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7 French Fries In Bangalore City We Fry-ly Recommend!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - June 9, 2020 4 min read

Of all the junk food this lockdown has made me crave, a good old box of french fries would take the proverbial cake! Crispy and soft on the inside, salted to perfection or dipped in cheesy batter, there's nothing quite like some french fries to cure those random pangs of hunger for tidbits. After all, French fries have got to be the most neutral dish ever, adored by everybody and regardless of whether they identify as vegetarian or non-vegetarian, young at heart or too old too soon. 


Bangalore city is known for its affinity for offering to residents and visitors in equal measure, exactly what their heart desires. Now that could be a pitcher of brewed beer or a dish you're immensely fond of, rest assured Bengaluru, will give you what you want. If it's a  mouthwatering french fry platter that your appetite demands, we've got you covered with this list. So without wasting any more time, here's our curated collection of the 7 best french fries in Bangalore city, fry-ly recommended by everybody we spoke to! 



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Fry-ly Recommended 

Three Bags Full, Butter Chicken Fries 


It's a place that specialises in french fries, so an extensive menu with plenty of choices is expected! Tall Blonde French has over 30 varieties of french fry preparations, suited for every taste sensibility out there. So really, we aren't gonna do the suggesting bit on this one, all we can recommend is you try all and take your favourite pick. However, if you're a fellow non-vegetarian, I'd ask you to keep an eye out for their Butter Chicken fries! 



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Fry-ly Recommended 

Cheesy Fries 


Cheese lovers unite! And then head to The Only Place in Indiranagar. This crowd-favourite joint has achieved sheer perfection in their cheesy fries dish, laden with gooey, molten cheese drowning all your potato cuts. Even the fries that they serve as an accompaniment with their main courses are absolutely yummy in taste, delicately fried till they turn golden brown and with the perfect amount of crisp. Makes our mouth water just thinking about it! 



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Fry-ly Recommended 

Mushroom Loaded Fries


As someone who'd happily eat well-cooked mushrooms with literal dirt, this dish was a complete no-brainer. House of Commons definitely falls under one of the best pubs in Koramangala, and with good beer comes the need for good Chakna. Suffice it to say, all their french fry preparations live up to your expectations, but the ones loaded with earthy, delicately cooked mushrooms, are what keep us coming back for more, every single weekend. We'd also recommend their Chicken loaded fries, wholeheartedly. 




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Fry-ly Recommended 

Sweet Potato Fries 


To be entirely honest with you here, I have a weakness for most things ABC, especially when it comes to choosing a place for a happening Saturday night of binge-drinking. But you know what goes brilliantly well with their frothy brewed beer mugs? A plate laden with their steaming sweet potato fries, with a side of chipotle mayo to dunk your bite into. You also have a host of other french fry options to wash down with your alcohol, but in the right indulgent mood, nothing works as well as their bacon bits fries! 



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Fry-ly Recommended 

Amsterdam Fries


If you asked us what makes the Amsterdam fries at Echoes so dam(n) yummy, we wouldn't be able to give you an answer. Mostly because they claim the sauce the dish is topped with, to be a "secret in-house recipe". And you know what, we are perfectly okay with that. Secret or not, just keep the plates of thick crispy fries with bite-sized toppings and special sauce coming, and you've got yourself a bunch of very happy customers! 



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Fry-ly Recommended 

Piggy Fries 


Cafe Thulp greets its fry-fans with an assortment of enticing options, and while the cheesy garlic fries are more than perfect for our usual cravings, the piggy fries are what we inevitably go with, whenever we find ourselves in the mood for some celebration. Your crispy french fries will come covered in a delicious cheesy gravy and topped with pulled pork, jalapenos and pieces of fried bacon. If that isn't your scene, we'd strongly urge you to give the tangy Chilli garlic fries a shot. 



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Fry-ly Recommended 

Make Your Own Damn Fries 


Some days, you just don't want to pick from a menu, or refer to what other people had and liked. Some days, your inner chef wants to come out and whip together a dish. And by whip together I mean pick your own ingredients and get a professional to put it all together. And that's where the Make Your Own Damn Fries option at The J comes in. This adored place has about 29 other French Fry varieties to choose from, but there's something extremely satisfying about selecting your own base fries, topping add-ons, and sauces to pair them all with. 

Thank God It's Fry-Day! 

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