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Gift These Best DIY Mixes To Someone Who Hates Making Breakfast

By Anubha Das

Updated - Sept. 30, 2021 5 min read

Do you know someone who wants to eat all things wonderful but with the least amount of effort? Or someone constantly pinging you or scouring the Internet for sophisticated recipes that can be produced in less than five minutes and with three (or fewer) ingredients?



Basically, that one buddy that is both lazy and a gourmand. Gift them a DIY mix from this list of some of the coolest brands that provide sophisticated DIY breakfast alternatives. No sweat, easy-to-make delicious breakfast options, your friend will thank you for.


1. Slurrp Farm


Sunday mornings are generally spent at Slurrp Farm. I'm particularly fond of their Banana and Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix. Simply combine the mix with the milk and egg (or melted butter if you don't want the egg), beat it until smooth, then pour it into a heated pan. Within seconds, you'll have nutritious and delicious pancakes. Serve with dollops of cream/Nutella/caramel/fruits or anything your heart desires. Don't forget to sample their Beetroot dosa mix. It's equally delicious!


Price: Starting at INR 178


Image Courtesy: Amazon



2. Plattered


Do you like the concept of a handmade cake but despise the preparation and clean up afterward? Plattered's mixes will let you put on your finest baker hat without having to spend hours in the kitchen. Make the finest brownies, cookies, and banana breads for breakfast in under five minutes (not joking!), and getting the kids out of bed in the mornings will be a piece of cake (literally). Simply add melted butter and water and bake according to the package directions. They utilise only the best ingredients, such as premium cocoa and pure chocolate, and they don't use any artificial colours or preservatives.


Price: Starting at INR 249


Image Courtesy: Plattered



3. Karamat


For breakfast, dosas and idlis sound delicious, but waking up in the morning and cooking them from scratch does not. Just thinking about it makes me want to click the snooze button repeatedly. I had to try Karamat DIY idli dosa batter when I saw it. The brand provides simple mixes that will let you prepare idli, dosa, upma, vada, and sambhar with ease. Are you curious about the flavour? As delicious as your favourite South Indian restaurant! My favourite recipe calls for cutting some onion and tomatoes and incorporating them into the batter along with curry leaves. It is the ideal method for making uttapam at home.


Price: Starting at INR 172


Image Courtesy: BigBasket


Check out the collection here on BigBasket.



4. Graminway


Graminway will make you eager for your first meal of the day. No more skipping breakfasts in order to get someplace on time because Graminway's exquisite Indian ready-to-cook mixes will not let you down. They provide gluten-free khichadi mix, pongal mix, jowar upma mix, and other nutritious Indian mixtures. Want something a little more interesting? Try the Masala Poori Atta or the Lentil Cheela Mix. Are you still not satisfied? The Almonds & Chocolate Granola, on the other hand, should do the trick.


Price: Starting at INR 225


Image Courtesy: Amazon


5. Monsoon Harvest


Just in case you're unsure what to have for breakfast and want to eat something nutritious, we recommend stocking up on some of the most outstanding items from Monsoon Harvest. They have multigrain flakes, ragi flakes, millet muesli, and so much more that it may be tough to pick. They also come in a variety of flavours. Consider millet muesli with cherry and almond, or chocolate and orange peel — doesn't it sound delicious?


Price: Starting at INR 230


Image Courtesy: Amazon


Check out the collection here on Amazon.



6. Namhya Foods


Namhya Foods offers a variety of nutritious alternatives, all of which are delicious. While they have teas and kahwas, we recommend that you try their Sattu Instant Breakfast Cereal or Instant Ragi Cereal, which will make your mornings a lot better. The greatest part is that they do not contain any preservatives, so give them a try.


Price: Starting at INR 420


Image Courtesy: BigBasket


Check out the collection here on BigBasket.



7. Kamaleya


If one of your goals for 2021 is to eat healthier, Kamaleya may be the perfect addition to your pantry. The company creates ready-to-cook and nourishing mixes to assist you in making the transition to a better lifestyle. They have something for everyone, from pancake mixes to dosa, millet poha, instant noodles, and soup.


Price: Starting at INR 60


Image Courtesy: Kamaleya


Check out the collection here on Amazon.



8. Bawi Whisk


Consider waking up to the scent of freshly baked goods drifting from the kitchen. Don't allow the notion of preparing those treats yourself to jolt you out of your trance just yet. Pre-mixes from Bawi Whisk make baking anything a piece of cake. Pancakes, waffles, mug cakes, doughnuts, cookies, churros, and white velvet cupcakes can all be made in three simple steps: whisk, pour, and bake!


Price: Starting at INR 200


Image Courtesy: Amazon



So, what are you waiting for? Let's make it a add to cart day today and get these amazing DLY breakfast mixes.


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