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Do Up Your Space While You're Bored Indoors With These Pinterest Projects

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Nov. 25, 2021 3 min read

You know we've all been there. In fact, a lot of us already are, and a lot of us will be in the near future. I'm talking about the dreaded zone of mind-numbing boredom, of course. 


There's no doubt that the certainty of looking at the same setting, with the same things, and the same colours, and the same designs, and *yawns* will be high for you guys. This is why, for when the inspiration to change something strikes, here's a list of 5 actually do-able DIY Pinterest projects you can consider taking up during these times. 


1. 10 Min Pallet Shelf 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


To add the right mix of practicality and sprucing to your house, a pallet shelf is a perfect decor solution that does not require an outrageous budget. A wooden pallet as a shelf is the ideal DIY decor element for those who love vintage, rustic appeal to their space.


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But if you don't have the time, buy a similar pallet shelf from Flipkart for ₹552



2. Acrylic Wall Calendar


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Minimal, yet so effective in adding charm to your space, an acrylic wall calendar is a stylish way to stay organised. Not only does it immensely help you in keeping track of your life, but the inherent simplicity of the decor element also makes it very versatile in terms of styling. 


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3. Desk Erase Board 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


If you're tired of making endless lists, and then promptly forgetting where you kept the list, this is an easy way to organise the thoughts in your head. A cutesy erase-able board on your desk will always be there to remind you of the small but important things that slip off your mind. 


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But if you don't have the time, buy a similar desk whiteboard from Flipkart for ₹700



4. Crate Bookshelf 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Need a storage solution for all the numerous books, magazines and files lying around your desk, but don't have the budget to invest in a fancy bookshelf? Well, you can now create one for yourself, simply by putting a few crate boxes together. 


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But if you don't have the time, buy a similar bookshelf from Flipkart for ₹1,698



5. Polaroid Gallery Wall 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


A refreshing, contemporary spin on the traditional dorm room gallery wall, this one makes a wall looks like a collection of memories taken with a vintage polaroid. You need square photos and can find a bunch of free frames and cropping tools online if you don't have a polaroid camera. 


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But if you don't have the time, buy similar photo lights from Flipkart for ₹325



If you are desperately longing for a change, do it yourself, and do it now. 

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