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Get That Haircut Done! Check Out the 13 Best Haircuts For Straight Hair- March, 2024

By Suhani Gupta

Updated - March 5, 2024 7 min read

Long hair might be hard to manage but looks absolutely beautiful when given the right haircut with straight hair. If you have long hair, that doesn’t mean your locks have to be limp and lifeless. It’s all about finding the right haircut for straight hair. Sick of sporting a one-length style?


We have curated a list of the 13 prettiest haircuts with straight hair for Girl.


1. Shag Haircut


This hairdo is a mix between the layered cut and the shredded cut. It has choppy layers with disconnected ends of different lengths. An ideal choice for a sassy and modern look, the Shag haircut looks equally stunning on both thin and thick hair. To add some flair to the Shag, you can style it with curtain bangs or frayed fringe. Great haircut for flaunting your long straight hair.


Image Courtesy: Southern Living



2. Chin-length Bob 


A chin-length Bob is a bob haircut for straight hair that ends near the chin and mid-neck. The best thing about this Bob is that you can style it in any way - shaggy, choppy, or textured. This hairstyle is for you if you like fuss-free, low-maintenance haircuts that do not need much styling. The chin-length Bob best suits women with thin hair and oblong faces. 


Image Courtesy: Allure



3. Invisible layers 


Also known as the 'ghost layers', invisible layers are layers underneath your hairstyle that you might not be able to see. They are long and seamless but a little shorter toward the inside. This haircut with straight hair is best for you if you want to add some movement to your hair without harsh layers.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest



4. Layers With A Bang


As we spoke about layers, how about adding bangs to it. You'll spot a number of celebrities and fashion bloggers having the same haircut - we can take Selena Gomez as a perfect example as she's got the same look. It looks pretty cool to raise your style quotient and bring up your beauty game. This haircut suits quite well on straight hair!


Image Courtesy: Fab Mood



5. Choppy front bangs and layers


If you are feeling a bit experimental then go for this look! This cut looks perfect with highlights, balayage, or a subtle ombré. If you’re averse to having long hair, Bullock’s cut would look just as great a few inches shorter, so feel free to cut it short or mid-length. This might sound a bit different but will surely good great! This is one of the most experimental haircuts for straight hair. 


Image Courtesy: Myglamm



6. Wispy front layers


Love your straight hair but need more volume? Then this is your go-to haircut for volumed straight hair! To get a bit more volume, you can remove some weight by cutting wispy, front layers. It’s a perfect cut for anyone who hates split ends but doesn’t want to lose their length. This is the best haircut for straight hair without cutting much hair. Let's get some volume for that hair! 


Image Courtesy: Thewigshop



7. Long Side-Swept Bangs


Bored of the regular bangs? Then don't think too much, just go for long side-swept bangs. Bangs. We covet them. Especially long, side-swept bangs that frame the face just so. They grow out beautifully, too, just in case you get sick of them and want a change. We love the look of thick, heavy bangs and side-swept bangs. Just avoid the thin, wispy, all-one-length bang. Women with straight hair should definitely try this haircut at least once. Side-swept bangs is the most trendy haircuts for women.


Image Courtesy: HairstyleCamp



8. Equal Length Haircut


We're in love this simple old fashioned haircut as this looks super classy without making many efforts. This one will go perfect with straight hair. It's also trending huge this season among celebrities and fashion bloggers. It's high time you give different types of haircuts a shot to know what suits you the best. This is one of the most common haircuts for women!


Image Courtesy: TheHairstyler



9. Chopped Layers


Sometimes, a shaggy, carefree look gives a touch of edge to your haircut that pushes it over the top—in a good way! We love choppy layers when they’re styled naturally, with just a bit of wave. To get this look, apply an egg-sized dollop of mousse onto clean, damp hair after you shampoo and use conditioner. Once your hair is fully dry, take out your braids and run your fingers through your locks. The most manageable and easy to carry haircut for straight hair.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest



10. Perfect V Shaped Hair Cut


The V-shaped haircut never gets old! It always looks chic and elegant, the best thing about this haircut is that it is highly manageable and can look good within seconds. Simply put, a V-shape haircut involves lots of layers so that the ends of your hair form a “V” shaped point. Pretty self-explanatory, right? This haircut style gives you a wide range of options because it’s flattering on all hair lengths—whether you want to rock a long or short hairstyle. The heavily layered cut will also give your locks lots of dimension, depth, and movement. This should be your go-to haircut if you want to simple yet elegant haircut. 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest



11. Pixie cut


If you want to experiment with your hair then you should definitely go for the pixie cut. A pixie cut is a short women’s haircut you typically see on a fashionably gamine woman. If you want to shake things up a bit and don’t mind a crop, definitely go for a pixie haircut! You may lose most of your locks but what you gain is a simple wash-and-go style, an added edge to your and lots of compliments. This haircut is not quite common among women. 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest



12. Two-Tiered Layers


If you want to add some dimension to your mane without getting too many layers, a two-tiered cut is a great option. It’s exactly what it sounds like: The hair is cut into two layers. The bottom layer has the most length, while the top layer is short. It’s a great long hairstyle option for those with curly or extra-voluminous hair since it won’t pump up the volume too much; it will only add just enough oomph. This haircut looks beautiful on straight hair! 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest



13. Feather Cut


Feather cut hairstyle never goes out of fashion. Feather cut can also go very well on coloured hair and in fact, you can play well with the colours on any feather cut hairstyle to make it more gorgeous and different. Feather cut can be done in different ways, on the plain cut as well as on layered hairs; it looks great on curly hairs too. This is one of the best haircuts for straight hair!


Image Courtesy: Fabbon



So, which hairstyle do you plan to sport next? Follow this space for exciting coupons around food, fashion, and entertainment. 


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