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Twisting The Flavours Of South India - Fusion Dosas In Delhi

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Nov. 9, 2019 5 min read

Dosas are eternal love, a blessing granted by the heavens above and something that delights all our bodily senses at the same once. But while thinking of these South Indian delicacies, one can't float above the horizon of Masala Dosa, Plain Dosa, Rava Dosa, there are those who would love to gorge on some variety instead. A fusion of Dosas would surely strike the right notes of food lover's mind.  


Image Courtesy: Wanderlust Travel Magazine

So here we are, to help you quirk up your Dosa Desires! From now on, explore new flavours with the same old love for Dosas! Well, just get through the following list of offbeat, unusual and never-heard-of-before dosas and make your dosa cravings come to terms with your reality. 


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1. Chocolate Dosa At The Great Indian Dosa

We know that the combination sounds weird, but that's the first and the last thought you would have after having a bite of this. Because if you have a thing for sweet indulgences of life, then this is sure to leave a mark on your soul. The place itself is famous for serving several kinds of Dosas and when it comes to Indian Dosas, you can surely try literally every of these without a tiny tint of regret. 


Image Courtesy: Flickr


2. Pav Bhaji Dosa At The Great Indian Dosa

Who doesn't love a dollop of bhaji poured over the buttery bread along with some mint marinated onions? Well, believe me on this but the Dosa version of this Indian delicacy is equally drool-worthy. As when you couple the Dosa goodness with some Pav Bhaji, the final result is a culinary marvel. And well, after having this, one can surely die in peace. It's like fulfilling all your gastronomic desires from the same plate. 


Image Courtesy: Wikipedia Commons


3. Margherita Pizza Dosa At The Great Indian Dosa

Combining the legacy of Margherita Pizzas and Indian Dosas the "Margherita Pizza Dosa" makes for the most a food lover can ask for. These bring the best of both worlds to you in a single bite. "Delectable yet unique" is near to a description of the feeling you get when these Dosas melt in your mouth and which is undeniably impeccable. All you can do to feel the magic of this culinary bliss is try it sometime.


Image Courtesy: Your Hunger Stop



4. Anar Dosa At Juggernaut

To be honest, even I thought twice before going ahead to for this, but it isn't anything I can say no to anymore. The crunchy texture only adds to the deliciousness and is really a pleasant surprise for the taste buds to come across. So if you're done having the same old Dosas from one of your favourite South Indian joints, then you gotta give this a try for something new and better.     


Image Courtesy: Zomato


5. Mutton Dosa At The United Coffee House

When muttony meaty goodness meets the South Indian blessing called Dosas, the concoction is called pure gastronomic bliss. And when you have this, you won't have the same definition for deliciousness in your mind anymore. No wonder, this was kept such a secret since quite a while, for the best things in life are often left unsaid.   


Image Courtesy: Swiggy


6. Noodle Dosa At Bombay Brunch

Dosas complement more about everything, but when it comes to noodles, they make for an utterly delicious affair. The visual appeal of a dosa when combined with slurpy goodness of noodles, you can't keep yourself from having more than your tummy can afford. I had to order more of those after those few seconds in which we finished the one on our table. 


Image Courtesy: Gopals Restaurant


7. Spring Roll Dosa At Dosa Plaza Ambience Mall Gurgaon

Another hidden jewel in the treasure trove of culinary masterpieces, the Spring Roll Dosa would leave you wanting more. With similar aesthetics of the two dishes when combined, the combination is even better than any of these two alone. Once you have this, you would definitely say that either spring rolls or the Dosas should've been invented alone.   


Image Courtesy: Gopals Restaurant


8. Maggi & Rajma Dosa At Insta Dozza

And for those with an innate love for Maggi & Rajma, this one's a delight. The Maggi & Rajma Dosas strike the right notes for those who can't imagine a life without either of these. And don't even get me started about the complementing assortments these Dosas make for! Simply, just everything about these Dosas is all things delicious for those in love with the staples of Indian youth - Maggi & Rajma.   

08-11-2019-dosas-you-did-not-know-existed-Maggi Pizza

Image Courtesy: Youtube



9. Navishkaram Paneer Tikka Dosa At Navarasam

This one became a personal favourite and felt like the sight of an oasis on bleak mid-day and when all I needed was something delicious, visually appealing and uniquely interesting to eat. A lot of things to ask for? Well, it's all that you'll get in a Navishkaram Paneer Tikka Dosa. 


Image Courtesy: Twitter



10. Cheese Burst Dosa At Imly

Does it happen to you that whenever a Cheese burst commercial airs on the T.V, you feel like picking up the phone and ordering one right away? Well, if you can totally relate to it, then you've got to try the Cheese Burst Dosa here. The cheezy-dosa paradise would definitely make for one of the most delicious experiences ever and so you've gotta be here before it's discontinued.    


Image Courtesy: The Style High Blog


Dosas are a staple food for many and for the rest of us, we are simply in love with these South Indian delights. In different parts of the country, there are various flavours available, so if you think you've had em all, then try Fusion Dosas now!   


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