bun hairstyle and half-tied hair. It's perfect for casual occasions given its ethereal charm. But Floral hairstyles are the best for girls who are attending a wedding or cordial family function, luncheon, or going for a shopping day-out with the better half. Add some accessories for additional fragrance.





12. Double Bun Style

Miley Cyrus, her twerking head, and her double buns!!! If this wasn’t enough to make double bun hairstyles an instant craze, Kylie donned this too! If you want a clever and quirky look - this is the coolest and most trending hairstyle among millennials and gen-Z. You can sport this at parties, night outs, and gen-z friendly workplaces as well. Start with parting your hair, make a bun on each side, and tie it up with a simple hair tie.






13. Side Sweep Style

The side sweep hairstyle for girls has never been out of fashion but they have been recently brought into the limelight with a bunch of Bollywood and Hollywood stars going sideways at award functions or red carpet events. Taking it to level forward, you can also try to braid the hair sidewards which would make you look more elegant.





14. Soft flattering Bob

You will love this hairstyle if you’re someone who adores old Hollywood bobs. Chin length, Bob haircuts are an instant attention grabber with entire focus on your face. There are so many variants in this - curly, outgoing, french, one length, emo, shaggy bangs, etcetera. This is one of the best hairstyles for girls of any age, and is lately in trends in Asian countries as well. 


Peeped at our picks for the best hairstyles for girls? Which updo do you wish to jump on right away?